Zhan Long Chapter 1232


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 1232

Setting sun, the distant place spreads the news, cuts into the wild Dragon Clan mountain ridges in the surprise attack team that [Prague], [Judgement] and [Enemies at the Gate] three big Guild compose successfully, through striking to kill to wait on the way of monk to destroy continuously reached 7 purgatory channels, interrupted the Hybrid Demon army to transport the soldier line continuously, has been attacking the purgatory channel at this moment, so long as destroyed this purgatory crack, that can interrupt the deep cold air current, strove for the absolute superiority for cold uncultivated land Dragon's den.


The picture that the first fly-by-wire comes back is somewhat horrible to look, Pearl and Sif lead the Hybrid Demon army to counter-attack crazily, the surprise attack team 12 thousand almost less than 2 hours were killed have surpa.s.sed 70%, but Yan Zhao Warrior and Ye Lai this time bet all, pledged that must wipe out the last crack to return, but I also know that the dark blue billows a.s.sume there personally, even if they complete the task, probably did not come back.


Heavy snow unceasing falling in the surroundings, falls on my shoulder armor, the b.u.t.terfly sword in hand flood the boundless chill in the air, I am standing in the wind and snow, looking at steadily looks at the sound of distant place, the distance previous Hybrid Demon surprise attack already 17 minutes, the new round attack should also come, the Pearl tactic is simple, is unceasing drags us on cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, was not retreated by us, but true kills the move is the purgatory cold current.

On the city each has the NPC soldier to freeze to death, the major regiment personnel losses that Tian Ling Empire dispatches are serious, this point we have to consider.

„Came, is the snow giant!" Li Mu raises the long sword suddenly, said: „Prepared to kill to blame!"

Snow giant, 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, is one new monster, these personal appearance giant monsters have very powerful both legs and arm, especially the arm, can insert the mountain ma.s.sif unexpectedly, the rock climbing comes, the personal appearance reaches as high as 10 meters, built the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den city wall on ice wall to its is equal to existing in name only.

My palm wields, the side has established [Azure Dragon Crossbow], simultaneously the thought imperial sword, does „clang" the sheath to go to sword, having the [Blade Spin] effect to kill on a body of front line snow giant, the continual penetration, wipes out his HP large scale, simultaneously Dancing Forest shooting day bow also violent walked, „" shooting thoroughly nape of the neck of snow giant, carries over a blood, in 7 seconds consecutively several arrows unexpectedly stiffly has killed to full Xue 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, this output is really too astonishing.

In the heavy snow, the form of snow giant appears, the strong winds pa.s.sed over gently and swiftly, the field of vision slightly was also clearer, under the mountain full is the dense and numerous snow giants, the total absolutely over 100,000, this is not a hara.s.sment attack, but is a general attack, I look immediately to Qing Luo, said: „Sets out the Dragon Rider gentleman, sweeps clean these snow giants!"

„Yes, Sir!"

A Qing Luo whistling, stands up from failure to ride the nape of the neck of crystal dragon, raises the long sword, leader Dragon Rider gentleman takes off in abundance, Frost is wounded is not , the Dragon's den army greatly was held Ge to come Military Control by my this.

The Dragon Rider gentlemen howl, on plain by killing snow giant, but the quant.i.ty are too after all few, the snow giant rushed the city as in large numbers, attack power of player camp is weakened, Cooldown resisted quite to be also strenuous, but I was an exception, died in battle one time to promote 30% entire attributes, my present attribute with usually also similar.

„dragon crystal artillery!"

A sword reduces a head of snow giant, I am ordering loudly, the palace guard Yorozuo long scenery sound beautiful woman nods immediately, raises hand to order palace guard firing off of guarding on city, the dragon crystal artillery to open fire, in the crowd of snow giant blooms mushroom clouds, the shock-wave that the scalding hot firepower gathers also makes the surrounding snow giant quite uncomfortable.

Was in this time, suddenly Lin Wan Er finger sky: „Be careful, thousand blamed!"

In the upper air, the dense and numerous shadows appear, really has thousand monster of tentacles, having thunder and lightning to attack Dragon's den from the upper air directly, this time was really th.o.r.n.y!

„Archer, with the [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow, Mage, collection fire, killing!" Xue Routi the long sword, is directing the defense tactic on the city, she dashes, while mark thousand monster, strike to kill in turn, this can the reduced our losses of maximum degree.

Thousand monster are 9 levels of Hybrid Demon, attribute formidable to is not inferior in BOSS, I possibly was killed by one crowd of thousand monster seconds, the player on city not to mention, moreover this Pearl truly was under the initial capital, over 1 thousand head thousand blamed from airborne flowers showered on the earth below by a G.o.ddess of the sky general falling, made the player on city be miserable beyond description directly.

I gave up killing to chasing of snow giant immediately, turn around to fire into the upper air, the double sword strangled to death strangely in two head thousand, the sharp sword wielded continuously, its tentacle cutting off, but oneself also received many injuries, the thunder and lightning fled on the armor, that numb feeling was makes people unable to endure simply.

Raises single-handed, the [Thundering Heavens] + Longteng nine days from the sky erupt, wreak havoc strangely in thousand, I attracted over 10 head thousand monster hatreds directly, HP Shua Shua falls, Darling Duck has added the blood to me, but cannot add, at this time w.a.n.g Jian and Li Mu direct control big dragon flying apsaras, the incarnation Dragon Rider gentleman met head-on thousand monster , can only like this.

On the city a piece in confusion, almost every corner has the thunder and lightning in wreaking havoc, thousand strangely look like aliens of one crowd of dropping from the clouds, is slaughtering Knight on Earth, the melt G.o.d cavalry died in battle in large numbers, the archer and Mage also completely reveal under thousand monster attacks, the [Zhan Long] bonus is so, other Guild do not need to raise, [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Appearance Alliance] and other Guild resist at risk of life, the male tyrant wind and cloud and Ben Lveru the fire and rising sun such as blood and other Guild degenerate into the object who thousand have slaughtered strangely!

Less than the moment, the players of many Ben Lveru fire escaped to rush to Dragon's den, the rumor is political integrity yue actually cannot control own guild member, [Legend], [Hero's Mound] and other Guild died to fight actually does not draw back, maintains the complete lineup is being bathed in blood to resist the invasion of Hybrid Demon as before.

In this time, a flat land thunder, a person's shadow is raising Axe to rise with a spring from the city suddenly, strangles to death Axe in the monster group, the blood rain flutters about, Old K fights the soul, but Axe surges to dance in circles the attack, unexpectedly has killed 78 head thousand monster, Old K fights the soul attack power truly is not the player can place on a par.

I have swept one, fights the soul the grade now is five-star BOSS, probably is more inferior than Frost, Zi Shu and Seurre, but strove to excel compared with Qing Luo and Jing Yin too.

Therefore, in Old K fights under the help of soul, the player on city fights tooth and nail by the life, we know in any case that the purgatory crack had been destroyed by Yan Zhao Warrior and Ye Lai and the others, these thousand kill one few one strangely, killed off our duty to complete.


South the city, is guarding the fall harvest armed forces, the hot axe armed forces, crazy Lei Jun and others continually wells up the city to help in the fighting under my order, but the purgatory deep cold air current still on, the ordinary soldier the battle efficiency greatly sells at a discount, some people in biting cold severely cold froze to death unceasingly, more was strangled to death by thousand monster tentacles, was scorched by the thunder and lightning, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den just likes the cemetery purgatory is just like ordinary, was dying every second of many people.


w.a.n.g Jian is bringing the remnant blood, looks that behind player of one group of Ben Lveru fire strangely was killed under the escape by one head thousand the city, cannot bear scoffs to say with a smile: „Also the guild of political integrity yue, is one crowd of waste!"

Li Mu sneers: „Is dogs of one crowd of bullying, why haggles over with them, you looked, rising sun such as blood guild, although holds the egg, but actually n.o.body runs away."

This saying was actually heard by not far away Call Me Master, this beautiful woman Knight shakes to p.r.i.c.k thousand monster abdomens the lance, at the same time said with a smile lightly: „Escapes? Our rising sun such as the blood cannot lose face!"

Side her, moon/month Yao feudal official and Su Yan and the others also same die to fight do not draw back, regardless of w.a.n.g Ze Cheng RP how we for the time being, the group of high-end players but who he gathers are remarkable.


The war has continued for nearly three hours, died thousand on city monster has at least surpa.s.sed 5 thousand, but by player who their fierce attack ma.s.sacred actually at least in 200 000 above, the price that we paid was too big, since this frigid fight has been many people enters the game not to encounter, on the city everywhere is the skeletons, but the good news is the temperature is not cold, the cold current that the player receives reduces the attribute effect also to weaken 50%, was not frail.

The distant place combat report transmits, Yan Zhao Warrior ma.s.sacred last to wait on the monk personally, the success closure purgatory cold current channel, but, three big Guild went to the 12 thousand military strength of Tu Dragon Fort to be actually not much left, even Yan Zhao Warrior was also struck the second to kill by the dark blue billows, Ye Lai and Misty Clouds have not been living coming out, 12 thousand person only remaining dozens a.s.sa.s.sin stealth left Tu Dragon Fort, although this surprise attack succeeded, but was really too frigid!

Crosses a meeting again, fierce Yang to appear in the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den sky, the heavy snow stopped, the purgatory cold current also slowly vanishes, Kate strength can stir the gale, but does not have the depth cold air current of dark blue billows summon, his storm how cold uncultivated land Dragon's den.


The field of vision becomes incomparably open, distant place, on the plain full is the dense and numerous lighting the lamps corpse ghosts and thousand monster, the corpse of snow giant, as well as the player and corpse of NPC army, the thick smoke still flutters on the plain, seems was relating to the player of returning alive the frigidity of this war, I do not know the war did have the conclusion, but knows that we cannot idle.

„Tears down the damage the dragon crystal artillery, transports the new heavy artillery to come up." I look that behind Jing Yin orders saying: „The wounded soldier morbid leucorrhoea city treatment, ordering Qu Hudian to elect on 5 thousand legendary Emperor Yu armed forces the city to be responsible for defending the imperial duty."

Jing Yin nods: „Yes, Sir!"

Beautiful woman Yorozuo long turns around to go, this time Han Yuan, Xiao severe have not followed in the side, is Jing Yin in being responsible for deploying troops, makes me discover that actually palace guard four beside, this beautiful woman general may also make the material actually, and monster that Jing Yin ma.s.sacres are also many, Level and grade have been increasing, soon after can a.s.sume sole responsibility for an important task.


The player on city in battlefield cleanup, thousand monster drop rate is very good, many people have attained various small JP equipment, the player who generally speaking, lives definitely greatly gains, after the edition finished, Level and reward of everyone must have, was a pity that Yan Zhao Warrior and Ye Lai and the others died in battle.

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