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Zhan Long Chapter 208 - Expelled By The Mentor

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Chapter 208 – Expelled By the Mentor

Translated by: Vk and GGP

Edited by: Manvender, Hendricksen-sama, mrbaconator, Zephir, dabenor, NorthFury

Without any hesitation, I desperately gave chase. As the Earth Dragon jumped through the broken wall, I grabbed its tail, using every ounce of my strength to pull him back. A Swordsman’s agility isn’t just for show and adding that to my already enormous strength, the Earth Dragon that was in the middle of his leap and thus unable to do anything was thrown back into the cell! Eying the stone pillar not far away, I circled around it twice, entwining its tail around the pillar. At the same time, I took out a Lv 55 Silver Tier spear that had not been sold and with a “Keng”, I pinned his tail to the ground by stabbing it down with the spear. With no way of moving his tail, the Earth Dragon wouldn’t be able to use his [Tail Pierce]. If he hadn’t ran, I would not have been able to get this chance!

At the door, Frost laughed out loud, “Hehe, very nice!”

It’s a rare sight to see Frost’s beautiful smile. In a blink, I immediately rushed towards the Earth Dragon’s head. Striking it non-stop, it took me no longer than two minutes to finish everything!


Letting out a wailing cry, the Earth Dragon officially left this world, its flaming soul dispersing in the wind. His death was accompanied with a burst of drops and a level up. On the ground where the dragon died, a necklace and a blood red cloak, pulsing with a faint purple glow appeared! It didn’t look half bad and seems to be a Purple Tier Equipment!

Picking up the cloak and looking over its stats, I was amazed!—

【Cloak of Disillusionment】(Purple Tier Equipment)

Defense: 270

Strength: +40

Endurance: +37

Extra: Raises user’s defense by 125 points.

Extra: Raises user’s Magic resistance by 14%

Required Level: 55

Looking at my Icy Fire Cloak a Lv 39 Gold Tier Equipment, I thought that it was a pretty good time for a change. Taking it off, I equipped the new Cloak of Disillusionment. In addition with the stats gained from leveling up, my entire body’s defense felt as if it raised drastically—

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】(Tomb Guardian of Dragon City)

Level: 59

Attack: 1707-2186

Defense: 1840

HP: 3484

MP: 1366

Charm: 45

The Cloak of Disillusionment’s additional defense was too high! My defense has now risen to 1840 points! This level of defense would make Monks and Knights cry with envy!

After that, I took a look at the second piece of equipment that dropped: the necklace. Dammit, in the end it was only a Silver Tier equipment. Such common trinkets could only be sold for money equivalent to just half a pot of Sauerkraut and fish…

Collecting the 7G on the floor, I noticed that there weren’t any Pardon Cards or Soul Stones. This Boss sure was stingy! But it still gifted me this nice new cloak though and so still worth it.

Standing up, I wanted to walk towards Frost but suddenly, I caught small blue-ish glint next to the Earth Dragon’s broken tail. What was that? It looked like… something metal?

Reaching out with a sound, “Pa”, I grabbed it. Using all of my might, I pulled on a section of the metallic object that shone with a gla.s.sy sheen.


The Undead Earth Dragon’s body shook as I pulled on it with my entire body weight so hard that I was almost crawling on all fours. Slowly moving forward, I advanced just far enough to free the metallic object from the Earth Dragon’s bony spine.


When it was finally released, the Earth dragon’s body collapsed with a “Hua Cha” and I saw in my hands there a shimmering long spear. I looked at it’s stats… fantastic!

【Gla.s.s Spear of the Dragon’s Soul】(Purple Tier Spear – Superior)

Attack: 810-1070

Strength: +40

Endurance: +38

Extra: Increases the user’s damage by 8%.

Extra: 5% chance to ignore 100% of the target’s defense.

Required Level: 55

Introduction: In ancient times, at the Earth Dragon’s burial grounds, heaven and earth’s spirits acc.u.mulated in the dragon’s bones. When the Earth Dragon got resurrected, these spirits automatically condensed into Spirit Weapons. Unfortunately, these weapons would be forever confined to the inside of the dragon’s skeletal structure. Coincidentally, Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai forcefully broke the skeleton, revealing this Gla.s.s Spear of the Dragon’s Soul.

Looking at this introduction, my jaw fell open. It had my ID in it! Awesome! Even more so, it’s a Superior item. It’s attack power even made Lin Wan Er’s Emperor Tier dagger pale in comparison!

Author’s note: With everything else equal, equipment of the same tier are ordered by: Axe, Halberd, Knife, Sword and Dagger.

TL: Spear falls under Halberd Category

Opening the Friend’s List to look at Matcha’s level, she was at Lv 53! Under the help of Fox, Old K and the others, Matcha’s level slowly caught up. Our Zhan Long’s Phantom Knight is Matcha so, fittingly, she should switch her sword for the right weapon for her cla.s.s.

“Pa da… ”

Putting the Gla.s.s Spear of the Dragon’s soul into my inventory, I felt satisfied as I stood up. Returning to Frost, I smiled and said, “Lady Frost, have I finished my mission?”

Frost nodded. “Yup, you did well… I was right. You are indeed Dragon City’s most qualified Swordsman. I believe you will have a great future. You may even help Dragon City rise as a powerful force!”

“Hehe, what will we do next?”

“We’ll go look for Karl, that geezer. I want to see what kind of excuse he’ll give me……”


Following Frost as she exited the prison cell, I reached the Dragon City’s borders. Looking at the unending snowy sea, I took a deep breath. It was finally time to trek for miles and miles on mountain ridges.


Frost lightly pulled my arm and said, “Are you ready?”

“Ready for what?”

“Nothing… ”

After a moment of silence, Frost jumped down with me. We fell down nearly a hundred meters with the freezing wind whistled in our ears. Because of the extreme speed, I could hardly keep my eyes open. Frost, however, had her beautiful eyes wide and snowflakes collected on her long eyelashes. Her Qi became somewhat like a shield around her, blocking the chilling wind which was why I was shivering while wearing a full sized robe while she had her arms out.

With a small jump, we jumped over a hundred meters; Frost’s strength totally shattered my expectations. After only a few leaps, she successfully brought me to the Dragon’s Tomb. In the distance, Tomb Guardian Karl’s little cottage could be seen.

Frost let go of my arm. With both of her hands behind her back, she approached the cottage and said, “Karl, It’s me, Frost. Please come out!”

“Creak… “

The stone door opened, and Karl came out on his wheelchair. With dull eyes, he looked at Frost and then at me. He suddenly smiled and said, “Oh, if it isn’t Lady Frost from Dragon City! How nice of you to come by this empty and barren land.”

Frost’s eyes flashed with rage momentarily, “Karl! You know that this guy is one of my own. Is that why you requested him to challenge the inner mysteries of the Dragon’s Tomb? You still hate me, don’t you?”

Karl’s whole body shook: “Lady Frost, why do you say such words?”

Frost plainly said, “ Your hatred towards me, I can understand it, but you must remember Karl that your son died in the war with the Barbarians. It wasn’t I who killed him!”

Anger flowed through Karl’s eyes. Raising a finger, he shouted, “Bullsh*t! Frost, you knew Carter was my only son. You knew the Barbarian Chief was a G.o.d-like warrior but you still sent my poor son and his troops to confront him. On that night, Carter’s head, pierced by a long halberd, was sent back to me! Was this what you wanted? I know that you and Luo Lin both plotted for this this. Both of you were jealous of Carter’s skill, jealous of his talent, being able to become a warrior by the age of 17!

Frost inhaled deeply but did not reply. Instead, kneeling on one knee, she faced him saying “Karl, I understand the feeling of losing Carter but the mission had to go on. This was Luo Lin’s order. Carter’s group defended against the Barbarian’s frontal attack. Only then were we able to ambush them during the night and kill the Barbarians over a huge area. Please believe me, that Emperor Luo Lin’s doings are for the good of Dragon City, and not for his personal gain!”

Karl shouted furiously: “Bullsh*t! You guys meant to ruin Carter’s life. I can never forget Carl’s expression before he died!”


Frost lifted her hand. Behind her a sword rose high into the air rushing at her white neck. Frost looked at Karl and said indifferently: “If it needs to be paid with my life. I will gladly give my life for the King. Karl, after I die, I wish for you to be able to forget your hatred. Do not live a life filled only with hate.

“You !!” Karl’s face flushed red, not knowing what else to say.

I hastily walked forwards, grabbing Frost’s sword by the handle. A sudden breeze of cold flowed through my arm. This wasn’t an ordinary sword! Holding the sword tightly, I prevented the sword from cutting through her skin. I said with a deep tone, “Frost. You were under an order. You shouldn’t waste your life on such a small matter. Didn’t you say I am one of your own? If you die here and now, who will I be relying on in Dragon City?

Frost lifted her head and looked at me stupidly: “I…… sorry……”

Seeing all this, Karl suddenly let out a smirk: “Hmph, then it would be better this way……”

Frost looked distantly: “How?”

Karl swept a glance at me, saying: “Since he is one of your men then let him replace you in this. Let this boy venture into the depths of the Dragon’s Tomb and accept his destiny! If he lives, then I, Karl, will never bring this issue up again. If he dies in there, I will similarly bury this matter and take it that this boy has accompanied Carter in death. How about it?”

“Out of the question!”

Alarmed, Frost’s pretty eyes revealed a hint of anger: “Karl, you’re too despicable. How can you let him, who is so young, take such a risk? Don’t forget, he is your disciple……”

“Hmph!……” Karl let out a sneer, “At that time, Carter was also that young when he left me. This boy is not my disciple. In my entire life, I’ve only had Carter as my disciple!”

I started and immediately a system notification bell sounded–


System Notification: Please take note: you have been expelled by your mentor. You have lost the name, Tomb Guardian of Dragon City!


I groaned as I stood there stiffly saying, “Then from now on who will be my mentor? I… what should I do?”

Behind me, Frost’s faint voice drifted over: “Don’t worry. Should you really be able to return alive from the depths of this dragon tomb then your mentor will be me. You will study under me……”

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