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Zhan Long Chapter 611 - I Am A General Of Shu

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Chapter 611 I Am a General of Shu

It was getting dark and time to log off.

I pushed open the door as I was starting to feel hungry.


The door to the room next to mine opened. Wan Er raised her eyebrow and stood there in her pajamas. Her long silky hair rested on her shoulders. Her delicate pale face was like a jade. Her beautiful eyes stared back at mine in surprise. Suddenly, she looked down at her chest. The gown hung loosely against her chest. The full snow white mounds rose and fell quickly. Her face was red, “Eh…. I thought…”

I smiled and looked at her, “Did you think this was still the girl’s dorm?”

“That’s right….”

She turned around and said, “I’ll go and change. Wait for a second…”


I leaned against the wall. Not long after, Wan Er opened the door again. This time, she had changed into a black casual shirt and a coffee jacket. The shirt was tight against her chest. I couldn’t help but think how anything would look good on a girl with a nice figure. That was simple logic.

Wan Er walked over and pulled on my hand smiling, “Earth to Xiao Yao. I heard Song Han, Old K, Fox and Matcha from the Zhan Long Office are coming for food right?”

“Yup, they said they want hot pot. How about we have the chef downstairs to make a soup base for us.”


Right at that moment, Dong Cheng’s door also opened up. She gripped her phone and said, “h.e.l.lo? Bro, you say you want to come over too? You aren’t even a member of Zhan Long Office, what are you crashing the party for? Ah…. you’re here to see me? You’re bringing delicious beef jerky too? Alright then. Brother, hurry up and come over. I love you the most hehe….”

“Ah Lei is coming over too?”

“Yup, is he not welcome?”

“No, he’s welcome, the more the better.”


Not long after, Tang Qi also got off the game. Somehow he got wind of the party and wanted to join in too. Gripping his hands, he disappeared into the night, saying that he was buying some alcohol. That trash must’ve become friends with Song Han and Old K in the game. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gotten news so quickly.

The villa had a large dining room. Wan Er, Dong Cheng, and I started to make tea as we waited for everyone to come. Around eleven o’clock at night, a taxi pulled up beneath our villa. Four people got out. Furthermore, Song Han carried chicken and ribs while Matcha had rolls of beef and lamb, and fish b.a.l.l.s. Old K had a bundle of vegetables in his arms while Fox carried bottles and jars.

Dong Cheng shuddered with excitement, “D*mn, so strong. Brother Xiao Yao’s friends really aren’t normal….”

I waved to them and jogged over to the taxi and said, “Doesn’t Little Wolf have a license? We should get a car for the office. We can take it from the revenue from National Beauty.”

“Really?” Song Han exclaimed, “To be honest, I’ve been thinking about it for a while. But, since Zhan Long Office just started, I was afraid that would be too extravagant.. Though, seeing as Brother Xiao Yao said that, then it’s been decided. What kind of car should we get?”

Wan Er softly smiled, “I’ll recommend one, the Volkswagen CC. Its 40,000 down payment and very practical.”

Wolf shook his head, “No… that’s even more expensive than Brother Xiao Yao’s A4…. We can’t get a car that’s better than Boss’. That’s just our basic rules. Are there any other models you suggest?”

Wan Er thought about it for a second and said, “Then how about the Chevrolet Cruze. It’s a ten thousand dollar car. It’s also pretty practical and st.u.r.dy…..”

Old K smiled, “Alright. I like that…”

Right at that moment, another car suddenly stopped behind the taxi. It was a large Volkswagen and it stopped right outside of our apartment door. Looks to be that they came for us. Old K squinted his eyes, “Oh? A Volkswagen? Looks like that’s around 20,000RMB. Who is it? It isn’t that expensive of a car… It wouldn’t happen to be Ah Lei would it? Such an average car…”

Dong Cheng Yue squinted too and smiled, “Actually…. I think that’s dad’s old car. It’s the W12 Splendor. It’s the fourth model of the Individual line. Its around 2.2 million imported. Are you really sure that the car my brother’s sitting on isn’t much?”

Old K shivered, his face filled with mock vengeance, “Motherf*cker, how did Ah Lei become the heir… don’t you know anything about keeping a low profile? You just had to have a powerful father!”

Dong Cheng grinned, “No worries. My dad is a proper businessman. He doesn’t steal or rob. He won’t cheat you.”

The car door opened up. It really was Dong Cheng Lei. He carried bags of vegetables in his arms while he led a husky out. The driver laughed, “Ah Lei, go on. I’ll be in the area. When you’re done eating, give me a call!”

“Alright, Uncle Li!”

Dong Cheng Lei rushed out of the car and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, all of you are here….”

I stared at him and was nearly instantly killed, “Ah Lei, what’s with those bags of vegetables?”

“Oh, for the hot pot!”

“These vegetables are so fresh they still have a little dirt on it. You didn’t pull it from somebody’s garden did you? What’s with that husky?”

“Oh I needed to go to the bathroom on the way here and saw it on the side of the road. It looked pitiful so I brought it back to see if Yue Er wants to try a dog meat hot pot. Ahh, Brother Xiao Yao, aren’t I smart?”

Tears nearly rolled down from my eyes. I was feeling incredibly sorry for his IQ. “Ah Lei, it’s time for you to take your medicine….”

This few month old Husky wagged its tail and ran over to us. It circled around Wan Er and Dong Cheng the two beauties. Wan Er couldn’t help but smile, “So cute…”

She reached out to pet it. It got so excited that it peed on the spot. At the same time, a female voice cried out, “Son, baby, where did you go? Don’t make mommy worried. Hurry up and come out….”


I glared at Dong Cheng and immediately took the husky. I sent it out the gates. As I expected, it was the middle aged lady’s dog. When I returned, everyone had already started up the hot pot, as though nothing had happened. Ah Lei that b*st*rd, for the sake of his beloved sister, he seemed willing to do anything. But the fact that Dong Cheng has such a nice brother made Wan Er and Matcha a little jealous as well.

By the time the hot pot started boiling, Tang Qi finally arrived outside. He carried two cases of beer and a bottle of Bai Jiu with him. There was even a bag around his neck with a couple pounds of duck in it. He was a little red from being choked.


Dong Cheng Lei charged out, his hand in a fist as he growled, “Who are you?”

Tang Qi nearly cried, “Dong Cheng Lei, you actually want to punch me? Did you forget? Motherf*cker, is there any reason for me to continue living on this earth? I spent most of this night running ten kilometers to buy this wine. Do you think that was easy?”

I calmed him down and said, “That’s because you aren’t that smart. There’s a 24 hour liquor store just five meters away to the right.”

Tang Qi’s tears fell, “I f*cking turned left….”

I nodded, “Yup. If you turn left then you’ll end up in the middle of nowhere in no time. And, if you continue that way, you’ll end up in Jia Xin. Even further out, you’ll pa.s.s through Shu Zhou and end up straight in Yu Zhou’s military training grounds.”

Tang Qi said, “Your sense of direction is great… now can you get me a pair of chopsticks? I’m so hungry….”

Dong Cheng Lei roared, “Who are you talking about?!”

Tang Qi’s tears were coming out, “I’m a famous general of shu….”

“Then why don’t you sit down and eat!”

There was a total of eight people. We sat around the hot pot and opened up the bottles of beer. After all, everyone was friends. That plus the fact that I had just finished a quest. Now that Frost had revived, I didn’t have any worries left. It was a great time to let loose and have a few drinks with my brothers. As a pract.i.tioner, I could take more alcohol than normal people, even more so than these guys. In terms of drinking, I won’t lose at all!

“Brother Xiao Yao!”

Wolf’s face was flush red as he said, “The Hero’s Wings Tournament will start in a month. This time, its for with a 5V5 format. In terms of teams, I think that [Zhan Long]’s main team should be you and the beauty Cang Tong. Plus Dong Cheng, Darling Duck and another person. Yup, it should be like that….”

I nodded, “Yup, how about I bring along Qing Qian as well. Wolf, you go with Matcha and Old K. That and two others. With that, you guys should be able to get pretty high in the rankings!”

Wolf smiled, “Yup. I’ve been thinking too, if we make a team with you, then we’ll probably end up dragging you down. That much we understand.”

Matcha giggled, “Wu, I’ve been left behind by boss again…”

Dong Cheng held her gla.s.s and filled it with Bai Ju. After drinking a sip, she drunkenly smiled, “Oh gentle and fair beauty, have you also fallen for Li Xiao Yao?”

Matcha was stunned, “Eh…. I wouldn’t say I’ve fallen for him. I just think that boss is pretty cool. He gives a sense of safety. At least I don’t like him like you do Dong Cheng….”

Dong Cheng’s eyes suddenly turned red. She pouted her lip and said, “For some people, no matter how much they love them, and how deep the love is they still won’t obtain it. I think that I’ve slowly started to understand that over these past few months.”

“Understand what?” Matcha asked.

Dong Cheng drunkenly smiled, “Star crossed lovers….”


Wan Er softly leaned onto the table beside me, tears dripping onto the table. I started panicking. I helped her up and said, “Wan Er, what’s wrong?”

Wan Er softly pushed me away and said, “It’s nothing, don’t worry about me….”

I pulled her up. Wan Er quietly leaned against my chest, tears flowing. She then leaned next to my ear and hesitantly whispered, “I… I think I’m the bad woman…. I’ve taken away the thing that other people like. But I…. I also really love you. How could I…. let something I love so much go to someone else?”

I couldn’t help but smile, “Idiot, you and Dong Cheng are drunk….”

Wan Er smiled through her tears. Her cheeks were flushed. She reached out and hugged me. Without another word, she just fell into my lap and cried.

Wolf shuddered, “Get a room you guys. I can’t stand watching any more. Brother Xiao Yao, just take her upstairs. If that’s not enough, you can bring Dong Cheng up too….”

We were all speechless.

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