Zhan Long Chapter 640 - Combat Of Chi You


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 640 - Combat Of Chi You

Chapter 640 Combat of Chi You


I held my sword and charged forward once again. This time, I pulled over two Chi You Hors.e.m.e.n, and with Darling Duck’s [Hundred Battles] BUFF, I could take them on relatively easily. On the other hand, Wan Er, Li Mu, w.a.n.g Jian, and the others each took one Chi You Horseman to control and killed them. [Zhan Long]’s hundred man team occupied a corner of the main hall, and we were killing this kind of Saint Tier BOSS while spreading out, but we fought in an orderly manner.

As I was killing, I stared at the Pangu’s Axe, which floated in the center of the main hall. A strong opaque aura in the shape of the axe emanated from the fragment. Beside the battle-ax, was a barbarian who had a st.u.r.dy body. He was kneeling on one knee beside the battle-ax, keeping his silence the entire time. He had not moved at all, even when our group of uninvited guests had entered the 9th Floor of Pangu’s Abyss he did not stir.

Ran Min held his battle-ax, and asked, “Pangu’s Axe, do we…”

I hastily shook my head, “No...don’t provoke Pangu’s Axe. Let it peacefully sit there. We’ll talk about it after clearing these Chi You Hors.e.m.e.n. Otherwise, if a Super-BOSS came along with a group of Sub-BOSSes, we would get instantly wiped out!”


We continued on and kept killing. A Chi You Horseman raised his iron spear, and held it high in front of him. A b.l.o.o.d.y light appeared on the tip of the spear. It was the starting motions for [Chi You’s Single Strike]. Without another thought, I quickly dashed forward. My body sank, and my shoulder smashed into the armpit of the Chi You Horseman. I raised my sword’s hilt, and smashed the area connecting the arm bone and the body of the Horseman!


“Successful Skill Break!”

I managed to control my timing well, and this was already the Nth time that I managed to successfully interrupt a skill in Pangu’s Abyss.

Li Mu also seemed to be trying to imitate me, and struck the body of a Chi You Horseman while doing the motions of a Skill Break. However, he was pushed back and dealt a [Chi You’s Single Strike], depleting almost 17000 health. His expression quickly changed, “What’s going on? I clearly followed Xiao Yao’s motions exactly, why can’t I successfully perform a skill interuption? Furthermore, I also completed my actions while the monster was only done with 60%-90% of its starting motion…”

Matcha blinked her eyes, and replied, “Your movements aren’t smooth enough. Every single action while interrupting a skill is connected. Everytime boss performs a successful skill break, his movements are exceptionally smooth. Furthermore, all of his movements are completed in almost 0.1 seconds. The faster your movements are, the chances of you performing a successful skill break is even higher!”

Li Mu was stunned, “Finishing one entire set of movements in 0.1 seconds? How is this possible? I’m a Swordsman focused on strength, not a Swordsman focused on agility…”

Matcha laughed, “That’s why. Boss is a Twin Sword Swordsman, and the ability of twin swords to smoothly connect attacks is very strong, and is very suitable for the Pulse Break Style. As for you Li Mu, it’s still better for you to stick to the Battle Reflux Style. Steadily dealing attacks is much more suitable for you...in the history of games, those famous Pulse Break Style players normally look for equipment that can raise their speed. Only like this can they instantly explode out with a set of attacks to break an opponent’s skill.”

Right at that moment, I suddenly approached the body of a Chi You Swordsman. I flicked my Zhen Yue Sword with my left wrist. “Peng”, I struck the wrist of the Chi You Swordsman. I then rapidly threw multiple cuts with my Dragon Reservoir Sword.  “Peng”, the blue coloured words “Successful Skill Interrupt” flew up into the air again. This time, I could even break his [Blood Slash] skill. The starting motions of [Blood Slash] took 0.4 seconds at most, and my two actions were indeed completed in an instant. Furthermore, after performing a successful skill break, the opponent will have a definite time period where he has sluggish movement. I followed up with a violent barrage of [Strength of a Thousand Men]+[Combo]. This Chi You Horseman let out a miserable howl before falling to the ground. With a crashing sound, he dropped a pile of gold as well as a card.

“I’m gonna faint…”

Li Mu furrowed his brow, and said, “Just how does Xiao Yao do it…”

I bent down and picked up the card. With a wave of my hand, the effects of the card appeared in midair. Ze ze, its effect was even mightier than the Hybrid Demon Territory’s  Card--Demon Sword Master Card

[Chi You Horseman Card] : Raises the user’s attack by 35% and defense by 25%. Furthermore, it raises the toughness of the user’s mount by 40%. Requires Player Level 110, and lasts for 180 minutes.


I activated the card. Anyway, we definitely have to kill a BOSS next, so there was no need to be conservative now.

It instantly raised my attack and defense by a lot. I could be even more unrestrained while killing monsters this time. The other players in the guild, such as Li Mu, w.a.n.g Jian, Song Han, as well as the other players who were of the Battle Reflux Style were bitterly trying to chase after the obscure meaning of the Pulse Break Style, but no one was successful. I could see it clearly, and I also understood why they couldn’t understand it. It was body coordination. The body coordination required by the Pulse Break Style was simply too high. Even if it was w.a.n.g Jian, who was nearly a truly top tier player when it came to maneuvers, wouldn’t be able to master it within a short time.

While everyone was silently killing monsters, Wan Er, who was holding her daggers, leapt up. Her twin daggers dealt an attack to each of the two arms of the Chi You Horseman, as her snow white legs wrapped around its armor, and she dealt a heavy blow to the right side of its stomach. With a "peng", a blue wave surged fort, as the big words "Successful Skill Break" flew into the air.


Li Mu's eyes went round, "This...beauty Cang Tong actually did a successful skill break, has she been secretly learning it the whole time?"


The corner of Wan Er's mouth rose. She used [Blade of the Death G.o.d] to take advantage of the successful skill break to deal a torrent of blows on the body of the Sub-BOSS. She quickly retreated after that, as she slightly laughed: "Nope...actually, I helped Li Xiao Yao train with the Pulse Break Style during the days before. Since I was a live target for a whole night, I also roughly know the key points of the Pulse Break Style..."

Li Mu, "..."

w.a.n.g Jian, "D*mn..."

Matcha, "Incredible..."


In the end, after 3 hours of slaughtering, we almost cleared all of the Chi You Hors.e.m.e.n in the main hall of Pangu's Abyss. There were some dangerous situations while we were clearing, and we had even lost a few players. Fortunately, we were able to revive them. On the other hand, the Flying Dragon team that Mu Tian had brought lingered outside Pangu's Abyss for almost 2 hours, before plunging into the curtain of fire. That move had lost a hundred or so of their people, causing them to finally give up on the plunder of Pangu's Abyss. After all, they understood their strengths and weakness and knew that they would just be sending themselves to their own deaths, even if they managed to come down. [Zhan Long]'s Li Mu, Qing Qian, w.a.n.g Jian, Dancing Forest, Cang Tong, Cang Yue, and the other core players were all in this abyss. If you wanted to kill this group of people, I'm afraid that you would definitely need the peak level experts such as Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword to personally come. Unfortunately, those two were currently clearing maps and missions to grind levels, and would definitely not become [Zhan Long]'s enemy at the moment. Furthermore, during the imminent Hero's Wings cup, our greatest enemies would be the players from other countries, such as America's Sky Rose, or Korea's KING Combat Squad, and not our own people.

"Sha sha..."

We all stood in front of the fragment of Pangu's Axe with our blades in hand. The corner of Qing Qian's mouth rose, "The most exciting time has come...who's gonna go start the BOSS fight?"

Wan Er laughed as she looked over towards me, "Go, my beloved!"

I rubbed my nose and said, "Pray that I can get Pangu's Axe without angering the BOSS!"

As I said that, I urged my horse forward, and raised my hand. I used a Chi You Horseman Card. After that, I refreshed my [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor]. I charged forward at breakneck pace. “Pa Pa” my warhorse trampled across the ground as it charged up the stairs that led to the centre stage of the main hall. I looked around the surroundings, and sheathed my Zhen Yue Sword. I opened my left hand and grabbed the Pangu's Axe shard!



A burst of scorching force surged through the handle of Pangu's Axe. This vigorous strength could simply make one go mad. If it was said that Luo Lin fell into the abyss due to the G.o.dly Weapon Despair, then the feeling that Pangu's Axe gave me was enough to make me fall into darkness. I glanced at it as I gripped the Pangu’s Axe in my left hand. Even though my level wasn't high enough to equip it, I could already see the stats of this weapon. I only saw a fraction of the stats, but that was already enough to make me almost go mad--

[Pangu's Axe Shard] (Epic G.o.d Tier Equipment)

Attack: 38500-52000

Strength: +500

Stamina: +500

Agility: +500

Magic Attack: +500 

Additional: Increases the user's attack power by 150% and attack speed by 100%

Additional: Increases the user's one hit kill success rate by 50%

Special: Stats are sealed 

Special Skill: [Death G.o.d's Allegiance], the power to despise everything. Ignores 75% of all of the target's stats. Also, there is a 50% chance to instantly kill the target.

Introduction: It was said that, during the primordial chaos, Pangu awakened from a dream, and saw that the heavens and earth was in darkness. Then, he used his battle-axe to cleave open the heavens and earth. Since then, the heavens and earth have been separated, and life appeared on the great earth. After cracking open the heavens, Pangu's Axe was burnt and broken apart by the Heavenly Fire, and a majority of the fragments became spirits that rested between the heavens and earth. One of the fragments has fallen to the great earth, and has retained a portion of the strength of Pangu's Axe. When the spirit awakens, it will once again create the original form of Pangu's Axe.


Required Level: ???

Required Prestige: ???


The stats of this weapon were definitely on a level that could scare a group of people to death. I didn't dare  go frighten everyone, and I hastily ran backwards. At the same time, the sound of a bell echoed out into my ears--


System Notification: Congratulations, you have obtained the fragment of Pangu's Axe. This is the fragment of one of the strongest weapons within the heavens and earth. Take this fragment of Pangu's Axe and give it to the ruler of your current city, and you will obtain an unimaginable reward!


My heart was extremely excited as I looked towards the distant Wan Er and said: "Wan Er, we're about to strike gold!”


"Ah? We've struck gold? Is Pangu's Axe ours?" Wan Er also excitedly replied.

However, at that moment, a fierce roar suddenly echoed out from behind. Following that, a formless strength suddenly rushed over, binding the Pangu's Axe in my hand. Following that, the axe was dragged over with an irresistible force!


Firmly grabbing the axe, the barbarian that was guarding Pangu's Axe slowly stood up. He held the axe in his hands, and looked up. He looked at us with his deep blue eyes. A malicious smile appeared on his lips, as he said, "Under the orders of the Chi You Emperor, I will guard Pangu's Axe. Only this axe can cut through Xuan Yuan's seal and revive the Chi You Emperor. You ants, don't tell me that you want to force the Chi You Emperor to be eternally sealed in the endless s.p.a.ce? You're simply dreaming! Prepare to die!"

"Gu dong..."

I took a deep breath, and shouted, "Everyone, prepare for combat!"

As I said that, I got the stats of the BOSS from a close distance, and directly shared it in the team chat--

[Chi You Tribe General・Cang Gu] (Demon Harvest Tier BOSS)

Level: 123

Attack: 11800-13200

Defense: 10500

Health: 250000000

Skills: [Raging Flame Slash] [Combat of Chi You] [Dimension Breaking Slash] [Chi You Original Spirit]

Introduction: Cang Gu, a war general of the Chi You tribe who possessed a tyrannical strength. Cang Gu originally lived in the undeveloped wilderness, and was later adopted by Chi You. He was trained to be a military officer that would kill humans like gnats. He lead the Chi You Tribe in wars on all fronts, and has achieved many outstanding military merits for the Chi You Tribe. However, he was defeated during the Battle of the Second Huang Emperor of Chi You. The scattered survivors went to Pangu's Abyss, attempting to use Pangu's Axe to save the soul of Chi You. You must be careful, or else you and your comrades will be decimated under the strength of Cang Gu.



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