Zhan Long Chapter 689 - A Call From Mu Rong Jun


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 689 - A Call From Mu Rong Jun

Chapter 689 - A Call from Mu Rong Jun

On the first page of the ’s forum, there were already videos posted of the battle between [ Thousand Burial]’s Greedy Wolf Brigade and [Vanguard]. It was a three minute abridged version that highlighted the best parts of the battle. It was a battle of ambush. Not Ordinary, You Yi and Minimalist lead 1500 Greedy Wolf Raiders in a charge into the forest. Their movement speed was shocking, They didn't give Don't be Foolish any time to react. Naturally, that also meant that Don't be Foolish couldn't create a formation for a wilderness battle. In the end, their formation was smashed apart and the Greedy Wolf Raiders rode right into their army. This was also the biggest reason why [Vanguard]’s main team had been defeated. 

As I watched more closely, I noticed something else. The attack and movement speed of the Greedy Wolf Brigade was only one factor to [Vanguard]’s defeat. Of that 2000 man team, only Don’t Be Foolish, North Pole, and Goodbye Tears could be considered as top tier players. There weren't any other notable CBN Battlenet ranked players in that group. On the other hand, Not Ordinary had invited quite a few high level players. Minimalist was one of them. There were also quite a few others. For example, there was a female knight called “Servant” who was ranked 421 on the CBN Battlenet rankings. She was one of the top players in all of China. Who would have thought that a guild like [Thousand Burial] would develop to this point. 


I closed the video and continued killing Steel Blade Beasts. At the same time, I made sure to be on the lookout for Level 1Mounts. At this moment, Li Mu coughed and said, “What do you guys think about that thing with Not Ordinary and his two thousand man team getting ma.s.sacred by [Thousand Burial]?” 

Dong Cheng wryly smiled, “Well all things aside, I just know that Jian Feng Han is an extremely prideful person. When he was in Ba Huang City, he acted all aloof and probably didn’t even look at a small guildmaster like Not Ordinary in the eye. He probably really despises Not Ordinary now right? But that’s not bad either. Now that he’s taken one defeat from the Greedy Wolf Brigade, [Vanguard] will be ready.” 

I frowned, “That’s not exactly a good thing.” 

Dong Cheng was stunned, Why do you say that?” 

I grunted and said, “Not Ordinary is already calling the army in [Thousand Burial], “Wolf Troops”. Do you know what that means? That means…. Not Ordinary is already planning on using them to give him a chance for survival. Just like this time, when Don’t Be Foolish and his two thousand man team was eliminated, they probably dropped quite a bit of equipment. The Greedy Wolf Brigade have a +10% drop rate. That then overlays with the 20%  with the Greedy Wolf Mount’s +20% drop rate. After this battle, Not Ordinary’s Greedy Wolf Troops experience and equipment will have risen to a new level. If we let him plunder a few other big scale guild’s grinding teams, then even if we make our Steel Blade Cavalry, they won’t have much of an advantage against the Greedy Wolf Brigade.” 

Li mu was a prudent man. After listening to my reasoning, he nodded and said, “What guildmaster just said isn’t without reason. No matter what we do, right now events are unfolding in [Thousand Burial]’s favor and they don’t seem to be planning on fighting with [Zhan Long]. 

Wan Er said, “Yea. As long as [Thousand Burial] doesn’t plan on fighting [Zhan Long] then we might as well just leave them be. All in all, the situation in Tian Ling City is getting more and more complicated. Do you think that [Thousand Burial] actually has the courage to attack [Legend] and [Hero’s Mound]?” 

I smiled, “What is a Wolf’s Ambitious Heart? If Not Ordinary is really planning on extending the scope of the Greedy Wolf Brigade, then I don’t think he would be afraid to act against [Legend]. However… based on Fang Ge Que, Xuan Yuan Feng and Enchanted Painting’s fighting power and intelligence, even if the Greedy Wolf Brigade became a ten thousand man army, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to win against [Legend]....” 

Dong Cheng giggled, “Exactly! Right now, even [Zhan Long] is making preparations and training the Steel Blade Cavalry. [Legend] and [Hero’s Mound] are so secluded, there’s no reason they wouldn’t also prepare for battles in the future.” 

I smiled, “That’s right. We have nothing to worry about right now. Our real priority now is to catch a few more Steel Blade Horses. As for the battle of Tian Ling City, we’ll leave that to Matcha. I’ll just leave the command of [Zhan Long]’s division armies to her!” 

Li Mu nodded, “Yup, that’s a good idea. Let’s work hard!” 


All the way until eleven at night, [Zhan Long]’s thousand man team continued to battle on the Steel Blade Mountain. On top of that, we didn’t plan on letting more people come. We had to keep this place a secret. We cold be sure that the thousand men that were on the mountain now weren’t going to let out the Steel Blade Mountain secret, but that was harder to say with all ten thousand players in the main guild. 

“How many Steel Blade Mounts do we have now?” I asked. 

Wan Er’s beautiful face had an excited expression written all over it as she said, “We’ve already broken a thousand. Besides, we just cleared out 60% of the Steel Blade Mountain’s map. If our luck continues, we might be able to create 2000 Steel Blade Mounts!” 

“Good, that’s great!” 

I raised my sword and jumped off of my horse. I sat on a rock to the side and said, “After killing monsters for so long, I’m getting a little tired. How about we take a little break and then pull an all nighter tonight on this Steel Blade Mountain?” 

Wan Er nodded, “Of course. The best case scenario would be that we kill all of the monsters within the next 24 hours and then wait for them to resp.a.w.n. However… after they’ve resp.a.w.ned, the chance that a Level 1 Baby would appear would decrease. This is one map. The first time that a monster is sp.a.w.ned contains the highest chance that a BOSS or a Level 1 Pet/Mount would appear. After its been cleared by players, the appearance rate would decrease!” 

“Ok, then we’ll pull an allnighter and clear out this map!” 

At that moment, Li Mu and w.a.n.g Jian walked over too and requested a break. 


“What’s the situation like in Tian Ling City?” Li Mu asked. 

I softly smiled and said, “How else would it be? It’s complete chaos. After the two thousand man team that Don’t Be Foolish was leading was eliminated, Jian Feng Han was furious He personally lead a three thousand man team to hunt down Not Ordinary’s Greedy Wolf Brigade. However, their movement speed is just too fast, and so they couldn’t catch up. They managed to get a few people to catch up to them, but they were all killed by the Greedy Wolf Raiders. Not Ordinary is smart, and won’t fight a formation battle against Jian Feng Han. Jian Feng Han has no other choice, and instead let Not Ordinary ma.s.sacre another handful of [Vanguard]’s teams. They lost a total of 3000+ people. Looks like Not Ordinary plans on fighting against [Vanguard] until the end.” 


Li Mu threw a punch at a rock and grimaced, “Even though I don’t like [Vanguard], but are we really going to let someone like Not Ordinary kill his way through Tian Ling City?” 

Dong Cheng said, “That’s what it looks like for the moment. Thousand Burial has been continuously buying Pardon cards and all types of battle cards in the city. On top of that, they’ve been buying lots of equipment and selling them in a frenzy. Fortunately, Not Ordinary seems to realize that he can’t offend everyone and so he’s only focused on Jian Feng Han without letting go. Even a few of [Vanguard]’s allies like [Valley of the G.o.ds] have been caught in the chaos…” 

w.a.n.g Jian wiped away some of the monster blood from his blade as he sat down and said, “You know, now that we’re talking about it’s strange. [Thousand Burial] didn’t fight a guild like [Flying Dragon] or [Wrath of Heroes] those second rate guilds, but actually went after a top tier guild like [Vanguard]. They actually had the guts to follow through with it…” 

General Bai Qi darkly smiled, “I heard, when Jian Feng Han was in Ba Huang City, he had once went to Firestone Canyon to grind levels. They were planning on clearing the area. However, [Thousand Burial]’s players were there at the same time, and so a small conflict ensued. Jian Feng Han then insulted Not Ordinary a few times. Even though they’ve known eachother for a while, they still had a falling out….” 

I was stunned, “That’s right, Not Ordinary and Jian Feng Han know each other in real life. Even his business had a partnership with Jian Feng Han’s Han Yun Corporation.” 

Dong Cheng said, “They’ve cancelled that a long time ago. It seems that Jian Feng Han had also realized that the “business” that Not Ordinary conducts isn’t very clean. He was probably afraid that he’d be connected with it and so he eliminated the partnership eleven months ago.” 

“So it was like that, now it makes sense.” 

Li Mu smiled, “However, now that Jian Feng Han has p.i.s.sed off Not Ordinary, it looks like his good days are coming to an end. Who knows how he plans on dealing with [Thousand Mound].” 

I nodded, “Yup, let’s just wait and see!” 


However, if I wasn’t wrong, Jian Feng Han’s personality was very uptight. He definitely wouldn’t be able to swallow such a bitter defeat. Besides, [Vanguard] is one of the Chinese Server’s top three guilds. There’s no reason for him to be afraid of Not Ordinary. In the next few days, there will more than likely be many great battles. He will definitely gather up his troops and meet the Greedy Wolf Brigade in battle! 

Of course, Not Ordinary was now growing at a terrifying pace. Word of the battle power of the Greedy Wolf Brigade has now traveled throughout Tian Ling City as though it were legendary. Not Ordinary was not going to let go of this great opportunity. He’ll most likely win over more Top tier experts for the future when he battles [Vanguard]. [Zhan Long]’s only job was to sit back and watch. 


It was late at night so I took the two girls out to eat a midnight snack. Today, we were going to pull an all nighter and clear the Steel Blade Mountain. Tang Qi couldn’t keep up with our rhythm and followed Q-Sword to some other map. We didn’t ask, after all [Hero’s Mound] and [Zhan Long] were still in a bad relationship. We weren’t exactly allies, but at least we weren’t at war. However, this relationship was teetering on a very thin line. 

We kept fighting until the afternoon of the next day. By then we finally cleared the entire Steel Blade Mountain and we had gotten just over 2000 Steel Blade Mounts. We’ve now reached a formation of 2017 Steel Blade Cavalrymen, the same as this year’s date. If we wanted to expand our troops more, we would have to wait a day or two for the map to resp.a.w.n. But, even if it were to resp.a.w.n, there won’t be as many Steel Blade Mounts. 

By then, I was too tired and so I logged off to sleep. Before I logged off, I told everyone to keep a low profile and quietly grind levels in the Tian Ling City maps. There was no need to partic.i.p.ate in the [Vanguard] and [Thousand Burial] battle. 


Completely worn out, I laid down on my bed and released my Yi Hai. I sensed the area around us. Besides Tang Qi, there weren’t any other pract.i.tioners, nor was there any killing aura. It was safe. Actually, if I could hold Wan Er in my embrace while sleeping, that would be the safest. But, I definitely couldn’t suggest that to Lin Tian Nan. Otherwise, he’d probably order some people with AK47s chase me all the way to Wen San Street. 

I pa.s.sed out into a deep sleep. When I woke up, it was already nine o’ clock the next morning. After a quick calculation, I decided that I was definitely skipping today’s cla.s.s. Nevermind, if I get docked points, then I get docked points. I’ll just have Wan Er help me settle it. 



My phone rang. I got a message from an unfamiliar number, “h.e.l.lo Li Xiao Yao, I’m Simple. When you log on, I have some business to discuss with you!”

Oh? Simple is looking for me?

What does she want to do with me?” 

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