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Zhan Long Chapter 362 - An Unequal Treaty

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Chapter 362 An Unequal Treaty

Not Ordinary raised his axe and walked to the Northern Bridge entrance step by step, treading across the brick bridge and stood in front of Shen Bing, sincerely saying, “Beautiful miss, I have a matter to discuss!”


Shen Bing looked up and fluttered her eyes before smiling and saying, “So it’s [Thousand Burial]’s guildmaster, what have you come here to discuss?”

Wei Fan laughed, “I know that [First Meetings] is a newly established guild and a small misunderstanding occurred while you were training in b.u.t.terfly Forest. It can’t be helped, even if Ba Huang City had slightly bigger maps or even more resources, in the end, it is still limited and conflict is inevitable between players and their guilds. On the other hand, we, [Thousand Burial], are also a very vulnerable group. We were constantly being forced into a corner by [Zhan Long]. Against such a powerful guild, we couldn’t advance or retreat.”

“Exactly what is it you want? Shen Bing t.i.tled her head looking at Wei Fan, carrying a hint of mischief in her eyes.

Wei Fan awkwardly smiled, scratched his nose and said,“ Don’t you think our guilds have many similarities? Since it is this way, How about we combine our two guilds? Two is always stronger than just one. I can… I can also provide [First Meetings] with a really strong backup. As long as you agree to merge with [Thousand Burial]. I can promise you that you will remain in command of the First Meetings team. In addition, every month I will give… give you more than 5 Million RMB as the funds for developing your team.

“5 Million RMB a month?!” Shen Bi’s small mouth gaped, “Guildmaster Not Ordinary, you aren’t making fun of me now, are you? Will you really give us 5 Million RMB each month?”

“Yup, I never go back on my word!” Wei Fan patted his chest, “If you join, [First Meetings]’s 300 members will become a part of [Thousand Burial]; henceforth, everyone will be family!”

Shen Bing laughed, “Hah, hah…”

Youyi raised his eyebrows, “Guildmaster Bai Mo Yan, why are you laughing? Could it be that you have an objection towards our guildmaster’s generous offer? Do be frank with us. We are all unreserved people and don’t like hiding secrets from each other….”

Shen Bing rubbed her red lips and nodded her head, “I consent, since you guys are so sincere. I just have a few conditions to say!”  

Not Ordinary secretly felt a burst of happiness, “Yes, please say, please say!”

Shen Bing leaned against the bridge wall and leisurely said, “I have three hundred members under my command, a good portion of which are my in game friends, or friends of my friends. I will under no circ.u.mstances abandon my leadership of them. After [First Meetings] merges with [Thousand Burial], [First Meetings] members must remain the same and I will handle the leadership of that team.”

Not Ordinary*beamed back, “No problem, I will give you a position of deputy chief leader making it more convenient for you to manage your team!”

TL Note: I recently realized this may have been confusing to a lot of you but, Wei Fan = Not Ordinary

Shen Bing continued, “First, [First Meetings] has offended [Vanguard]. You must send [Vanguard] away this instant! Lastly,[Thousand Burial] is seen by [Zhan Long] as their arch-enemy and have constantly been pursued and slaughtered. I don’t wish for my members to be ruthlessly pursued and killed by crazy people like Xiao Yao Zi Zai after we join [Thousand Burial]. Therefore, [Thousand Burial] must resolve their hatred with [Zhan Long]. You can never provoke [Zhan Long] again, at least until your guild become strong enough.

Wei Fan pondered for a while, “Sure, I will try my best!”

Shen Bing smiled, “Alright, then I shall sit back and watch!”


Not Ordinary grinned, turned his figure and placed his battle axe onto his back. With carefree arms, slowly walked another direction towards the exit of the bridge. Facing Jian Feng Han, he laughed and said, “Jian Feng Han, can you honor my reputation a little and give up on killing [First Meetings]? This was just all just a misunderstanding and the beauty Bai Mo Yan doesn’t want to become [Vanguard]’s enemy either.”

Jian Feng Han knitted his brows and replied, “Not Ordinary, do you expect me to patch up this quarrel with just a few words? Don’t forget, [First Meetings] slaughtered at least 300+ of our members. She even killed our elder, Fallen Wolf. How am I supposed to just look over that offense?”

“Mu Rong Han!”

Not Ordinary’s voice suddenly became louder as he said, “Actually, I have seen you before. It was seven years ago. I saw your father, Mu Rong Qiong, when I went to the headquarters of Han Yun Corporation. You were only 17 years old at the time. Why? Did you already forget your Uncle Wei Fan?”


Jian Feng Han’s eyes widened and asked, “You are…… You were that scoundrel uncle at the time?”

Not Ordinary’s face turned green when he said, “I……I am not some big scoundrel. Boy, how can you say that. Either way, you must do me this favor today. You can even go back and ask right now. Your dad’s company still has a pricey contract with my Song Feng Entertainment Company. If you press on, I will take this to your father!”

Jian Feng Han couldn’t help but laugh, “Fine. I had no idea that the guildmaster of [Ma.s.s Burial] is actually Uncle Wei Fan. Forgive me for being ignorant. Since it is Uncle Wei Fan’s request, I shall forget this incident. By the way, your [Ma.s.s Burial] was annihilated by [Zhan Long] through the guild prestige battle. Aren’t you thinking of exacting revenge?”

“There’s no hurry……” Not Ordinary lowered his voice as he replied, “I need to build [Thousand Burial] into a superb guild for me to take revenge. I have to complete the first step by taking in Shen Bing and her 300 [First Meeting]’s members. After that I will start planning my future steps towards justice.

Jian Feng Han nodded, “Yeah. The battle strength of those 300 people are not weak. Keep it up!”


After he finished speaker, Jian Feng Han turned around and lifted his long sword. He commanded loudly, “The problem has been resolved. Everyone, continue to grind and do your best in leveling up! [Vanguard]’s activity for today ends now!”

Seeing the members of [Vanguard] leave like the waves of a torrent, Wei Fan gave a sigh of relief and turned around to look at us. With a cold glare, he strode over.

“Xiao Yao Zi Zai!” He bellowed from afar.

I looked up and gave him a glance, “What?”

Not Ordinary said calmly, “Well, everything is just as you saw. [Ma.s.s Burial] has begun restructuring into [Thousand Burial]. The guild before this has disappeared and thus so should all the resentments. I hope that from now on, [Zhan Long] and [Thousand Burial] won’t interfere with each other’s businesses. I don’t want this endless cycles of revenge to continue……”

I stood up and stared straight at him as I sneered, “Did you think it would be that easy for [Zhan Long] to let it go?

“Then what more do you want?” Not Ordinary was slightly angered.

I smiled and clearly drew out my words, “You must promise to fulfill certain conditions, and only then will [Zhan Long] let it go. First off, the players of [Thousand Burial] cannot take step within Green Qilin Valley or Green Qilin Abyss, or else [Zhan Long] will definitely pursue and kill. Secondly, [Thousand Burial]’s players cannot actively attack [Zhan Long]’s members in any of the maps in the wilderness. Otherwise, the same thing would happen where we pursue and slaughter you guys throughout the entire map. Thirdly, [Thousand Burial] had raided us many times during previous team activities and causing enormous damage to [Zhan Long]’s members. Therefore, I need you all to pay 100000 RMB as compensation. If not, [Zhan Long] will persist in going our own way.

Immediately, Wei Fan’s face turned green ,”You…… you want compensation? Isn’t this an unfair treaty? Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you’re taking this too far. You can’t be like this even if your guild, [Zhan Long], is strong!

Li Mu laughed beside us, “Actually, it’s pretty fair. Besides, Guildmaster Not Ordinary, let’s be honest with ourselves, you don’t need that little bit of money, isn’t that right?

I crossed my arm lazily and grinned, “No matter what you say, pay and I will call off the challenge towards [Thousand Burial]. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee you and your members’ safety when [Thousand Burial] members take a step out of Ba Huang City.”


Wei Fan was so enraged his body trembled. Beside him, Youyi stepped towards Wei Fan and lowered his voice, “Boss, our guild has just been disbanded. Now, [First Meetings]’s 300 members are what we need the most before we rest and strengthen ourselves. It’s not too late to fight [Zhan Long] after everyone’s equipment and levels reach a certain point. Otherwise, we will be continually be placed in a pa.s.sive position and be crushed to death as we continue….. ”

Probably due to the fact that Youyi’s words sounded reasonable, Wei Fan trembled for a while before saying, “Fine then. Here is 100000 RMB. I will transfer the money to you. In addition, [Thousand Burial]’s players will never enter the maps you have said. Don’t worry, Guildmaster Xiao Yao Zi Zai. So, are you satisfied now?”

I pocketed the 100000 and smiled softly, “Alright. I wish that [Thousand Burial] will prosper and be vigorous. Haha……”


Wei Fan turned away angrily as he led Youyi to Bai Mo Yan. Soon, the badge on Bai Mo Yan’s shoulder transformed into [Thousand Burial]’s badge. The core players of [First Meetings] all changed their guild one by one. As for [First Meetings], it basically became [Thousand Burial]’s first division guild.”

“Let’s go. We are going to camp at Firestone Canyon. From now on, that will be our base. Everyone, follow me once you have replenished yourselves. We’ll rush our guild to level 3 tonight and then rush to level 4 later on. Our objective is to get strong!”

Following Wei Fan’s roar, 500+ members of [Thousand Burial] left the city. Shen Bing lightly grinned as she led [First Meetings]’s players out of the city as well. Back facing us, I could see her slim figure as she placed a hand behind and gestured an OK. I burst out laughing when I saw it. Looks like everything is going as planned. Shen Bing had made her first step into the organization of [Thousand Burial].

The next step was probably for Shen Bing to build a strong relationship with people in the guild and obtain useful information after she knew them well enough. Youyi and the others were probably all artificials. Shen Bing could at least find something out about their lab. With this many artificials, there had to be a huge lab that provided injections, observations and other such functions.


“I guess there’s nothing left for us to do here?” Li Mu grinned.

I nodded, “Yeah. Wash up and go to bed early.”

A little distance away, Sister Dancing Forest came towards me with her long bow in hand and asked, “It’s bustling at the south side of the city. Do you wanna go take a look?”

“What’s going on there?”

“Err…… Misty Cloud had changed his cla.s.s to the new cla.s.s, Four Divine Symbols Guardian. He’s announcing a challenge and claims that he will be in the ring until dawn. If he doesn’t lose, he will merge the three big guilds tomorrow at dawn.

“Hmm…… Why don’t we go check it out?”



We dashed all the way to the south side the city. Sounds of cheering could be heard when we were still at a distance. The south side of the city is a non commercial area. The number of players at the south side of the city was nowhere near the number of players at the north side of the city. Basically, it was a place where players could learn from each other and socialize. In that shabby ring, Misty Cloud stood loftily with his arms crossed as a green and red long sword floated in the air around him.


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