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Zhan Long Chapter 599 - A Single Wish

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Chapter 599 A Single Wish

I took out my City Return Scroll and smashed it!


I went straight back to Ba Huang City. I then quickly fixed my equipment and then bought out all of the Soul Gems in the city. The current Soul gems were around 5000+G, and some scammers would hike the price up to 10,000. I however didn’t haggle too much and just bought all of them. In a short 10 minutes, I managed to get 47 gems. However, that still wasn’t enough. And so, I sent a call for help to Fox, “Fox, hurry up and help out your brother!”

Fox was stunned, “F*ck, what’s wrong with you?”

I said, “Help me collect Soul Gems. Anything between 5,000 and 10,000 is fine. Hurry up, I need 53 more. Also, where can I buy buy Rune Papers? I’m not too sure about that one.”

Fox laughed, “So it was like that…. [Zhan Long]’s guild storage has 24 right now. I’ll help you buy some more… and the Rune Papers are simple. All of the shops next to the four city gates sell it. Every 1 hour, they restock, 200 at a time!”


I flipped onto my horse and raised my sword, charging towards the stores. Just as he had said, there were Rune papers. However, there were only 171 there. Each one was 10G. It seems like it was some kind of material for making things. I quickly bought all of them and charged towards the East Gate, buying all of the Rune Paper there. After searching through all four of the stores, I collected 600+ pages. That wasn’t enough. I needed to wait another hour for them to restock. There was still 41 minutes until then. There was enough time!

I wandered around the marketplace while shopping. This time, for the sake of reviving Frost, I had used up all of my luck. It doesn’t matter if I spent all of my money, as long as Frost revived and she returned to Dragon City, then it would be all worth it. Furthermore, if I brought the Dragon’s Den up to a Level 8 City, and turn it into one of the major cities, then I would get as much money as I needed. If Dragon City really was lost, and the Hybrid Demon Army really invaded, then Ba Huang City and my Dragon’s Den would turn into a pile of ruins. This was extremely important.

After half an hour, I went and swept through the marketplace, buying all of the gemstones again and then bought all of the papers and gems for 7000RMB. I then strengthened my [Defeat the Dragon], [Ruler’s Mantle], and [Ring of the King] all to +7. Fox then brought 53 Gem Stones to me which I put directly into my bag. Now the 100+ Gem Stones were in place. I quickly turned around to go to the four stores and finished buying all 1000 pages!

“Xiu Xiu…..”

I summoned my mount and flipped onto it. I then called out my Ancient Tiger G.o.d and dashed out of the city. I caught the attention of the players from all around. Practically everyone could tell that I was [Zhan Long]’s guildmaster Xiao Yao Zi Zai. After all, the [Zhan Long] insignia and the CBN Battlenet Ranking that floated above my head was too noticeable.

After leaving the city, I quickly ran off into the distance. Less than an hour later, I reached the eastern beach of the Sea of No Return. I could see Ai Lun the Hermit G.o.d’s little hut in the distance. I then urged my horse down towards the path made by the ocean. Within three minutes, I reached the cave and got off my horse while putting my tiger away. Wan Er walked over with a smile, “Are you done preparing?”


I nodded and walked towards the Hermit G.o.d. I took out a hundred Soul Gems and the thousand Rune Papers and said, “Lord Hermit G.o.d, the materials you need are here. Can we start the Revival Spell?”

The Hermit G.o.d nodded and took the materials, “Everyone, move away!”

Wan Er tugged on my hand and told me to back away a little. The Hermit G.o.d walked to the front of the cave and grunted. He then raised one hand and then pushed it downward. The dimension seemed to twist under his control. The hard rock turned into dust. What was originally a large boulder turned into a flat land. This kind of strength was extremely scary.

The Hermit G.o.d gripped the Soul Gems and then threw it onto the ground. At that moment, the Soul Gem shattered, creating a Revival Magic Circle. Afterwards, he used the Rune Paper and burned them one by one. The power from the magic circle seeped into the Gem Stones.


The entire magic circle slowly appeared, while the Hermit G.o.d stood at the center. He looked up at the roof of the cave and then raised his arm. “Peng!” holy energy slammed up, punching through the rock and charged into the sky. Rays of light fell upon the magic circle. It looked as though they came in the shape of a constellation.

“Sha sha….”

The Hermit G.o.d brought Frost’s head from out of the ice crystal and softly said, “Frost, the Guardian of the Continent, I hope that your spirit is still in the mortal world. Hurry up and return to revive. There are still many people that aren’t willing to see you leave. This is once in a billion opportunity. If you miss this one, then you’ll never be able to return to the mortal realm….”

I stared at the Hermit G.o.d and gripped my fists, “Why hasn’t anything happened yet?”

Ai Lun opened his eyes and looked at me, “The time hasn’t come yet. Don’t be rash. Just patiently wait for 12 to come.”

I looked at the game’s time. There was still 7 minutes until 12. The wait was extremely painful. I paced around a few steps and crossed my arms over my chest. I then leaned against a rock and closed my eyes, quietly pa.s.sing these minutes by. If Frost could revive, then Ba Huang City had hope. Otherwise, everything I had done would’ve been for nothing.

Finally, the time had come. When the seconds ticked to 12, Ai Lun looked up into the sky and roared, “Frost’s soul, come back!”

He then knelt to the ground and punched the ground. “Peng!” Golden light spread out through the ground and sent out a shockwave from his position. On the map, you could see the golden light wrapping around all of Ba Huang City’s map. It even reached the Hybrid demon Territory, Chi You Tribe, the Dark Moon Elf Territory and even the Barbarian Giant Land. Almost the entire continent was captured in this old man’s summoning.


The Red Dragon Queen Zhi Shu backed away several steps, her left arm turned into a dragon claw and began to flame. As she saw Ai Lun’s appearance, she muttered, “Such a strong Vice G.o.d power. The Hermit G.o.d Ai Lun really lives up to his name…”

Odelia squinted, “Frost’s soul, will it really come back?”

However, despite how intensely we stared at the sky, we couldn’t see Frost’s spirit. Frost’s head began to spark as it rested in Ai Lun’s hand. We could see Frost’s hair and skin slowly evaporated into light. Within moments, Frost’s head disappeared and was completely wrapped in light in the sky. It wavered around the Sea Demon Princess’ body but didn’t completely absorb into it.

After five minutes, I grit my teeth, “What’s wrong… what’s wrong!”

Sweat rolled off of Ai Lun’s face. He threw the nth fist into the ground. Weary, he finally knelt to the ground and said, “I… I…. I can’t actually feel any of Frost’s power. What… just what is going on? Why can’t I feel her… Is Frost’s soul not in the mortal realm any longer? Is that to say… she’s already entered the next cycle of reincarnation? D*mm*t, did I fail?”

Wan Er was speechless, “Master…”

Right at that moment, the Revival Magic Circle began to shake. “Peng peng peng!” The sound was endless. One after another, the Soul Gems began to explode. All of the power hit Ai Lun’s body. He cried out in pain. Slashes appeared on his body from the blood. It was as though he had been pulled from h.e.l.l.

What was even worse was that the light from Frost’s head suddenly exploded with a “Peng!” Countless sparks flew into the air and turned into dust near the sea. Even Frost’s last remnants had completely disappeared.

“Ts ts….”

The sound of flames suddenly rose up. The mermaid princess’ body began to deteriorate and burn from the ____ of the power. Layer after layer, the young body began to fall apart, turning into a pile of dust. All remains of it had vanished.


I suddenly began to tremble. My knees buckled. Was all of that for nothing?

My mind was blank and I shivered. I looked up at the stars in the sky and muttered, “Frost, Frost, will she never be able to revive again?”

Ai Lun knelt beside me and said, “I’m sorry. Youngster… I’ve already done all I can. But… but I really can’t find where Frost’s soul is. I… I’ve failed. Frost’s soul isn’t something that I can control. I… I’ve really failed….”

I leaned against the wall, despair filling my heart.

Wan Er bit her lip. Without a word, she quietly walked over and hugged me.

The Red Dragon Queen revealed a helpless expression, “Master… don’t be like that. Even… even though we can’t revive Frost, but…. But I will still stay at your side and guard you… I won’t leave…”

“I was silent.

After an hour, the Revival Circle was finally destroyed. This quest to revive Frost had failed, and everything I had done was for naught. Frost had finally left this world, along with all the hope we had left for Dragon City.

“Sha sha…”

I slowly stood up from the ground and gripped Wan Er’s small hand, “Wan Er, let’s go back to Dragon City now….”

Wan Er widened her eyes, “Pig, are you ok? Why are we going back to Dragon City….”

I smiled, “I’m fine. Seeing as there’s no way to revive her, then I will take up the position as the Guardian of Dragon City. After all, now that I’m the Dragon Rider, then I’m technically the leader right? Qing Luo and the others are still waiting for me…..”

“Ok, alright!”

An hour later, we arrived in Dragon City. This ruined city was in the middle of being rebuilt. At the bottom of the wall, countless Ba Huang City smiths and army men were stationed there and were moving large rocks.

I slowly made my way up to the observation deck.

I quietly sat at the border of the icy platform. Snowflakes covered the sky. After the Hybrid Demon Invasion, it was finally starting to snow again in this city. Each time Frost stood guard here, she watched over the dark power that threatened humanity.

I pulled out the broken Severing Beauty and carefully wiped away the traces of blood on it. My heart was bitter and I muttered under my breath, “Frost…”

Suddenly, a blue light flashed across the blade. It was as though a spirit were calling out to me, “Hurry up and find me!”


I was stunned. I quickly stood up and searched the area around me. I trembled as I repeated, “Frost, Frost….”


A crimson light flew by. “Peng!” it crashed into the wall behind me. A man walked out of the flames and said, “Youngster, I’ve finally figured it out!”

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