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Zhan Long Chapter 605 - A Dick Headed Bird

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Chapter 605 A d.i.c.k Headed Bird

Snowflakes danced in the wind and the rebuilt Dragon City stood on the hill.

At least 50% of Dragon City had already been rebuilt. The place where Igoras’ sword had crushed the wall had already been fixed. Furthermore, the broken North Wall was done being rebuilt. This time, not only did they use extremely st.u.r.dy rock to hold up the wall, they also put sharp blades and knives throughout the wall to help increase the defenses. The entire city looked like it was made of iron. Even if the Hybrid Demon Kings were to invade again, the outcome may not be the same as before.

This proved one point, and that was if the government’s heart was set on something, then there was no achievement that couldn’t be accomplished.

My Flying Scythe War Horse snorted and stomped the ground as it charged towards the city. A group of sentries welcomed me, shouting, “My lord!”

I nodded to them and rushed to the observation deck. As I had expected, Frost, Qing Luo, and the Red Dragon Queen were all there. When I flipped off of my horse, Frost turned to look at me with a smile, “Li Xiao Yao, you’re here?”

I replied, “Yep, I’m here to see the status of Dragon City. I also want to see if there’s anything you need me to complete.”

Frost helplessly said, “Right now there are two extremely critical tasks that need to be completed. The first is that I need a group of iron made blades. Second, I need to go to the Wild Dragon Territory to steal some dragon eggs.”

“One at a time.”

“Yes.” She then went into deep thought. After a few seconds, she said, “Last time during the battle of Dragon City Defense, almost all of the blades that we had used couldn’t cut through the high tier Hybrid Demon bodies. The capability of our arrows was even more limited. I’ve researched a little more about it. Of the different types of Hybrid Demons, for example the Demon Hunters, the Grave Digger Demons, the Demon Sword Masters, and the h.e.l.lhounds, they all have death as a trait. Plus, most of Ba Huang City’s blades are made from cold iron that originate deep in the mountains. The fact that they couldn’t cut through the Hybrid Demon’s bodies was to be expected.”

I smiled and said, “Looks like we’re going to need some fire type blades then, right?”

Frost nodded, “Yep, that’s the idea. However, fire type weapons are extremely rare. I’ve asked Princess Angela, and according to her, just northeast of Ba huang City is a Beast Spirit Valley. That’s where the barbarians and the beasts live. The Beast Spirit Valley used to be the origin of a volcano. There, there’s a large number of fire type materials that we can use. The problem is that a lot of ground elves are currently guarding the map. There’s at least 100,000 dwarven warriors, so we cannot offend them. We can only go there and make a compromise. There’s a problem though…”

Frost revealed an annoyed expression and said, “However, I’m not familiar with these dwarves… the only person that has ever made contact with dwarves in the city is currently in a tantrum…”

Qing Luo muttered, “Just, he stole some things and dug out some of the blue gems that were embedded into the hall in Dragon City!”

I smiled, “Are you talking about Odelia?”

“ Yup.”

Frost nodded and said, “Right now, the task I’m giving you is to convince Odelia and let her bring you and Qing Luo and a group of soldiers to the Beast Spirit Valley and find the dwarves. There, you will trade for a large amount of fire type materials. Like this, we’ll be able to create a lot of fire type arrows, spear heads, and blades to deal with the Hybrid Demons.”

I raised a fist and smiled, “Don’t worry, leave this job to me!”



Snowflakes fluttered in the wind. But, with Frost and the Red Dragon Queen here, I didn’t feel cold at all, but rather a warm feeling of hope in my heart. This wasn’t because I had become a fifth advancement Dragon Rider. My Cloud Stepping Boots crushed the snow underneath me as I walked into the castle. In the city hall, quite a few blacksmiths were smelting the metal to make weapons. “Ding Ding!” they hit the burning hot metals. Some patrolling Dragon City soldiers saluted me as they went by. Looks like my reputation in Dragon City was far different from before.

I walked towards one of the Dragon City Soldiers. He gripped his long halberd and stood guard before the great door that guarded the armory. A bruise colored his cheek. I walked over and asked, “What’s up with your injury?”

The soldier miserably said, “That Odelia, she insisted on entering our armory, saying that her treasure was in there. I didn’t let her and so she beat me. When I reported this to Frost, Lady Frost said to let her do as she pleased… Lord, that Odelia is a beautiful devil. Please send her back to where you found her!”

I furrowed my brow, “That… where is Odelia?”

“In the Holy Dragon Hall!”


The Holy Dragon Hall was an ancient building below the city. Actually, it was just a lot of totems in a circle. The people of Dragon City all go there to pray to the dragons for fortune and protection.

When I walked through the entrance of the Holy Dragon Hall. From a distance, I could see the golden statue of the ancient dragon resting at the center of the hall. There were nine pillars standing in a circle around it. There were also black dragons, red dragons, azure dragons, fire dragons, and ice dragons carved into all of the pillars. It was incredibly majestic!

“Huh? That’s not right. There was something ruining the atmosphere. There appeared to be a person climbing up the gold dragon statue. That’s right, it’s Odelia!

“Wu wu…”

Odelia hung onto the head of the dragon. Her but stuck up as she hung for dear life. “Pa!” she broke off one of the dragon whiskers and happily bit down on her new treasure, “24K pure gold. Wow…”

As she said that she put the dragon whisker into the bag on her back. Afterwards, she glanced around at the enormous dragon head. She reached out as though she couldn’t bear to leave with it. All that reflected from her beautiful eyes was the gold of the dragon. Without another word, “Keng!” she pulled out a sharp sword!


I was stunned and rushed forward shouting, “Odelia, what are you doing?!”

With three strides, I leapt onto the back of the dragon and shouted, “That’s the symbol and pillar of our Dragon City. How could you do that…”

Odelia held onto the Dragon Head and pouted her lip, “Don’t you bother with me. Otherwise I’ll kill you! This dragon head is mine…. All of this gold is mine..”

“Didn’t I just tell you, you can’t touch this statue. Otherwise, Frost will definitely beat you up!”

I grabbed the edge of her dress and dragged her down. Despite this, Odelia tightly held onto the dragon head and didn’t let go. I then reached out and grabbed her hip and dragged her downward, “I already said, don’t take it….”

“Ya yay a….”

Odelia began to activate her Holy Domain power. Energy began to sliver around her arms and she glared at me, “No no, I want all of this gold! Youngster, don’t you dare try anything. Otherwise I’ll really get angry!”

“Hua la!”

I suddenly took a handful of gold out of my bag. It was incredibly heavy. There was a whole 200,000G in it and said, “Follow me. If you help me do something then all of this gold is yours. There’s 200,000. That’s more than enough for you to be as rich as a country!”


Odelia lunged forward. I turned around and tore the bag out of her grasp. I smiled, “I haven’t finished talking. You still have to agree to something. Furthermore, you cannot touch any more of Dragon City’s stuff. Otherwise, you won’t get a single cent of this money!”

“This… that…”

Odelia thought about it for a long time and said, “Alright then, I’ll take this 200,000. Don’t you dare play any tricks. Otherwise, I’ll go and join the Hybrid Demons and bring Ignoras and Lanais here to kill you all. Then I’ll tie you to the top of a cliff and let those little birds with the heads shaped like d.i.c.ks bite you to death!”

“Alright, well out with it. What do you want me to do?” Odelia pulled her long sword out of her sheath and crossed her arms over her full chest, talking to me seriously.

I grunted and said, “Dragon City needs to go to the Beast Spirit Valley to mine a large amount of fire type minerals. However, we have to do this with the permission of the dwarves first. You’re more familiar with them, and so we were hoping you could take me there to compromise with them to let us mine. First and foremost, the negotiation with the dwarves must succeed. Otherwise, don’t even think about getting any of this gold! Even if you tie me to the edge of the world, then I’ll make those little birds into soup and give them to you to drink.”


Odelia shuddered and said, “Alright… I’ve made some bargains with those dumb dwarven men before. They love buckwheat ale, but it’s near impossible to plant buckwheat on the mountains. And so, I got 100 swords from them with 1000 gallons of buckwheat ale. Yup, that was already many years ago. That… that….”

I stared at her and said, “Don’t try to delay this. You have to help me finish this task…”

“Alright. Because you have gold..” Odelia bit her lip and said, “However, my only job is to help you and the dwarves reach an agreement. When that is over, then don’t go looking towards me for hard work like mining. I wasn’t made for harsh work like that!”

I nodded, “Alright. Then we’ll do it like that!”

Odelia giggled, “Also, there are quite a few half human half beast people living in the Beast Spirit Valley. You should call on a few helpers. Otherwise, I won’t be so sure that you’ll be able to return alive.”


Right at that moment, a bell sounded in the air and I officially got the quest——


System Notification: You’ve received the SSS tier Quest [Minerals of Beast Spirit Valley]!

Quest Details: Travel to Beast Spirit Valley with Odelia and reach an agreement with the Dwarves. After entering into the Beast Spirit Valley, you must clear out all of the half man half beast and barbarians first. After that, you’ll be able to gain the ability to mine the minerals. However, you must be careful. Those half man half beast tribe and barbarians are extremely savage. At most you can bring four people to help.

An SSS tier quest, but it wasn’t a main quest, so it shouldn’t be too hard. Five people was enough!

I sent out a message to Wan Er, Dong Cheng and brought Darling Duck along for heals. Qing Qian would be good for damage. I would then be the tank. I began preparing for everything. The four girls all agreed as well. With a quest, who wouldn’t want to grind in a new map!

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