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Chapter 606 Hercules

We all decided to set off from Ba Huang City and so I took Odelia from Dragon City to there.

“Sha sha….”

My footsteps rang through the forest as I stepped onto branches and fallen leaves. When I broke through the thick brush and vines, I appeared before Ba Huang City. Odelia raised her sword and looked at the city, “Oh, Ba Huang City… it’s been awhile since I was last here. I vaguely remember that the barley ale here was pretty good.”

I said, “As a girl you actually want to drink that badly?”

Odelia made a fist with Holy Domain Energy and circled it around. She looked at me and smiled wickedly, “Youngster, have you seen a woman this strong?”

I whistled, “Don’t even try. Frost is much stronger than you.”

“Wu….” Odelia furrowed her elegant brows, “You b*st*rd, just you wait. I’ll train to be even stronger than Frost. Then… then I’ll lead an army of thousands of soldiers to your Dragon City and kidnap your G.o.ddess Frost. Then I’ll sell her off to become the wife of a barbarian bandit!”

I smiled, “With Frost’s strength, that half beast half man barbarian wouldn’t even be able to raise a finger before her, isn’t that right?”


Odelia couldn’t respond. She bit her lip and said, “Let’s go and enter Ba Huang City. Did you say that you were bringing four other friends along? Don’t think any more about it. That pretty student of the Hermit G.o.d is one of them right?”


“Hmph. I pray for the day you guys break up!”


I strode into Ba Huang City’s territory. The four girls were already standing on the north bridge. Wan Er stood at the very front, adorned in her elegant leather armor. Her beautiful face was as beautiful as the moon. She smiled with her arms crossed as she leaned against the marble railings of the bridge. Her long legs were only slightly hidden by fluttering cloth.

Qing Qian was completely clothed in a fiery red armor. She held the Divine Tier Dagger, Blade of Purgatory while her Cold Iron Blade Shield pet was beside her. It was her new Valkyrie Tier BOSS pet. She patted its head as she giggled, “Hercules, you better work hard. Don’t let Brother Xiao Yao look down on you!”

I smiled inwardly. So this Cold Iron Blade Shield was called “Hercules”. That was just too amusing. It made me think of how the red spider tried to fight against the G.o.ds.

Dong Cheng Yue was wearing a brand new mage robe while she played with a fiery staff in one hand. Beside her was a Sabertooth Tiger. The tiger was a Saint Tier BOSS type pet. It was the reward she got from the Defend the City points. It was an extremely strong pet. If my Ancient Holy Tiger hadn’t evolved, then this Saber Tooth Tiger may even be stronger.

Darling Duck leaned against a pillar and waved her staff as she smiled, “Guildmaster, why don’t you try the feeling of my new Fifth advancement healing skill!”

As she said that, she waved her staff. “Shua!” A soft green light fell upon my body. I was stunned. I felt a warm feeling spread throughout my body. Yup. This was the level 100 healer skill——Magic Reflect Sh.e.l.l. It let the person being protected ignore a certain amount of magic attacks. This also meant that in the upcoming battles, this [Magic Reflect Sh.e.l.l] was going to be the strongest enemy against mages!

Afterwards, Darling Duck waved her staff again. At that moment, a glowing battle axe symbol appeared below my feet——


Battle Notification: The Player Darling Duck has cast the effect [Hundred Battles] on you. Your physical attack and magic attack have increased by 25.7%. It will last for four minutes and 21 seconds. Leveling the skill will increase the duration of the skill. It is also directly related with the healer’s healing ability!

[Hundred Battles] was another main skill for fifth advancement healers. It also greatly increased the ability of healers as a support cla.s.s. Now there was nothing that could sway the top position as a BUFFer.
I swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword and smiled, “Yup. Looks like everyone has gotten a lot stronger. Let’s go and head towards Beast Spirit Valley. I’ll share the quest with you all!”

Very soon, I successfully shared the quest with everyone. The four girls all appeared in my team list. Wan Er smiled, “Let’s head out and finish this quest quickly!”

With a flip of her cloak, the beautiful little miss lead the way. Dong Cheng and Qing Qian followed close behind. I lead my horse and took the rear, protecting Darling Duck. Even though the five of us were extremely strong, that didn’t mean we should be careless. There were enemies throughout the forest outside. [Zhan Long] was the biggest winner in the Dragon City Battle, but that also meant that we had made too big of a splash. There were at least thousands of people out there that wanted to shake our position. w.a.n.g Zhe Cheng, Not Ordinary, and Soaring Dragon all wanted Wan Er, Dong Cheng, Qing Qian and the other main [Zhan Long] members to lose 50 levels or more.

When we entered into the Ba Huang City Forest, we began to move more quickly. Odelia then raised her long sword and walked behind me. Her clear eyes were filled with caution as she watched for everything around us. Even though she was the most wanted a.s.sa.s.sin on the continent, Odelia still dared to walk into Ba Huang City. That truly requires a lot of courage. On the other hand, Ba Huang City stopped going after her. Angela had forgiven all of her crimes. Odelia on the other hand, continued her old habits. Even if she were to commit a crime in Ba Huang City, it would probably be looked over due to her help with Frost’s revival. Plus, Angela needed all the help she could find, and definitely wouldn’t want to offend this Holy Domain expert. Compared to her father and her brother’s techniques, Angela was much softer and kinder.

Throughout the way, we met multiple groups of Ba Huang City players grinding levels in the forest. Quite a few of the males would stare at the girls in our group with adoration. Some of them even whistled. Most of them could recognize Cang Tong, Cang Yue, and Qing Qian as the top three beauties in [Zhan Long]!

In the b.u.t.terfly Forest, not far ahead of us, there was a group of ten players grinding levels. One of them was a level 97 Barbarian Knight who looked at us. He whistled and shouted, “Isn’t that Cang Tong and Cang Yue? F*ck, right on time. The NPC beside them doesn’t look bad either, she just has a smaller chest!”

As he said that, he blew another whistle. In that single moment, he had enraged the female a.s.sa.s.sin in our group!


Odelia grunted and stomped the ground. “Peng!” A shockwave rushed through the forest. In the blink of an eye, she appeared before the Barbarian Knight. Her thin body rammed the barbarian so hard that he cashed into the tree right across. She the rushed forward, pressing her blade into his throat. Odelia’s eyes were extremely cold and she smiled, “If you have the guts, why don’t you repeat what you said. Whose chest is small?”

The knight was stunned, “This NPC actually dares to attack players?”

Odelia raised her hand. Flames rose up, swallowing the knight’s pet wolf in a split second. All that was left was a pile of ash. Odelia then smiled, “How’s that?”

The Barbarian trembled violently and said, “Your… your chest isn’t small. It’s enormous and full…”

“That’s about right!”

Odelia took her sword back and nimbly dashed back to us. The frightened barbarian knight nearly went into shock. If this pretty NPC lost her temper, then he would’ve already lost his little life.

I strode forward and said, “Let’s continue forward. No need to bother with her. She’s too embarra.s.sing….”

Odelia ran in front of us and strode to my side, “These stupid men. How could they understand the little secrets deep in a woman’s heart…”

I didn’t say anything else. Wan Er burst out in laughter and said, “Let’s hurry up. We shouldn’t attract too much attention. Otherwise, once we get into the Beast Spirit Valley, then maybe other guilds will try and ruin our quest.”


After walking for around 50 minutes, we finally reached the border of Ba Huang City’s territory. We stood on a piece of land that had yet to be developed. Weeds grew in a thicket before us. The map had a bright red “Beast Spirit Valley” written boldly above it. After all, we were standing at the entrance of the valley. The steel fortress stood before us. It was around 3 meters tall. Dwarves stood at the top of the wall. Their crossbows were only 1 meter tall. Otherwise, the short archers wouldn’t have been able to reach them.


A voice came from inside the fort. We could see a battle axe being swung around in the air, but we couldn’t see anyone. The person continued, “Who are you, to dare and trespa.s.s on dwarven territory. Announce yourselves!”

Odelia put her hands on her hips and laughed, “Well lookie here.Who is it. Do they dare to stand up and talk? I can’t see you….”

On the city wall, the dwarf carrying the battle axe was incredibly angry. He leapt off the wall. He looked to be around 1.2 meters. He angrily shook his fist, “I’m already standing. You d*mn*d human woman. You dare to slander me. Tell me your name or die a death of a thousand arrows!”

Odelia giggled, “My full name is Odelia – Da Fu. Remember it well and report it back to your Dwarven King. He will remember me!”

The dwarven general was stunned, “Alright then, I’ll report it now….”

Around ten minutes later, a group of dwarves rushed to the top of the city wall. Among them, there was one that wore a purple crown on his head. He walked over to the city wall and said, “Odelia is here?”

At the bottom of the wall, Odelia smiled and said, “Your majesty the Dwarven King, do you still remember me? I was the one who used 1000 gallons of Buckwheat Ale for your 100 swords!”

“You’re really Odelia?”

The Dwarven King’s face turned into a mask of rage and he suddenly pulled out his sword and pointed at us, “Release your arrows and kill them all!”

“Sou Sou Sou….”

Arrows fell like rain. I was stunned and immediately charged forward. Then, I crossed my swords in front of my chest. At the same time, I activated [King Domain] to protect everyone. I then reached out, grabbed Darling Duck and rushed backwards, yelling, “Hurry up and get out of their range!”

After retreating a hundred meters, we were all safe.


I glared at the Holy Domain a.s.sa.s.sin behind me and said, “Do you want to explain yourself?”

Odelia shifted her eyes and stuck her chest out angrily, “That group of dumb dwarves really are evil. Without another word they actually dare raise a hand against an old friend. They have no idea of what loyalty and justice is. I cannot allow them to live another day in this world. Let me kill them all!”

I glared, “Cut the c.r.a.p. I’ll go talk with them!”

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and urged my horse to the bottom of the city wall and shouted, “I am the Dragon Rider of Dragon City, a student of Frost. We came here to make a deal, however I do not know how my friend Odelia has offended your majesty.”

The Dwarven King coldly laughed, “Odelia, that despicable b*st*rd. She said that she was going to use 1000 gallons of Buckwheat Ale in exchange for our long swords. However, only the top layer of the Buckwheat Ale was top quality. Everything in it was fake c.r.a.p. It made 274 of our dwarven warriors get food poisoning. They had diarrea day after day. They even grew thinner!”

I turned around and glared at Odelia.

She smiled and raised her hands, “That year the continent was plagued with bad weather so the harvest wasn’t good. You have to understand me, dearest one….”

I was speechless.

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