Zhan Long Chapter 461 - Showing Off [Flaming Sun]


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 461 - Showing Off [Flaming Sun]

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Chapter 461 Showing off [Flaming Sun]

I charged a.s.siduously into the midst of the crowds while sending a message to Misty Clouds which briefly said, “Misty Clouds, [Hero’s Mound]’s motive is already very obvious. They want to annihilate you guys and [Vanguard] at the Desolate Cloud Swamp. Now, [Vanguard] and [Enemies At The Gate] together have approximately how many people?”

Misty Cloud replied, “Around 25,000 people. We are definitely at a disadvantage and we are now being surrounded……”

I nodded, “Yeah, then employ the defense formation strategy and contact [Blood Contract] and the other allies in Ba Huang City. Ask them to help break through by attacking from the sides. [Zhan Long] will use our full power to attack [Hero’s Mound]’s main force from the south. We absolutely won’t let you guys fight alone.”

Misty Cloud turned on the communicator and spoke with a tired but slightly grateful tone, “Yes. I got it. Thank you…….you are still willing to offend [Hero’s Mound] and help [Enemies At The Gate] at such a time.

I couldn’t help but smile, “What are you saying? We are allies. Under any circ.u.mstances, [Zhan Long] will never give up on allies. Plus……[Hero’s Mound]’s motive is too obvious. After you guys are annihilated, it would be [Zhan Long]’s turn. I don’t want to drag out an ign.o.ble existence!”

“Okay! Let’s fight an impa.s.sioned and satisfying battle!”


As the sounds of the clashes thundered, [Zhan Long] fought forcefully against the team of [Hero’s Mound]’s division. Within a short time of ten minutes, they fought from a tie during the beginning to [Zhan Long] starting to gain the upper hand. Immediately after that, Zhan Long started to crush [Hero’s Mound]’s divisions. Since it was just a division of [Hero’s Mound], it would be impossible for the division to compete against the elites of [Zhan Long]!

In the end, [Hero’s Mound]’s divisions were annihilated easily like breaking dry branches within less than twenty minutes. w.a.n.g Ze Cheng could only escape disconcertedly with the few hundred people who survived. The ground was covered with equipments and corpses and gra.s.s, leaves, and corpses floated on the surface of the marsh. The smell of the pool of blood pervaded the air. I grabbed a staff from the marsh and threw it into my bag and bellowed, “Clean the battlefield for 1 minute. Take whatever you want and continue the attack!

The [Zhan Long] crowd all picked up the spoils of war and all the equipments were gone in an instant. Old K carried a battle axe and continued charging forward with bloodshot eyes. I was afraid that he might get killed and immediately chased after him with my Dragon Reservoir Sword in hand.

About 100 yards right ahead of us was a group of of [Hero’s Mound]’s main guild elite players, which was around 7000 people. Q-Sword was personally commanding this group of people. The depth of the formation was around 200 meters so there should be no problem in obliterating this group of [Hero’s Mound] elite players. Plus, with [Enemies At The Gate] and [Vanguard] attacking together from the front and rear, Q-Sword would definitely suffer this time!

Q-Sword averted abruptly and was already looking towards us. He positioned the tip of his sword and smiled, “Yo, [Zhan Long]’s lethality is not bad. The Seventh Tang, Cang Cheng, you two lead the main guild, the second division and a few other divisions to strike and defend against [Zhan Long]’s attack. Of course, if you guys can annihilate [Zhan Long], then that would be even better……….”

The Tang Seventh grasped his fan and nodded with a smile as he answered, “Understood, Guild Master!”

With this, The Tang Seventh waved his fan and bellowed, “Second Division, turn around, get into your formation and prepare for [Zhan Long]’s attack! Listen to my orders and prepare to counter the attack at any time!”

As he was saying this, The Seventh Tang cast a smile at me from afar, “Li Xiao Yao, we haven’t met for a few days. I didn’t expect that we would fight just when we see each other again. Please don’t blame me, your brother, for being ruthless. It’s just fighting for different masters……”

My Dragon Reservoir Sword slightly jolted and I smiled, “No matter, let’s go. I want to try out the Seventh Tang’s legendary sword Sacrificial Blood Sword….”

“Pei…. fight me!”

We didn’t use any tricks, this was completely a head on battle. [Zhan Long] must kill their way into the encirclement to help the surrounded [Enemies at the Gate] and [Vanguard]. Therefore, we must break through [Vanguard]’s defense.

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and shouted, “Advance!”

I switched my perspective to the overhead view of the entire battlefield and saw that everyone was wearing torn up armor. The worn down [Zhan Long] players didn’t show a sliver of cowardice though. They all raised their weapons and followed me into [Hero’s Mound]’s formation!

The Seventh Tang stood out among the crowd. He raised his palm and the copper coins began to dance and began to quickly pick one out. The coin sent a [Hexagram] flying right at us!


The coin made sparks against Bai Qi’s armor. In the next moment, lines of [Magma Abyss]es appeared under Bai Qi’s feet. Right when he was stunned, he was immediately killed in one big explosive attack!

“Bai Qi….” Li Mu gritted his teeth, “F*ck…. The Seventh Tang!”

My right arm jolted and I knocked away a few shields with my Dragon Reservoir Sword. I then waved my left arm and sent my Cold Iron Sword into the crowd. With a turn, I cut through the crowd as I pa.s.sed through. Using [Haste], I dashed forward 10 yards and locked onto the Seventh Tang!


The Seventh Tang reacted quickly and used a [Perspective] to retreat 10 yards. He dodged the [Defeat the Dragon], an attack that I needed to hit. Instead, I grabbed a Lv 82 high tier Mage to my side. I used [Curse of the Night Fury] and made two slices with my Dragon Reservoir Sword. I broke the shield, then let my Cold Iron Sword pierce through his chest, and instantly killed him.

“Kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai!” w.a.n.g Ze Cheng angrily shouted. It was clear that compared to his hate of [Zhan Long], he hated me much more.

My [Wall of Dou Qi] continuously revolved around me. It was clear that my attack power and the durability of the Wall were both extremely high. Even though it sustained a lot of attacks, it could still hold up. Besides, I had Darling Duck and a group of Healers focusing their [Heal]s on me, which made it even harder to kill me.

“Not good!” w.a.n.g Jian furrowed his eyebrows, “If this battle drags out, we’ll lose too many players….”

I nodded and said into the guild chat, “All long distance players, focus your firepower to immediately kill all of the warriors through AOE attacks. Old K, prepare to cast any special skills at any moment!”

Old K shivered, “Understood!”

During the next 30 seconds, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and Dancing Forest all sent out all of their AOE skills. At that moment, [Hero’s Mound]’s frontline close range players all had their health cut in half.

I looked towards Old K, then gave a [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning] BUFF to everyone within 10 meters of me, and shouted, “Alright Old K, use [Flaming Sun]!”


Old K immediately cast the skill that used up all of his rage —— [Flaming Sun]. Suddenly, the Flaming Sun Battle Axe flew into the sky. Even I looked up to see what it was doing. The Flaming Sun Battle Axe turned into a red star and in the next moment, it flew straight back towards the ground!


It was like a meteorite and when it struck the ground, it scattered fire all around. The damage was equivalent to that of Old K’s attack damage at that moment. Nearly 1000 yards of [Hero’s Mound] took the hit. All the heavy armor type players who had less than 4000 health died, while the Mages who didn’t open up their [Mana Shield] and the Healers had all been ma.s.sacred. Even worse were the Archer types. They had no shields, and so a few extremely quick Archers reacted quickly and moved out of the range. However, there were definitely not a lot that escaped.


The flames swept through the crowd and was like a calamity. At least 200 people had been instantly killed. Especially those extremely talented [Hero’s Mound] heavy armor type players who stood on the front lines. This unexpected attack dropped the morale way too much!

“What…what is that?” The Seventh Tang only had critical health left. He was stupefied by the attack as he stared at the scorched ground. There, the Flaming Sun Battle Axe had formed a deep indentation into the ground. Old K knelt in front of the battle axe, gripped the handle and lifted it over his shoulder before looking over at the [Hero’s Mound] players with a smile.

w.a.n.g Ze Cheng trembled, “That…. that terrifying Hero Ran Min. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d, how did he get so strong? What exactly was that attack?”

On the side, the Second Division Vice Guild Master raised his dagger and wiped some sweat off, “Motherf*cker, its a 1000 yard AOE killing skill. Luckily I used [Stealth] earlier, or else I definitely would’ve been killed…. This skill doesn’t have an effect on anybody using [Stealth] or any fake death type skills.”

Ai Ye said, “Healers, focus on bringing up frontline health. Mages, and Healers, listen up. you must maintain all shield type skills. Archers, if you have the chance, kill Old K. We cannot let him continue to live….”

“Yes sir!”

w.a.n.g Ze Cheng raised his long blade and said, “If you get the chance, I will charge at Old K to cut him off, while all the rest of you focus your fire on him and try to kill him!”

“Yes sir!”

“They want to try and kill Old K….” Li Mu smiled.

w.a.n.g Jian said, “Then let’s let Old K retreat for a bit. We can’t leave him on the frontline the entire time….”

I shook my head, “No, I have a plan. Maybe letting him stay on the frontline will actually give us an advantage…. We’re going to form a conical shaped Thorn Formation with our members and let Old K take all of the firepower. Afterwards, we’ll lure all of the top players of [Hero’s Mound] to chase after him. Old K will then use [Savage Jump] to escape. By then, they would’ve already entered our formation, and we can surround them and kill them. How does that sound?”

“What’s a Thorn Formation?” Tang Xin asked.

Dancing Forest lightly smiled, “It’s one of the different types of long-range or melee battles formation. We will rebuild a formation within a formation in our field. The heavy armored players are positioned in the front, the a.s.sa.s.sins, Archers and Mages will be at the rear. We will target one enemy with a large amount of people. This must be what Guild Master meant.

I nodded, “That’s it! Let’s begin!”


Soon, the deeper areas at the field of [Zhan Long] experienced a subtle change. Now, they just needed to wait for the enemies to take the bait. Old K held his battle axe as he dashed forward and with the use of [Whirlwind Slash] blew dozens of people away. He immediately backed away and as expected, almost a hundred heavy armor type players, Mages and Archers chased after him, desperately trying to stun Old K. Unfortunately for them, Old K activated the fourth advancement skill——[Berserker G.o.d], which ignored any kinds of magic, stun, and status effect and led the group of [Hero’s Mound] elites into the field of [Zhan Long]!

“Close the door!”

w.a.n.g Jian bellowed and Li Mu, Matcha and the rest all filled up the vacant s.p.a.ce. The 100 men at the other side immediately left their field . We absolutely succeeded in beating up the enemies after blocked their retreat. The group of Lv 80+ fourth advancement elite players all collapsed and died. They were struck terribly by our attacks and all of them died within less than half a minute.

As I stared at the corpses that covered the ground, I couldn’t help but laughed. The special skill, [Flaming Sun], has a sixty minute cooldown time, which was something [Hero’s Mound] had no knowledge of. Actually, within the next sixty minutes, Old K would not possessed such horrifying power again. What a pity….. The members of [Hero’s Mound] didn’t understand that……..

As time went past slowly, the terrifying consumption of the battlefield was increasingly hard for people to look at. [Zhan Long], [Enemies At The Gate], [Vanguard], [Hero’s Mound], and [Blood Contract], the five forces of power clashed and killed each other. The entire Desolate Cloud Swamp had lost it’s usual peacefulness.

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