Zhan Long Chapter 1223


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 1223

In the city wall, Stella was a claw pa.s.sed over gently and swiftly, swept one group of player and NPC army falls under the city, part was swallowed, horrible to look.


Death G.o.d's Elegy is raising the lance, consecutively for three a.s.sa.s.sinations falls while the opportunity that Stella attacks on its macrobrachia, were too what a pity few to the attack damage that Stella caused, HP that insufficiently Stella's formidable vitality restored radically.

Old K also raises Axe also to remain to continue to fight, but Xue Rou actually raised is turning over to the Yuan sword to pa.s.s over gently and swiftly, said loudly: „You not awfully? Retreats!"

Although Matcha is only an elder, but in the [Zhan Long] status absolutely not less than vice- Guildmaster, the prestige under Li Mu and Yue Qing Qian, after all, her CBN rank was really not too high, in addition the Little Demon fame, n.o.body will disrespect her several points, after all the man most feared that what woman, one type was the respected woman, another type was extremely the woman of loathing, the last type was to hit woman, Xue Rou status in [Zhan Long] male player mind was first type and last a set.


Li Mu raises the long sword to ride the dragon to meet head-on, consecutively for several times flies high to divide to cut the bang in the top of the head of giant beast, but the effect is not good, w.a.n.g Jian also rides the dragon maneuver in another side, shields under the [Zhan Long] player the city wall to retreat, at this moment, obtained retreating news Tu Dragon Fort randomly has become one group, in the city the player pushed a piece, the rear player has not obtained the news still to enter, Cooldown randomly became pot gruel.

The greedy desire drinks the fire most to like this scene, raises flame Axe to slaughter in the city, Sif is also same, having the strength of golden extermination back and forth to gallop in the crowd the rush, meets no resistance.

Let all players not think that the edition activity of struggle of this time Tu Dragon, we just have the superiority in most recent several hours, but now, actually turned into a slaughtered side.

„Roar! Roar!"

Stella is probably roaring because of the severe pain of abdomen, opens the big mouth suddenly, the spiral storm started, held the airborne Red Dragon, ended, Li Mu must be eaten!

„It is not wonderful!" w.a.n.g Jian said loudly: „Boss, you...... You must end the calf!"

Li Mu grabs the reins, the order Red Dragon of going all out flies away, but can also fly Going out, is sweating: „Who shields my?"

Airborne Dragon Howl, the top of the head of silver dragon pa.s.sing over gently and swiftly giant beast, a beautiful form carried on the back to fly from the silver dragon, was Lin Wan Er, she flew high is a beautiful woman art of dancing energy!


What a pity, the dizziness was given MISS by king BOSS unexpectedly!

Yue Qing Qian has a look at airborne Li Mu, has a look at me, said: „Brother Xiao Yao, cannot rescue Li Mu again, otherwise you will also die, a bit faster walks, after Li Mu dies, we set up a stone monument and make to him the Buddhist ceremony good......"

Airborne Li Mu heard Yue Qing Qian saying that immediately soon cried.

My complexion is pale, hurried [say / way]: „Matcha, shields Qing Qian to retreat, I rescue Li Mu, you walk quickly!"

„? Brother Xiao Yao......"

Yue Qing Qian also wants to say anything, was actually plundered by Xue Rou, held to rush to the city to go on the horseback, Xue Rou worked is never loathsome, because she knows that loathsome instead will implicate more people, in this point Qing Qian must learn from her.


But do I rescue Li Mu that soon will be swallowed?

My [Binding Chains] definitely also will be not necessarily able to the king by the skills of MISS , 100% attack effective, that only then another method pain!

Under very simple, formidable sensation of pain, even if king level BOSS laxly will also attack, making Li Mu organically be possible to take advantage that escapes, right, is now!

But under wanting this decision is very embarra.s.sing, because the following forms of defensive action are really not I like!

The arm trembled, jumps to rush to the city wall, changed into together the flowing light direct impact on Stella's abdomen, right, I must sneak in his belly, used the double sword to twist to break to pieces his intestines in inside, such came Li Mu to run away the birth day!

The [Wall of Dou Qi] in addition holds successfully, comes [Frost Armor] armor again, the body in the airborne screw rotation, the double sword just liked the pointed cone p.r.i.c.ked in Stella's abdomen, then, the surroundings already a blood and intestines of piece of warming up, were good because, [Frost Armor] armor was the Frost self-satisfied technique, iced armor to condense in body week about 5 cms away, separated Stella's flesh and blood, condensed a guard shield for me imperceptibly, otherwise I must, fly in circles by Stella's these intestines hotly anything died disgustingly.


Cuts again!

My unceasing strangles to death in Stella's abdomen flight, double sword heartless wielding, large intestines, caeca and duodenum what hews two completely, the personal appearance flies unceasingly upwardly, right, the heart of long jab giant beast, crushed its heart to be able to strike to ma.s.sacre this giant beast, should that be the absolute weakness attacks?

Hundred thunder clouds storm erupts in Stella within the body, kills him to reach 30% HP directly, if I can tear into shreds its heart, can perhaps the second kill it really?

However, I as if think too simply, when I run out of the lobe of the lung of giant beast, saw that a giant heart in „ping" is beating, my heartbeat also speedily intensifies, simultaneously in the team channel broadcasts the Lin Wan Er sound: „Pig head, Li Mu and w.a.n.g Jian have gotten out of trouble, you also a bit faster walk, hurry up, Sif, Pearl, the qin song arrived, the distant place also sees a huge corona the person's shadow, should be the dark blue billows comes personally!"

„Knew, you remove first, I come immediately!"

Said superficially, but I actually under in Jingtao the hundred zhang (333m), the dark blue billows personally did not come, struggle of edition this time Tu Dragon we must be failed!


Raises the double sword, the attack, locks the goal Stella's heart!

Moreover, the line start I strongest two moves, ride the wind to cut + [Strength of a Thousand Men]!

The golden ray shoots up to the sky, erupts two moves in Stella's within the body directly, altogether 20 swords cut the attack to penetrate the heart of giant beast, but did not have that effect that I imagined, around Stella's heart presented an energy cover, protected the heart not to be attacked, my these 20 attacks surpa.s.sed the most injury to fall by the immunity.

However, this guard shield is not multipurpose, rides the wind Ling Lie the sword air/Qi that cuts to cut to pieces as before the heart surface meat level, can see that blood were spattering in all directions.

Continues to cut to strike!

A spin body, gathers full strength, is cutting of round violent storm kills, the double sword is shaking the heart energy cover unceasingly, wipes out its toughness unceasingly, most in five minutes, this Stella will definitely die in my sword gets down!

That heart soon had been slivered the scalloped kidney shape by me, the surface layer completely is the overlapping earthworm sword mark, the flesh lump turns, if the oil used such one presses out, then added the onion ginger and pepper is a trough extremely delicious stir-frying scalloped kidney.

I do not know why I can also think to eat at this time, thinks that ate the belly a little to be unexpectedly hungry, at this time wished one could a palm of the hand to pull out itself, too does not make every effort to succeed simply!


When I cut fiercely strikes Stella abdomen, suddenly behind transmits together the familiar golden light, Sif came, that is her extermination strength!


The long sword flood moves the golden ray, Sif is flushing to come horizontally, the corners of the mouth are having the scowl: „Brat, what you want to make to my adorable small pet, do you want to ma.s.sacre it?"

My moral nature trembled, ended, strategic failure!

Leaves to walk, opens invincible Cooldown to be insufficient, with the words of overlord rebirth, must die in ten times to ma.s.sacre Stella here, has been unworthy, moreover I did not determine that was the death can also get online, if died to be transmitted Tian Ling Empire unable to partic.i.p.ate in the struggle of following activity Tu Dragon, that ended.

However Sif as if not want to ask me such to leave, after is the rapid fierce sword.

Is listening to the rumor, my turning around standard keeps off suddenly, „clang" does to swing directly Sif's long sword the sword, left hand b.u.t.terfly sword rapid [Combo] starts, 7 golden six glow stars flee on the sword blade edge, has given Sif 7 attacks.


Sif lifts the hand to cover the palm on my breastplate, the corners of the mouth are bringing grinning fiendishly: „Brat, tumbles out the body of my small pet to go, do not disturb here!"


The formidable strength almost imprisons me instantaneously, Sif pushes me to dash backward, rips open Stella's flesh and blood directly, the next quarter hits again in within the body outer covering of giant beast, „bang" hits directly thoroughly, outside bright, but my whole body was painful as if disperses has put up generally, HP also only remaining 25%, NND, a.s.sa.s.sinated the duty to be defeated really!

Must walk!

Does not wait for the Sif next attack, I opened 25 seconds of invincible Invincible Body effect directly, increases speed to 100%, no matter Sif's attack, flew directly to the East of Tu Dragon Fort.

Sif is in an uncontrollable rage, but also discovers my invincible effect, therefore has not continued to chase down, instead flew high to dive, kills the players and NPC in city.


The distant place, [Zhan Long], [Legend], [Hero's Mound] and other Guild the players are retreating fighting, the situation is less optimistic, ma.s.sive Hybrid Demon entered the city, Stella is destroying entire Tu Dragon Fort crazily, the dark blue billows have not committed fortunately suicide, otherwise feared Tu Dragon Fort to degenerate into a cemetery instantaneously.

„Be careful, the greedy desire drank the fire to come!"

Yue Qing Qian said in the guild channel loudly: „Multipurpose control skills, be not thinking ma.s.sacres him , to continue to retreat, do not stay, making in the member of canyon also retreat, retreats to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, the middle road section does not have the danger to defend, we can whole army has been annihilated."

The Qing Qian strategic vision is good, saw this point.


I continue to proceed to fly, simultaneously shakes the body, shakes completely residual Stella's mucilage, the lowering the head bird's eye view earth, Tu Dragon Fort had half to be invaded by Hybrid Demon . Moreover, ma.s.sive BOSS level Hybrid Demon appeared near the East city wall, has been slaughtering the player and NPC army, the entire tactical situation to us has missed the extreme.

Not far away, Lin Wan Er is riding Little Bai, said: „Pig, downward do not look that walks quickly?"

„, Why?"

I in consternation, vision cannot help but continue to glance toward the city on, actually saw has. .h.i.t hard the mind

Pearl raises the long sword to stand on the East city wall, the surroundings are the corpse of player, above the sword blade edge are reappearing all purple Thunder Guang, but in her right hand, actually proposes one to Ran Jiebai the head, is hundred!


Murders the master!

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