Zhan Long Chapter 1124


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 1124

The business license has almost gotten down the next day, the registered trademark was called „composed dress designing", should be „graceful moon/month" the harmonics, in fact respectively took the name character of two beautiful woman bosses, two younger sister papers hid the truth from me to handle many matters actually, the work floor has rented, on the Liu Hua University same street, one-fourth floors, and staff recruited to carry on almost, altogether 40 + people of appearances.


Very early in the morning, opens my A4, to bring the business license to go to the company, two female have not planned to practice the level this morning, and in the afternoon as if did not plan that must do an appearance of enterprise, but my responsibility is to protect Lin Wan Er, naturally was follows closely about, although missed the second Xiang Yu to fight the soul fragment at heart the matter, but considered as finished, protected the young lady to be most important.

When the elevator opens the door, heaving in sight is „composed design" sky blue LOGO crustification on white onstage curtain wall, looks like specially simple and elegant with the previous scale, the first ocean observation station two onstage female, as if had been seeing two bosses, immediately a nod, said with a smile: „Do you come?"

A Lin Wan Er nod expressed best wishes slightly, said: „Early!"

And female visits me astonished: „Manager Lin, this is?"

Lin Wan Er has a smile, turns around to hold my hand, said: „Introduced, this was Li Xiao Yao, my boyfriend."

Another onstage female immediately a happy expression of face: „I know me to know that this very fierce a person in destiny game, called Xiao Yao Zi Zai was right, it is said my idol Q-Sword lost in your hands."

I said: „These are the unwarranted reputations, like the floating clouds of s.p.a.ce......"

Who knew this female saying: „Hopes that Q-Sword defeats you earlier, redeems the dignity."

I: „......"

The employee in this company was really too lively, did not care about others' self-respect completely, what a pity I was not a boss, otherwise affirmed that under embezzled her wages to come the evil behind-the-scenes manipulator.


Enters the company, repairs one newly, and on the corridor is white sculpture, in the wall show cabinet lays aside each article feminine clothing to demonstrate that in projection next well-illuminated of LED lamp, really very much has the artistic atmosphere, I cannot understand in any case completely, for example has clothes, is a jug covers likely in the chest of model, looks from afar also thinks that is the blood pendant, completely where does not know the art, but can make my this and other mortals unable to completely understand, that should also be the art.

Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue office in same, the corner of company, above writes the general manager room, opens the later light repair not too long flavor, about two luxurious desks places, when we step into the office, the window front surges immediately ripples, the ray technology shines upon a transparent picture, above is demonstrating today's weather, temperature and company member Shua card situation, and is accompanying a gentle mechanical female voice: „Wan Er and East city, good morning, the present is the morning 8 : 44 point, the clear weather, the Hangzhou air quality index: 94 th, good, suits goes out, wishing you today happy!"

I had a scare, speechless [say / way]: „This also too high-end?"

Lin Wan Er has referred to the projection lamp of mosaic in wall, smiles: „, This is father gives to me to open the gift of company with East city, this is the Tian Xin Corporation most recent product, used in the military intelligence system, but transforms slightly, turned into me in the digital maid with East city Office!"

Dong Cheng Yue slightly is also astonished, says with a smile: „The Tian Xin Corporation technological strength is overbearing......"

Saying, two beautiful woman managers both sit down on their seat, I have to sit on the Lin Wan Er office opposite receiving callers chair, opens the eye to stare her, finally Lin Wan Er immediately cheek one red, is angry to say with a smile: „Why you visit me like this, visited others to be embarra.s.sed......"

East city said: „Do not look, if two sentiments when long ago, how in mornings and evenings...... In the morning 9 o'clock have a conference in the conference room, prepared on the past."

I open the room door of manager room to have a look outside work hall, turned round saying: „Is here safety guard system how is it?"

Lin Wan Er said: „Has hired 4 people from the security company, but...... The father did not feel relieved, sent under his hand 4 efficient skilled people to come, was responsible for sending the doc.u.ment and newspaper."

I congealed the Juyang flame forced induction, truly several masters, entrance that was reorganizing the uncle of paper gla.s.s, at least Royal Air intermediate strength, but another was moving the young people of drinking fountain is Royal Air is preliminary, to protect the treasure daughter, Lin Tiannan definitely little has not put the thoughts, had these people, common agent and local bandit anything definitely was a cinch.

Moreover Lin Tiannan should also know that I and Lin Wan Er basically always am together, if she will come to the company to call me mostly, this was safer.


9 : 00 am, accompany two beautiful woman managers to come to the conference room, this time they have arranged the seat to me, in side of two managers, but also attending the meeting were several people, was the management of each department, including several I was the understanding, was several female that yesterday evening ate meal together, was the chief designer in this company.

Had a look at Cooldown to be similar, Lin Wan Er coughed gently the sound, said: „Good, starts, amy, did you introduce your recent product first?"

That was called the amy girl a nod of Cla.s.s, the tablet PC is connected including the above the projector equipment to open PPT immediately, at the same time introduced: „About the summer clothing, I altogether has designed 11, through the appraisal of committee, the design concept absolutely is not the issue, Wan Er and East city, you have a look first!"

The fit and unfit quality of these clothing I naturally cannot understand, but I saw that a front of model of clothes has two circular hole holes, like is must covering the cup intentionally reveals, cannot bear smiles.

„Um, has the issue?"

Amy looks to me, that look seems like looking at a ground beetle, actually in this aspect I truly is a ground beetle, coughed saying: „Anything, I have not had opinion."

„That is good, Wan Er and East city, do you think?"

Lin Wan Er is also a nod, said: „Design concept is truly novel, these 11 design firms sell outright completely, amy you thought that price how many are quite appropriate? You are our special designers, we will basically not keep prices down."

That amy said: „Designs 2 thousand, can be a much less?"

Lin Wan Er shakes the head smiles: „That has signed, these 11 are your beforehand design, we want, your also value price, delia, was one's turn you."

Before another girl starts to demonstrate, own design, and does not have the plagiarism, the unheard-of design, Lin Wan Er in verification, Dong Cheng Yue in one side flip-flop knocking computer, and seeks by the image capture, comparison and filter technology online has similar design, East city and Wan Er are not female of chest big non- brain, wants to make money that from their here is must a little ability.

The entire two hours, looked at the design proposals of all designers finally, over 30% were approved by Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue also sells outright, then also propagandizes the link that and design demonstrated that these basically unnecessary two manager own strength kissed are, otherwise they must to spitting blood tired may not.

And, Lin Tiannan and Dong Cheng Feng gave the treasure daughter to invite an a.s.sistant respectively, was between Cla.s.s females two 25-30 -year-old, very capable that had them , the profit of this company is not probably a problem, and pattern of this composed design decided very high, it is said also wanted the fashion week of partic.i.p.ating Shanghai and Beijing, even there are to march the plan of Paris fashion week, does not know that was real, by the Lin Tiannan ability, believes that must a circle beloved daughter's this dream not have the too major problem.

Audited a about morning, I also immerse in this atmosphere, is thinking at heart that I must also open company anything with the small wolves and old K several people, after all we cannot play play for a lifetime, with growing older, the reaction capacity and power of thought will weaken, even if I with cultivation for can maintain in peak condition, but they cannot, not be impossible to put together a stretch of world in the game for a lifetime, said again that makes money in the game is a luck, must pay is not these person by far can see that many.

However temporarily as if no what good method, even if does business does not know that makes anything to be quite good.


Has bustled about to noon, called to go directly feeds in the company, we with are the same, the tomato scrambled eggs and shredded pork with garlic sauce that box lunch the staff ate, after finishing eating the food, Lin Wan Er lazy by in sofa, on the face slightly was exhausted, it seems like in the morning chose that many designs to make her feel that body and mind entirely Pi, I stood up, arrives at her to rub the shoulder for her, simultaneously transported Yang Yanrou the vigor darkly, dredged her bloodlines and joint, weakened some exhaustedly for her, Wan Er enjoyed, closes one's eyes, the corners of the mouth brought back the happy expression, the pretty face was stroking gently in my wrist
skill gently.

„Is so crisp?" Dong Cheng Yue tilts the head looks.

Lin Wan Er opens eyes, says with a smile: „Probably...... Different with the ordinary ma.s.sage?"

I nod: „Um, inside I can use unblock the bloodlines, naturally is not these washing foot younger sisters can compared with......"

Lin Wan Er is resigned-looking: „Pulled to that......"

Dong Cheng Yue jumps from the seat, sits side Lin Wan Er, said: „I also want me also to want, I very tired good, in the morning at least has also written 10,000 characters, j.a.panese code Wan does Word have!"

I smile: „n.o.body gives you payment for published piece, your day code 1 million characters were useless!"


However, I helped East city also rub the shoulder, absolutely did not have the pressure, two female lazy lying down in the sofa, were biting the lip gently, for fear that sent out anything ** the sound lost face, I look to think funny, slowly has promoted the effort on hand, Yang Yanjin also gradually urged to send, finally, two female almost opened mouth together lightly: „...... Um......"



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