Zhan Long Chapter 1055


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 1055

3 : 00 am, the day imperial book repository player total 2000 thousand + people launch the attack headed by [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Vanguard], [House of Prestige] and other Guild officially, first then regarded the most important target north the highest heaven west 2 levels of main city red rock city, the red rock city has guarded the highest heaven empire to exceed the 200 000 NPC military strength, and also some ma.s.sive players moved into, was the demon mountain and 7 K arrangement in the front solid fortress, if did not attack and occupy the red rock city, that Fang Ge Que and the others attacked the plan of highest heaven city unable to implement.

The front transmits the combat report and picture, above picture just likes the tidal both sides players faces under the red rock city, the fight picture is disorderly and intense, in several hours are impossible to decide the victory and defeat.

The Port City aspect, the rumor started to withdraw troops, probably thought that is unable in short Cooldown to attack and capture this city that does not have too many NPC armies to guard, but the clear pupil developed black ink and maplewood to keel over drunk has not seized the chance to make a hara.s.sing attack the red rock city direction the day imperial book repository military strength, the clear pupil developed black ink to discover a point finally, so long as I and [Zhan Long] did not appear, should better not to act rashly, otherwise must pay the price of blood, a Luming woods war, the Port City buckle 50 thousand armies and innumerable military baggage, this was the precedent.


When continuously around 5 : 00 am times, finally „drop", the Yue Qing Qian news came: „Brother Xiao Yao, Full Moon City surpa.s.sed 800 thousand players to arrive in the Fan Shu City northern 1 hour of traveling schedule range, rode the investigation that searched according to the warhawk, they were also bringing at least 70 thousand NPC armies and many heavy artilleries, I suspected that their first choice target was Fan Shu City!"

I nod: „Chooses Fan Shu City to be inevitable as the target, they are not the fools, definitely will capture this bridgehead."

Yue Qing Qian: „Did we start to garrison in Fan Shu City?"

„Um! Hands down to order, the [Zhan Long] members station Fan Shu City!"


Afterward, I stand in the Qingyan city, looks at the Fan Shu City direction, under the city has melted the G.o.d cavalry to rush to Fan Shu City continuously, but Wu Shenhe, goes to Fan Shu City from fire Yun City domestic Panlong range via the victory corridor, to melt the speed of G.o.d cavalry to be most for over 50 minutes unable to arrive, let alone over half [Zhan Long] players have withdrawn Fan Shu City to go before 3 hours, I also already foresaw the strategies of north three big servers first trample certainly flat Fan Shu City, after all Fan Shu City took to their injury too to be really big, in the King will hunt for in fighting, they paid attention. Words, will discover that the Fan Shu City NPC army played strikes to decide the function of universe, must take seriously Fan Shu City this secondary main city.

„Works as!"

Turns over to the sheath the b.u.t.terfly sword, I summoned being lost in thought fierce fine horse, looked into a direction of north red rock city, the strong winds were swaying the cape, I said to several friend pledge Guildmaster: „The Full Moon City military strength must attack Fan Shu City, I go back to defend first, here gave you to defend temporarily, that...... Who has the person to go Fan Shu City to help with me to defend a city together, depending on [Zhan Long] perhaps also insufficient."

Ye Lai raises Axe to say with a smile: „Does [Judgement] go with you together?"

I shake the head hurriedly: „No...... The Qingyan city also needs [Judgement] 8 thousand elite, I will take on the imperturbable pupil to develop black ink to seize the chance to sneak attack the Qingyan city . Moreover the person in day Korean War area easily will not give up the Qingyan city, once Qingyan city in the soldier void they will definitely obtain the news, when the time comes Qingyan city, but duplicate will lose, that in vain hit."

Han Bei Song holds the arm in the chest, said: „Then went Fan Shu City on [Blood Contract] with you!"

I nod smile: „That it would be the best, that...... Queen Mu Xuan, do you also bring Wild Beauty, to fall the wild goose to come to defend Fan Shu City for us? [Appearance Alliance] was known as that had the first under heaven master regiment, defense it would be the best."

Mu Xuan supports the peaks and ridges, the corners of the mouth is delimiting one to tease the happy expression: „Yo, at this time finally knows praised my one? Good, for your this hard-won praise, [Appearance Alliance] is [Zhan Long] works oneself to death! The words said that I and Wild Beauty fell the wild goose to join a day of imperial book repository, our did not give a thought to the order of rumor political integrity yue to fool around together with [Zhan Long], serving the interest of outsiders really?"

I shot a look at her one eyes: „You really in doing, but also there is anything to be good, said again, for the Chinese war zone, does not need to differentiate was too clear, us, Cooldown and the others, many 30 minutes did not estimate that again the Full Moon City riding war was the player can [Enemies at the Gate]."



Therefore, left behind [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate] and other guilds to defend in the Qingyan city, but [Appearance Alliance], [Blood Contract] and other guilds together reenforced Fan Shu City with me, the alliance also nearly 50% military strength headed by [Zhan Long] went to Fan Shu City, superiority that about 100 thousand people, defended a city in addition, believes that was the opposite party comes 800 thousand people also not necessarily able how us.

Went to the Qingyan city, Mu Xuan must build along the windmill, can only draw her without the means starts, Mu Xuan was „queen level" the player, is not willing to sit in me behind, then slantingly sits in the front of G.o.d fierce fine horse, then with a smile and I spoke the intimate conversation that between some women can speak, made that person thump thump heartbeat, was good is quick because of the G.o.d fierce fine horse speed enough, less than 30 minutes galloped arrived under the Fan Shu City city!

The distant place, one group of palace guards speed away to come, that was Han Yuan led „strengthening the defenses and clearing the fields" the team, Fan Shu City is burnt down faced with the northern jungle, and common people in several villages and small towns completely were also shifted in Fan Shu City, the hamlet was burnt down a none remaining, provisions have not left the Full Moon City person.

Fan Shu City city wall surrounding silver, that was the casting the reason of galvanized iron, on the city wall also is the galvanized iron, physical defense can be imagined, above the city wall has stood the player and NPC, everybody at daggers drawn, knows that the distant place invading enemy must arrive. We enter from the east gate, four big city gates also only then the east gate front door is opening, this is used to greet the reinforcements.


Pushes directly into to enter the city, when Mu Xuan stands up from failure discontinues, Han Yuan, Xiao severe and other military officers also raise the long blade to walk, Xiao severe said in a low voice: „Li Shuai, the warhawk rides to search flying to report, the Full Moon City military strength almost turns out in full strength, their dragon crystal artillery are over 1000, in addition innumerable hot crag artillery, one after about double-hour, arrives in Fan Shu City!"

I nod: „Um, searches again."

Saying, was raising the sword to rush to the city wall, looks at the remote north, looked as far as the eye can see even can see the shadow of wilderness, but Yue Qing Qian, Li Mu, w.a.n.g Jian and Wolf and the others arrived at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate above the tower over a city gate, here was highest, can look far.

„Person who why has Full Moon City came?" My some doubt.

Dancing Forest smiled faintly: „Probably was the iron skull city and in Ze deep pool cities. .h.i.ts, it is said the brown pupil and sky rose attacked brutally, at the country war starting the 5 th hour , the brown pupil hung in sky rose one time, was breathless."

I feel relaxed, the US war zone and Russian war zone is hostile, the friction of friction of border region in Indian war zones is more frequent than us, if these two big servers make war, that was favorable for our China area actually, the pressure that after all this we must bear wanted slightly too many to be too many.

At this time, the distant place has raised intermittent mist and dust, one crowd rode the war is the player appears in our fields of vision, was the Full Moon City player, the long-distance raid, crossed the wilderness that stretched to the horizon to attack our comes the guest.

„Came!" Yue Qing Qian is narrowing pair of beautiful eyes, said with a smile: „Comes well quickly!"

Li Mu makes a fist saying: „As if the person are not many, many over 10 thousand riding wars are not the players, or...... I am leading under the melt G.o.d cavalry the city wall, on waiting at ease for an exhausted enemy punches their maliciously?"

In my brain changes mind, said: „No, too be not defeating the Full Moon City person anxiously, let them to the city, has not related."


Li Mu was somewhat puzzled, said: „To melt the elite degree of G.o.d cavalry and scarlet hot cavalry, in addition the heavy cavalry of palace guard, crazy Lei Jun, hot axe armed forces, actually we, so long as attacks, eats these 10 thousand people not to be a problem in one vigorous effort absolutely, moreover own loss will not be absolutely big."

I explained: „You think that now the Chinese war zone made war with Port City and highest heaven city, itself has been tired out by dealing with, but at this time Full Moon City came, if we repel the Full Moon City person rapidly, how the Russian and American think that they will only think our threat serious offenses in the opposite party, the quick truce together will attack Fan Shu City, at the appointed time the Fan Shu City defensive ability goes against heaven's will again cannot block the joint attacks of three big servers."

Saying, I deeply inspire, said: „If I have not guessed that wrong, the Russian players and American players. .h.i.t the biggest reason possibly in dividing our territories had the difference, making them hit, we did not need to manage."

Mu Xuan sits on the crenelation, long skirt flutters gracefully, slender and wispy, is much more beautiful, eats to say with a smile: „Is small is really deep in the plans of this fellow! Simply was too sly!"

I: „......"


Therefore, the people have not attacked, let under the Full Moon City person the city, but the person of UK , France server was not silly, the heavy cavalry stopped under the city does not attack, but dispersed some small enemy forces to eliminate the scattered Chinese player in the surroundings, as well as investigated the map of surrounding plain, forest and fire Divine Mountain and ensure had not been ambushed.

Too careful, it seems like before is, in our hands suffered a loss the trauma.

Again oversized approximately two hours, about 8 : 00 am time, the distant place dense troops threatened the border to come finally, but at this time, many Tian Ling Empire player also friendship helped Fan Shu City to a.s.sist, in Fan Shu City had already guarded over 400 thousand players, by the firmness of city, Full Moon City 800 thousand took us not to have the means decidedly, even if were 1000 dragon crystal artillery is also what kind, we also had the quant.i.ty not less than their dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery, and also had the city alt.i.tude advantage, the firing distance was farther!

If to the bang, the Full Moon City person thought to be simple.


Opposite party lineup Cooldown has surpa.s.sed fully for 30 minutes, finally, the NPC army from full moon empire played the bugle, the war also finally arrived in this moment, the innumerable infantries drove away the giant beast to pa.s.s the attacking a city combat tank, scaling ladder to rush Fan Shu City, hit a secondary lord city to use that big weaponry unexpectedly, but also really thought highly of my Fan Shu City!

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