Zhan Long Chapter 1233


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 1233

Sits on the crenelation of city wall, early morning sparkling on shoulder armor of overlord armor, flood the golden glory, is looking into the distance, the sky of Tu Dragon Fort direction circles a piece of blood saying that looks like makes the will of the people bottom have an invisible depression, the dark blue billows had planned that founded own not dead empire in Tu Dragon Fort? Ye Lai and Yan Zhao Warrior and the others may hang there.

Hanging of Yan Zhao Warrior somewhat was a pity that he must subst.i.tute for hundred to appoint as the person who the strong wind from afar armed forces command, but...... Yanzhao uncle ma.s.sacres that many monsters, should the meritorious value be enough?

Opens the edition points rank, Yan Zhao Warrior this edition has really spelled, already entered the first ten ranks

1 st, Xiao Yao Zi Zai( China) edition points: 【1172050】

2 nd, Fang Ge Que( China) edition points: 【1123730】

3 rd, Dancing Forest( China) edition points: 【1026320】

4 th, Cang Yue( China) edition points: 【997270】

5 th, Mu Xuan( China) edition points: 【972100】

6 th, Q-Sword( China) edition points: 【952920】

7 th, demon mountain( Germany) edition points: 【912380】

8 th, Cang Tong( China) edition points: 【912270】

9 th, Yan Zhao Warrior( China) edition points: 【891730】

10 th, to like tracking down( Portugal) edition points: 【883730】


Looked like my first throne is quite steady, although Fang Ge Que points bit tightly does not put, but wants to surpa.s.s me not to be easy, although his AOE injury was very terrorist, but after I fell first-level, killed the monster efficiency also to fear . Moreover, I can a constant voltage Fang Ge Que head, mainly because overlord armor „murdered G.o.d" effect, promoted 100% to the monster lethality, this BUFF affirmation has made Fang Ge Que thorough be speechless.

Dancing Forest was third, Dong Cheng Yue and Mu Xuan two top Mage followed, but the German players in highest heaven city guarded Cooldown of Tu Dragon Fort not too long to be broken the city, therefore captured the points opportunity to be not quite many, the demon mountain can only occupy 7 th, as for the player of west boundary treaty of alliance, the sky rose and ancient musical scale and the others cut into Cooldown to be too late in the war of Tu Dragon Fort, moreover they have not entered cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, but was the decision out of office wanders abroad to fight, killed the monster opportunity less, including first ten has not entered, Yan Zhao Warrior is willing to breakneck, [a.s.sault] has breached enemy lines in the front line, was well-prepared. Enters first ten, our Matcha with the stable display, become tenth, but player nationality as before Portugal , can only by her, Port City also need her heavy status after all „town" the 7 K person and highest heaven city contends, is the Tian Ling Empire reduced pressure.

Has a look at Cooldown, this war had already continued 27 hours, but extremely in intensity, many players simply do not have Cooldown offline to eat meal, [Zhan Long] many people are also only short offline several minutes solve the strong urge to defecate.


„Finished?" Looks at the tranquility of distant place, Yue Qing Qian asks with a smile.

„Does not know." I shake the head, said: „System System Notification edition duty is not accomplished, probably does not calculate that had finished, does not know that Pearl then also has anything to entertain us."

„Can be the dark blue billows comes one time again personally?" Li Mu asked.

I think: „Is unlikely."

„Why said?"

„Because the dark blue billows previous time come time, had been injured by Frost, although the injury is not serious, but he at least knows that cold uncultivated land Dragon's den has Frost, is not good to cope."

Li Mu was somewhat excited: „Right, Frost is so fierce, it is estimated that the dark blue billows came are also the dead end."

I shot a look at his one eyes: „Were you too also optimistic?"

„What's wrong?"

„Frost has been injured, severe wound." I lower the sound, said: „Just has not made the person in Hybrid Demon territory know that otherwise the dark blue billows had already mounted a large-scale attack, our opportunity does not have."

Li Mu cannot bear deeply inspired: „d.a.m.n...... Then present cold uncultivated land Dragon's den was equal to that was suspending the Fortress Stratagem?"

„Almost was this." I breathed a sigh of relief, said: „We do not disclose, continue to defend were here right, this edition duty is not simple, loses has been equal to offering the city, not to mention cold uncultivated land Dragon's den falls to the enemy later Ba Huang City and Tian Ling Empire to meet with a disaster one after another, was only falling to the enemy of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to us is the fatal blow, don't forget, our [Zhan Long] regiment system almost maintained completely cold uncultivated land Dragon's den here, once Dragon's den fell to the enemy, brothers' painstaking care completely was wasted."

„Um." Li Mu layer on layer nods: „Has understood, relax, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den will not fall to the enemy, we have Zi Shu to grip the queen greatly."

I: „......"


Cooldown every little bit pa.s.sing, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den had not been attacked, is the knife point mountain received attacking by surprise of Hybrid Demon army on the contrary, was good resists because of Han deep pool Xiao severe and the others . Moreover, I arranged 5 thousand Flame Hawk Archers establishments on knife point mountain almost is very complete, the Hybrid Demon army wants to attack and occupy knife point mountain strategic place almost to be unlikely.

After this war ended, probably Frost also will pay attention to the knife point mountain, the knife point mountain and Dragon's den and Dragon Yu have formed the potential of attacking from a pincer-like position, is the place of very good defense, Frost concentrates on the practice, but strategically is actually inferior to me, after this time, will dispatch the military strength guarding knife point mountain mostly.

At this time, airborne Dragon Howl, Qing Luo led one group of Dragon Rider gentlemen to return to Dragon's den, in the meantime, some big dragons also towed to entrain Dragon Shi and corpse of Dragon Rider gentleman, that was the person who died in battle under the city.

„Is situation how is it?" I asked.

Qing Luo looks deathly pale, said: „Thousand demon and snow giants were too savage, our once more buckle 7 companions, since battle, the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Dragon Rider regiment lost 37 people......"

The Dragon Rider gentleman and big dragon signed the life contract, the Dragon Rider gentleman died, the big dragon was also difficult to live, therefore died in battle 37 people also to mean that must have 37 big dragons to wait for suffering of life contract died.

Looks at the Qing Luo grieved appearance, I pat her shoulder, said: „Their sacrifices traded the Dragon's den dignity and survival, they under the dwelling place of the dead noticed that we were also living, will be certainly gratified."

Qing Luo nods, suddenly asked: „Sir, you are Tian Ling Empire hold the spear greatly, is wields military power experiences the person of multiple b.l.o.o.d.y battle continuously, you...... When sees the companion died in battle, won't think the painful penetrating heart?"

I was shocked, Qing Luo in my impression is one has lived wave to be open, strength tyrannical Dragon Rider gentleman, today asked that had the issue of depth, therefore thinks that said: „The will of the people are the meat is long, who can not be grieved? But everyone needs to be strong, defeats the match, ended the war, can end these pain."

Qing Luo as if understood anything, on the face shows the smiling face once more: „Good, Qing Luo can with the Sir diligently, end this war together toward this direction!"

I nod with a smile, is at heart actually spatial noisy, ended this war to be easier said than done, the dark blue billows, Sif, qin song these powerful matches did not say that was the matches of our player was only th.o.r.n.y enough, the sky rose and demon mountain were not the people of allowing to be oppressed, the next round country war must have b.l.o.o.d.y battles!

Pearl also changed, became enemy, how this road should walk.

If Pearl forever did not come back, I must walk, showed to her initially that young new military recruits grew into the entire empire strongest person, the life and death will not change completes her last wish.

The long road is endless, idealist invariable.


Waited for nearly three hours, finally, the battle drum sound of Hybrid Demon territory has transmitted, from blood original direction dense and numerous came a troop military strength, has numerous number!

„Well?" Some Q-Sword surprise: „Wasn't manpower resources path they given by Yan Zhao Warrior and Ye Lai? How to come that many Hybrid Demon military strength, transports not to be quick from the [a.s.sault] canyon and Asura, skill CD of dark blue billows is so short, such quickly can summon the purgatory crack?"

Jian Feng Han is grasping the long sword, said: „Not necessarily is this, wait and see."

Again soon, Hybrid Demon military strength of blotting out the sky soon [Enemies at the Gate], at this time, we also saw this crowd „monster" the appearance, is out of control to be shocked, the person in front line raises the long sword, to ride Q-Sword of warhorse impressively, is exactly the same as our present Q-Sword, but that belongs to the Hybrid Demon territory „Q-Sword" an eye is the blood red, the whole body is dense the dark aura, previous time we were ma.s.sacred about 1 million players in Asura, the soul of player already by the dark blue billows again casting.

Enchanted Painting has opened the small mouth, is pointing at the distant place, said: „Guildmaster you look, you there......"

Fang Ge Que looks under the city with amazement: „Wants...... Wanted to hit itself?"

Moreover, under city except for over a million elite Chinese players, more is the demon palace rides the coordinated attack that the barbaric wolf rides, this time has not dealt with simply, after all the skill of player diversifies, but at present in the Hybrid Demon player obvious attribute of this crowd of built up souls was significantly promoted!

The opposite party is getting more and more near, quick, we can see front line the attribute of Q-Sword

【Q-Sword soul】( Special)

Level: 227 ( + 10 )

Special effect: Refines the soul and body by way of the dark blue billows, the entire attribute promotes 100%, the skill, skill , etc. retained completely


Is 237 levels of monsters, wanted high 10 levels compared with the main body . Moreover the entire attribute promoted 100%, this was quite overwhelmed with emotion.

My moral nature gushes out a chill in the air, this crowd of monsters absolutely did not have to ma.s.sacre easily, raised the arm hurriedly, said loudly: The palace guard who „Jing Yin, informs knife point mountain, the fire covers, continual bombing, does not use the frugal sh.e.l.l! The heavy artillery on Dragon's den can also start, do not let this crowd of person close cities!"

Jing Yin opens pair of beautiful eyes, does not know that I so will be why anxious, but saying of pa.s.sive obedience: „Yes, Sir!"

The signal flag flutters, Dragon's den and knife point mountain opens fire together, the earth shivers, dragon crystal artillery bloom the flame in the crowd, after being bombed, under city „player" team disperses rapidly, ordered starts to climb up the city wall from the dike rapidly, finally came, this time is fighting with stronger!

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