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Zhan Long Chapter 534 - Earth Demons

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Chapter 534 Earth Demons

Nearly twenty minutes later, the fighting finally ended and 100+ Demon Hunters lay dead in front of [Zhan Long]’s formation. At the same time, however, [Zhan Long] also lost around 100 people. It was practically a one to one exchange, and these players were all some of the cream of the crop players in [Zhan Long], top players in the server. We had never seen such carnage before.

“Sha sha…..”

Qing Qian bent over to pick up a shield and put it into her bag and shouted, “Collect all of the equipment dropped by your team members and list them out in the system. We’ll return them when we get back! Look to see if the Demon Hunters dropped anything as well!”

Wolf shook his head, “Nope. These Demon Hunters’ drop rate is practically zero. But their experience is high!”

Li Mu looked at the bodies scattered and the ground and said bitterly, “I feel terrible getting experience like that. In the blink of an eye we lost so many brothers. I feel like this quest really is a scam…..”

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and said, “Regretting now is already too late. Let’s continue forward. Hurry up and prepare, we’re about to set off with the NPCs!”


Wan Er’s clear eyes looked into the distance darkness and said, “I feel as though some more Demon Hunters are coming at us. We must leave soon or else our losses would be too great and we’ll all die here.”

Qing Qian gritted her teeth, “Hybrid Demons, just what are they?”

I replied, “The forums say that north of the Ice Ridge Mountains, there’s an enormous crowd of demons that live together, making it the Hybrid Demon Territory. For an unknown reason, the stats of these demons are much stronger than that of normal monsters and so they’ve been cla.s.sified as a different race, the Hybrid Demons. This is territory that us players have yet to step foot in. All in all, it’s best to be careful….”


I saw in the distance that a few of the small guild players had already fished out their City Return Scrolls. One of them was an Archer whose face was covered in tears, “Guild Master, why don’t we return? This place isn’t where I was supposed to go. Old Four had a 5200 base defense and he was still instantly killed. Coming here wasn’t to find some G.o.dly weapon, it was to die!”

“Shua shua shua….”

Flashes of light flew up into the sky and several hundred players returned to the city. These people were relatively sensible. In reality, in a situation where there wasn’t an advantage in numbers, it really was like preparing to die. Furthermore, this one attack from the Demon Hunters had already killed more than 2000 players out of the ten thousand that came. Many people have already lost hope.

Luo Lin pulled his sword out from the chest of one Demon Hunter and softly said, “Everyone left, attention. Do not step into the b.l.o.o.d.y Plains. We’ll advance along the Southern border of the b.l.o.o.d.y Plains. We must enter the Graveyard of the Heroes immediately!”

Frost raised her Severing Beauty, her eyes without a sliver of emotion, “We’ve been spotted. Let us hurry!”

Luo Lin roared, “Everyone hurry. Su Ke, take the patrol team to the back and take our rear. Kill all of those blood sucking monsters and have no mercy!”

Su Ke raised his battle axe, “Yes my lord!”

Luo Lin and Frost took their 1000+ Dragon City soldiers and quickly marched forward. I had watched the entire scene unfold and quickly raised my sword, “Let’s follow behind them. Do not fall behind or else we’ll definitely be at a disadvantage!”

The members of [Zhan Long] weren’t idiots and quickly followed behind the strong BOSS level NPCs. Behind us, we could hear a chilling screech and the Demon Hunters appeared out of the darkness, their iron spears in hand. “Ge Ge” they screeched as they threw their iron spears. “Pu pu pu” the attacks killed a couple more of the Dragon City Knights.

Su Ke raised his battle axe and shouted, “Kill, [Battle Axe Throw]!”

The soldiers threw out their battle axes, killing the Demon Hunters. Both sides threw their attacks and n.o.body had the advantage. Li Mu and I couldn’t take our eyes away. The scene was truly terrifying. These Hybrid Demons strength was completely on par with the Dragon City Knights. We all knew that these Dragon City NPC warriors’ strength was well above that of the normal Ba Huang City soldiers!

We all sprinted forward with all our strength. In the back, Su Ke lead his Dragon City soldiers and took the rear. They had lost over half of their men. Frost’ beautiful lips tightly pursed and she turned around and asked, “Su Ke, where are the rest of them?”

Su Ke softly said, “My Lady Frost, they’ve all gone on to the next world!”

Frost’ lips curled, her heart was sore, “Those…. those were all loyal soldiers to Dragon City, the most loyal and brave men and they…. they were actually so easily killed by the Hybrid Demons….”

Su Ke nodded, “I originally thought that the legend about the Hybrid Demons was an old wives tale. Now I know just how terrifying they are. These Hybrid Demon Hunters are only Lv 1 Hybrid Demons. Just too terrifying. I finally understand the reason for Dragon City’s existence on the Ice Ridge Mountains. If Dragon City wasn’t there to hold fort, then the Hybrid Demons would easily bathe Ba Huang City, Jiu Li City, Fan Shu City, and even the entire continent in blood….”

Luo Lin’ body lightly trembled and he took a deep breath, his face conflicted with emotion, “Dragon City has been my life’s work. I will only let Dragon City become stronger, strong enough to fight against the Hybrid Demon monsters and hold up the honor of Ba Huang City. We will achieve that, right”

Frost nodded, her eyes filled with respect, “My Lord, I have never been moved before. As long as Dragon City remains, then I will never let the Hybrid Demons harm a single soul on the continent!”


Not long after, the great army stepped onto an area covered in black dirt. Luo Lin took a deep breath, “Finally, we have left the territory of the Blood Plains. Those d.a.m.n Demon Hunters have finally stopped following us right?”

Frost’ squinted into the distance, “No, there will be other dangers, even if we don’t see them.”

Da Lin raised his iron chain and heavy shield and roared, “Continue pushing forward into the Graveyard of the Heroes. Do not relax. We must fight our way out of here all in one breathe. Otherwise, if we alert the leaders of the Hybrid Demons, then we probably won’t make it out of here. Let’s make this quick, that is our only way to survive!”

All of the Dragon City soldiers nodded and they raised their long swords, while us players followed behind them. Acting as cannon fodder was something none of us wanted, after all we were all afraid of death. Plus, I couldn’t command the brothers of my guild to go die. That was something that only people like Liu Ying or Soaring Dragon could do.


Suddenly, Da Lin shouted. The entire first row of soldiers howled in pain. All we saw was a pair of black beady eyes and arms that burst forth from the ground, grabbing onto the legs of the soldiers. Then, a dark shadow rose from the ground, swallowing these soldiers. Within moments, an entire live person would melt into a pool of blood!

“Si si…”

Bodies covered in green smoke, these black things all crawled out and stuck their long tongues out. They looked at us with vicious expressions while their tongues were covered in blood and they smiled, “What a wonderful taste. It’s been ten thousand years since fresh meat has come to become our food. I’ve nearly starved to death!”

Frost was startled and said, “It’s a Lv 1 Hybrid Earth Demon. G.o.ds, these Earth Demons have actually appeared outside of the b.l.o.o.d.y Plains. Just what happened in the north? Has the G.o.d Demon Pact been broken?!”

Luo Lin roared and suddenly threw a fist into the ground, activating [Binding Chains] and trapping those Earth Demons. Da Lin charged forward and threw a punch. The demon screamed and became a pile of mush. Da Lin smiled codly, “Looks like, the legendary Earth Demons really aren’t much…”

Frost beautiful face was pale and she said “You’re wrong. The terrifying part about these Earth Demons isn’t that they could travel underground and they can melt human flesh. It’s that…. that these Earth Demons are a type of tribe that never act alone. Once they move, then there must be at least hundreds of thousands with them. Everyone prepare. Hurry, we’ve already been spotted by the Earth Demons!”

All of the NPCs pulled out their swords. I looked towards everyone of [Zhan Long] and said, “If you get trapped by the Earth Demons, do not worry. Healers will heal you as the Mages deal attacks. We’ll kill them one by one!”

Right at that moment, a screeching sound suddenly traveled through the earth. Right afterwards, Earth Demons broke through the ground. Not only the NPCs, even the players were taking attacks. It was just as Frost had said, the appearance of one Earth Demon meant that there were thousands of others. At least 100+ Earth Demons appeared in the [Zhan Long] camp!


I suddenly felt something wrap around my Cloud Stepping Boots and a pair of demon hands trapped my body. A shadowy figure appeared behind those hands and I saw a cruel smile below me. This situation was just like that when the NPC warriors were getting killed.



With my magic resistance and defense, I was practically getting 7000 damage each second. One could just imagine what would happen with normal people. Darling Duck raised her staff but I shouted, “Don’t bother with me. Save the others! Quickly concentrate your firepower on each of the demons and kill them at once!”

I swung out my arm and the second the Earth Demon’s poison reached my hip, I suddenly dealt a [Combo]. “Peng!” it really blew it away. The Earth Demon burst from the ground and I used a [Blade Rush] to follow right behind it. I dealt a series of attacks. As long as I force the Earth Demon’s poison gas away from me, then it was naturally easier to kill.

Wan Er helped me and dealt a [Death G.o.d Blade]+[Chain Attack], killing the Earth Demon. Without another thought, she immediately went to help the other [Zhan Long] players. At that moment, screams rose throughout the battlefield. Every second, large amounts of players and NPCs were being killed by the Earth Demons. Adventuring out here really was like being a step away from death.

One after another, the Earth Demons were like death G.o.ds, descending upon us. Practically every ten minutes, they took away 200 lives from the entire army. [Zhan Long] came into the b.l.o.o.d.y Plains with 1000+ people, and less than two hours later, we only had 700 left. The NPC army also took a great hit. Frost and Su Ke’s faces were covered in blood from all the killing.

The shadow on the earth slowly disappeared and bodies littered the ground.

“They’ve finally left…” Frost said through her grit teeth.

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