Zhan Long Chapter 635 - Pig Gets The Good Food


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 635 - Pig Gets The Good Food

Chapter 635 Pig Gets the Good Food


I went offline, and prepared to go eat.

When I walked out of my room, Qin Wen was standing in the corridor, leaning on the wall next to Wan Er’s room. She turned around and looked at me, then slightly smiled, “You’re finally finished?”

“Yup.” I nodded my head: “Why are you here?”

Qin Wen laughed: “Nothing much. I just got Wan Er’s message saying that it was time to eat, so I’m just waiting here for the moment. Besides, it’s not just us who are going out to eat today, we have to add one more pair of chopsticks.”

I was astounded: “Who’s coming?”

“Once you get downstairs you’ll know.”

When Wan Er and Dong Cheng walked out of their rooms, we walked down the stairs together. In the villa’s hall, sure enough, there was a black-overcoat-wearing man that was sitting there. Wan Er had a blank look, “Father?”

The man turned around, and sure enough, it was Lin Tian Nan. There were even a few people sitting on the sofa who looked like bodyguards.

Lin Tian Nan stood up, and faintly smiled, “I’m going to Beijing tomorrow for some business and I just happened to pa.s.s by today. I heard that you guys haven’t eaten yet, so I came to freeload a bit. Am I not welcome?”


Wan Er laughed, “How can you be not welcome? Is the food prepared?”

“Yup, it’ll be ready soon.”

“Good, I’m dying of hunger…”


Wan Er walked over and sat down next to Lin Tian Nan. Lin Tian Nan looked at his most cherished and beloved daughter, and laughed, “You’ve been gaming so much that you’ve even forgotten to eat again. Am I right?”

Wan Er happily laughed, and guiltily said, “What are you saying, dad. This is just normal level grinding that is common in games...our guild is just clearing an extremely high levelled map today, so we got delayed a bit.”

Qin Wen sat beside him, and crossed her arms over her chest as she lazily laughed, “How I envy these young people who do whatever they want. They’re not like us, who are so busy that we even forget our own surnames…”

Lin Tian Nan laughed, “Your surname is Qin…”

As he said that, he looked at Wan Er and said, “Don’t waste your whole day in the game, look, you’re going to get panda eyes soon. You should still pay attention to issues in the real world while playing games.”

Qin Wen shook her head and laughed, “Uncle, its about time I talked with you about this, don’t parent her too much. At Wan Er’s carefree age, she shouldn’t be worrying too much about everything. Doing what they want to do is the privilege of these young people. If you force her to do what she should be doing in the future, then you’ll be ending her happy times now…”

Lin Tian Nan was somewhat helpless, “I know that the relationship between you sisters are good, but Wen Wen, you shouldn’t keep spoiling her either...In short, playing games nonstop is never good. Wan Er, it’s going to be the winter vacation in a month’s time. How about I arrange an internship for you then?

“Winter vacation?”

Wan Er was blank, “Ah, it’s going to be winter vacation already? Then doesn’t that mean that we don’t have to use cla.s.s time to play games…”

Lin Tian Nan almost spat out his tea, “You...anyway, I’ll arrange an internship for you in advance, and let you get used to managing the company and doing business. If not...your old man is getting older and older, but there’s no one who can share responsibility with me. Who can I rely on? I can’t possibly donate the entire Tian Xin Corporation to the country, can I?”

Qin Wen laughed: “Not necessarily...those people will be happy to death.”

Lin Tian Nan lazily sat on the sofa, and raised his head to take a deep breath. He said, “I’ve spent my entire life working hard on my empire of science and technology. I won’t ruin it by giving it to them. I’ve already lived for a long time, and I’ve already seen through some issues. Tian Xin Corporation can only truly be the Tian Xin Corporation with me at its head. That way, we can out perform against our compet.i.tors. If not, the income of the Tian Xin Corporation won’t be invested in R&D, but on other preposterous things.”

I hushed him, “Be careful, the walls have ears…”

Lin Tian Nan couldn’t help but laugh: “Ha, that’s true.”

Wan Er sat there and pouted her small mouth: “Old man, where are you going to arrange me to have my internship at? Tian Xin Corporation?”


Lin Tian Nan shook his head, and replied, “The upper echelons of the Tian Xin Corporation all know that you’re my daughter, and I’m afraid that no one will dare to give you any work to do in the Tian Xin Corporation. I’m planning to arrange for you to enter the Booster Company to work with our Tian Xin Corporation’s partner company. I have some people there, and there are some people there from the Booster Company. I’ll be rea.s.sured if you go there and have your internship.”


Wan Er was shocked as she stood up: “You’re planning for me to go to w.a.n.g Ze Cheng’s company as an intern? No way, I’m not going!”

Lin Tian Nan was astounded: “Wan Er, why are you so prejudiced against w.a.n.g Ze Cheng?”

Wan Er walked up to him and held his hand, as she said, “Old man, I trust your judgement. Don’t tell me that you can’t see that there’s a problem with w.a.n.g Ze Cheng’s fortune and ident.i.ty?”

“Is there?”

Lin Tian Nan looked at the cups on the coffee table, as if he was deep in thought, and said, “w.a.n.g Ze Cheng has always been following the rules. Furthermore, he has a unique vision while doing business. Is it be possible that something happened that I don’t know about?”

After he said that, Lin Tian Nan looked towards me, “Li Xiao Yao, what in the world happened?”

I put down the cup in my hands, and dodged the question: “How about this, while Chairman Lin is arranging for the internship, arrange for me and Wan Er to intern together. Furthermore, it must be a branch of the company. If I’m beside her, then she’ll be absolutely safe.”

Qin Wen faintly smiled, “That seems like this is a good method. Originally, I wanted to ask Wan Er to come over to my company as an intern. However, going to the partner firm between the Tian Xin Corporation and the Buster Company seems to be more suitable. After all, my small sh.e.l.l company can’t compare to the big firms, after all.”

Lin Tian Nan thought about it, and said: “Alright, then that’s fine. We’ll do it that way.”

Wan Er pursed her lips, and unwillingly said, “Then that’s fine...with pig following me, I might be somewhat happy…”


Lin Tian Nan was astounded. He then looked at me, and looked at his own daughter again. He seemed to have understood something, and his expression turned slightly ugly. He sipped at his tea while making a phone call.

“Do you know how Lin Tian Nan is feeling right now?” Tang Qi walked over and laughed.

I replied: “What?”

Tang Qi said, “Seeing you and Wan Er like that...he must be feeling like a farmer who has had his painstakingly grown cabbage stolen by a pig…”

“F*ck off…”

“You shouldn’t use obscene language. If Lin Tian Nan hears it, he’ll deduct some points from his future son-in-law!”


“Fine. What are the people from [Hero’s Mound] doing today?”

“Nothing much. Grinding levels and killing BOSSes. Q-Sword just got a Divine Tier wristguard. Its stats are very strong. You should be careful when you meet him next time. Or else you won’t have the ability to retaliate again, haha…”

  “F*ck you……”

“Your sister…”

“Again with the swearing!”

During our dinner that night night, with Lin Tian Nan here, Wan Er, Dong Cheng, and I were feeling particularly restrained, especially me. After all, I couldn’t be too rampant in front of my employer. I also didn’t dare to make any intimate actions with Wan Er, or else Lin Tian Nan could pull out a gun in a fit of anger. On the contrary, Qin Wen was very thoughtful, and her sweet voice controlled the atmosphere in this room. Otherwise, no one would feel satisfied from this meal.

After eating, Lin Tian Nan drove his car and left us. We all tidied up ourselves up and went to sleep.

It was a quiet night and I woke up again around 6:30 in the morning. I quickly washed myself up, and ate a simple breakfast. We couldn’t be late to a [Zhan Long]’s activity with the top hundred players. Making everyone wait would make them lose their trust and respect for us.


I logged on at exactly 6:55. There were already many people beside me, so much so that a few people like w.a.n.g Jian and Li Mu were already bringing people along with them to kill monsters. After Wan Er, Dong Cheng, and I logged it, we began forming teams to clear the monsters in the 7th floor.

The 7th floor of Pangu’s Abyss. There were dense fumes hanging in the air. As we walked around, we basically couldn’t see our fingers after extending our hand out. Fortunately, we could see the monsters on the map. In the distance, a group of humans that were holding a halberd in their hands and wearing heavy armor were standing in the mist. There was a black coloured cloak behind each person, and it looked extremely mighty. Furthermore, they had an extremely high level. These were the Level 121 t.i.tan Tier monsters--Holy Flame Warriors!

“Move out!”

Wan Er and I charged out side by side, and we had aggroed 3 Holy Flame Warriors. These depraved human warriors were all carrying a halberd as they made their way over. The halberd suddenly began to glow as they raised it, and raging flames surged forth. That halberd slowly trembled as it released a skill that we all recognised--[Halberd Whirlwind]!

“Hong hong…”

The raging flames mixed together with the halberd light as it attacked outwards. My health and Wan Er’s plummeted. Darling Duck quickly healed us, as she asked, amazed, “I’m fainting, isn’t this w.a.n.g Jian’s skill?”

w.a.n.g Jian nodded his head, “Yup, [Halberd Whirlwind]. It’s quite painful if you get hit, so be careful, everyone. A Level 121 t.i.tan Tier monster is already quite frightening. To be safe, every squad should only kill one at once.

It was already too late to back out for me, and I could only brace myself to block it. At the same time, I carefully observed the starting motions of [Halberd Whirlwind]. This move would first acc.u.mulate the power of fire, then concentrate it in the tip of the halberd, which would then revolve outwards. The charging period of this skill was roughly 1.1 seconds, and the starting motion was extremely obvious. The source of the skill’s strength was also very clear to me, which was clearly the support of the legs and the movement of the arms.

And so, I left my mounted state, and stepped forward. I landed a flying kick on the legs of the Holy Flame Warrior, and slashed its left arm with my Zhen Yue Sword. I then swept out my Dragon Reservoir sword and  I used its hilt to fiercely smash against the center of its right arm’s muscles, causing the two sounds of “Peng peng” to echo out. My luck this time wasn’t bad, and a blue coloured light surged forth. The big words “Successful Skill Break” floated in the air.

Wan Er was slightly stunned, “How amazing...success in only one try…”

The corner of Dong Cheng’s mouth rose, “Brother Xiao Yao truly has an innate gift for combat. The Pulse Break Style could emerge again in your hands…”

Based on my principle of not being arrogant or hot-tempered, I only laughed it out, and continued researching the particular details of the Pulse Break Style. This road was truly too long. Without reaching Little Demon’s terrifying 95% success rate, there wasn’t anything worth being arrogant about.

My party quickly cleared all of the Holy Flame Warriors on the stone path. It was already the 7th floor, and the distance between us and the 9th floor was getting closer and closer. The 9th floor was destined to not be easy. Perhaps, we could see where the fragments of Pangu’s Axe was when we reached the 9th floor.






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