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Zhan Long Chapter 598 - Body Of A Virgin

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Chapter 598 Body of a Virgin

“Hua hua…”

The wind whistled beside my ear. The Red Dragon Queen was flying extremely fast. We soon rose above the earth. We quickly flew over many large forests. As we rushed through the layer of clouds, a beautiful scene unfolded before us. Ba Huang City truly was a beautiful city. Everything within its borders looked beautiful even from above.

Wan Er squinted her eyes against the wind, but didn’t seem uncomfortable. She squirmed a little, revealing her alluring body.

“What’s up?”


She wrapped her left arm around my neck, her cheeks a little pink. She smiled at me and didn’t say any more.

I looked down at her, only to see that this extremely beautiful girlfriend’s 34Ds were currently pressing against my armor. The Wintry Clothes of Bu Lian Shi had soft leather covering her chest. The sight made my head spin a little. It wasn’t just her. Even as I looked at her, my heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t help but lean further down and give her a soft kiss on the cheek.


Wan Er’s face turned an even brighter shade of red. Her embarra.s.sed look was like that of the girl next door. How was this that proud and domineering little miss of the Lin Family?

“I thought… I thought…”

She muttered a few words, but didn’t finish her sentence.

“What did you think?”

“I thought that you fell in love with Frost that NPC… That’s why you went to look for her in the Northern Hybrid Demon Territory…” She looked up at me, her eyes filled with love as she said, “I’m a really narrow minded person, I can get jealous really easily, dummy…”

I nearly laughed out loud from the cute look on her face. I hugged her closer to me and kissed her on the lips, “Wan Er, Frost is my Master. She’s the one that brought me into Dragon City. Besides, she trusts and relies on me a lot. A person isn’t as minor as gra.s.s or trees, even if it’s an NPC. I will do my best to protect her. After all, she is my master. She is one of the people that I care about.”

Wan Er stared into my eyes, “Then what about me?”

“You….” I thought about it for a second and then smiled, “You’re the one that I love. You’re the little miss that I want to protect and you’re the only one that can make my chest tighten so much that it’s hard to breathe. What do you think?”

Wan Er’s blushed again and hugged me tightly, “*sshole, when did you learn to say so much flattery?”

I replied, “What’s wrong, you don’t like it?”

Wan Er softly said, “No, not at all. Hurry up, say some more. No matter who listens to them, these words would make anyone happy….”

I was speechless

“Cough cough…”

At that moment, the Red Dragon Queen Zhi Shu softly coughed and smiled, “Master, it appears she really isn’t just a normal friend. I should’ve guessed long ago…”

Wan Er’s face turned red and she stuck her tongue out, “Wah, this Red Dragon Queen’s AI is really high…”

Zhi Shu smiled as the scales on her arms shimmered, “AI? I could’ve pretended I didn’t know anything. But… but I’m very happy today. And I can tell you right now, every high tier NPC’s AI is based off of a real person’s memories. That is to say, I am a memory from someone. I was just shaped and born from the environment around me. I’ts natural that I have a high AI and emotional capability. Even though we aren’t humans, but our emotions and rationale is very similar to that of a human’s. On the flip side, we aren’t actually the person whose memories we were born out of, but rather just a fragment of memory and soul.”

Wan Er and I were stupefied.

After half a second I muttered,” Zhi Shu, do you know what you just said?”

The Red Dragon Queen shook her head with a smile, “Beloved Master, I didn’t say anything. What did you hear? Odelia, did you hear anything? Anything at all?”

Odelia shrugged as she flew and shook her head, “Nope. However, I do know, that your master owes me a lot of money. And it doesn’t look like he has any plans of returning that. I don’t feel good about that at all…”

I was speechless.

As I had thought, this type of game not only trains the players’ spirit, it even has an effect on the players’ body, memory, and thoughts. It really isn’t simple!

Not long after, the Red Dragon Queen began to spiral downwards. Wan Er pointed to the border of the sea and said, “My master is in that little hut. Let’s head over there right now!”

In the distance, a small green hut rested beside the sea. Beside the wooden hut was a small garden with vegetables growing in it. There were even a few chickens that ran around in the garden.


The Red Dragon Queen charged over and in the next moment, the four of us landed in front of the little hut. I carefully looked at the surroundings. There were fertile trees and running water. Birds chirped and sang. I couldn’t help but smile, “Wan Er, your master really knows how to enjoy life. This place not only has an ocean view, but the flowers are constantly in bloom…”

Wan Er grinned, “Yup, I’ll go knock!”


As Wan Er walked up the little steps to the hut, the door had already opened up. An old man who looked to be around 70 years old stood there. He held a walking stick in his hands and looked over at Wan Er, “Little girl, aren’t you supposed to be raising your cla.s.s? Why have you come back? Hmph hmph, all of the good stuff has already been extorted by you. No matter how cute you act, it’s of no use!”

Wan Er smiled and went to hold Ai Lun’s hand as she said, “Master, what are you talking about. I’m not trying to get something from you this time. It’s just… one of my friend’s needs your help!”


Ai Lun looked over at me, and then the other two NPCs. His eyes sparkled and he smiled, “Please forgive me for not recognizing you… so the Red Dragon Queen Zhi Shu has granted us with her presence. Forgive me for not welcoming you sooner!”

Zhi Shu smiled, “Lord Hermit G.o.d, thank you for your courtesy. The relationship between the Dragon Tribe and the humans hasn’t been repaired for over ten thousand years. The Dragon Tribe has almost completely disappeared from the continent. It is rare that you can still remember us Dragons.”

The Hermit G.o.d softly caressed his long white beard and he smiled, “Isn’t the Red Dragon Queen underestimating this old man? This… from your breathing, I can tell that your strength is in the middle tier of the Holy Domain. Plus… you have a strong killing aura around you. To top it off, you’re incredibly beautiful. Are you.. The legendary, crazy for gold, Holy Domain a.s.sa.s.sin Odelia?”

Odelia unsheathed her blade and smiled, “Old geezer, do you have the guts to try? Who’s crazy for gold? I just trust gold more…”

I quickly grabbed Odelia’s hand and said, “Don’t get angry. This time it’s us who has a request for him… that, Lord Hermit G.o.d, I’m here this time because….”

The Hermit G.o.d Ai Lun cut me off and said, “Youngster, you don’t have to say any more. I know why you are here. You’ve even brought the Red Dragon Queen and Odelia. It appears that I can’t not help you. Besides, you’re the friend of this little girl. And it looks like she really cares for you a lot. I’m going to have to help you on this. Where’s Frost’s head?”

I took out her head from my bag. A thick layer of ice was enclosed over it. I could barely see her appearance from here.

The Hermit grunted and said, “If you want to lure Frost’s soul to a new body to revive, then it’ll be a very complicated process. First, we must create a strong magic circle. This way, we can force her soul from her remnants. In addition, Frost must have been filled with despair when she died. She’s probably hidden herself away, unwilling to be found.”

I took a deep breath, “Then… what should we do?”

The Hermit said, “First, the magic circle requires a hundred Soul Gems. Then, there needs to be 1000 pages of runes. Furthermore, today at noon is the moment the Gates of h.e.l.l open up and all souls on earth will be summoned. No matter where Frost’s soul is hidden, she will be lured to the gate. At that moment, it’ll be easy to find her.”

I said, “Then that’ll be easy. What about Frost’s body. How should we find it?”

“That’s easy….”

The Hermit G.o.d smiled, “Several thousand years ago, I was most pa.s.sionate about practicing Taosim and becoming a hermit. Around 3400 years ago, I was hunting around in the sea and found the body of a virgin. I hid this body in a cave at the bottom of the sea. From what the sea demons have been saying, it seems to be the body of the sea demon princess. Her spirit had already been taken, but it is a perfect body. I believe that it’ll be the perfect fit for Frost’s pure soul.”

“Can you take me there for a look?” I asked.

The Hermit G.o.d gave a firm nod and smiled, “Yes. Let’s go, I’ll take you there to look!”

The Hermit G.o.d Ai Lun hobbled over to a cliff. As he walked closer to the edge, he pulled out his walking stick and rammed it into the ground with a “Peng!” The power from the hit rushed out into the sea in a shock wave, splitting the waves in two. Furthermore, this power seemed to shape the waves into another world, revealing a path right before our eyes.

I was slightly stupefied by the scene before me. Wan Er lightly tugged my hand and giggled, “Let’s go, dummy…”

Zhi Shu and Odelia followed behind us as we walked into the depths of the sea. After walking for a short time, we saw a cave. The Hermit G.o.d walked straight into it while Wan Er pulled me in. A cold breeze brushed through the cave. The Red Dragon Queen looked around and raised her hand, lighting up the area around us with her flame.

In the middle of the cave was a body lying at the center of an ice bed. The body didn’t actually touch the bed, but rather seemed to be suspended there. It was a woman who looked to be from a prestigious family. She was covered from head to toe in precious silks and jewelry. A heavy gemstone necklace lay on top of her chest.

The Hermit G.o.d stood at the side and exclaimed, “This body is that of the daughter of the Sea King. I just happened upon it by chance. To top it off, it’s the body of a virgin. A coincidence like this is very rare…”

I took a deep breath. I imagined Frost shaking a fishtail as she flew at me and couldn’t help but shudder. “Lord Hermit G.o.d, are you sure this is the body of a virgin? Her… her bottom half is that of a fish. How can she not be a virgin….”


Wan Er, Odelia, and the Red Dragon Lady all laughed out.

The Hermit G.o.d politely coughed and then sternly said, “A body that hasn’t been profaned is a virgin….”

Odelia smiled, “Are you sure that at the beginning it wasn’t for the sake of obtaining this woman that you stole her from the Sea Demons?”

As though she had hit the nail on the head, the Hermit G.o.d muttered, “You.. don’t you guys tarnish my name… I, how could I do something so vulgar… youngster. Immediately get 100 Gem Stones and 1000 pages of runes. There’s only 3 hours until the 12 hours is up, so you have to hurry…”

I nodded and said, “Wan Er, you wait with the here. I’m going back to the city to buy everything. The Flying Scythe Horse is extremely fast, I’ll definitely be able to get back here in time.”

Wan Er smiled sweetly, “Then hurry up, ok….”

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