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World Seed 26 Chapter 26

Aerwyn sent Bon back to work and after a few more hours of exploring, he decided to check up on the wall progress. Souls had steadily poured in from Rorik's hunting group since they left and Aerwyn was getting better at recognizing the strength of each. He made a mental note and decided to categorize them as such:A Grade: Humanoids such as orcs. He a.s.sumed humans, elves, and other races would be the same.B Grade: Hobgoblins, vosk, and barghest.C Grade: Goblins, trolls, and brexil cats.D Grade: Direwolves and tenri.E Grade: Deer, boar, and other game.He could tell the last few souls that had come in were two E grade souls and a D grade by the feeling of warmth they produced in his chest. The warmth each soul gave was different but each appeared to exist within the set range of their grade. 'Perhaps the luminosity being brighter or dimmer has something to do with the warming sensation.'

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The two small breaches had been cleared and the vosk were digging the ditches that the trees would soon fill. The vosk were more intelligent than he gave them credit for as they already knew to square off the broken walls so that there would be no gaps between the wood and stone. As he stood there watching them work, Kabba ran over in a hurry."Master! Master! Kabba did good?""Yes Kabba, you did great. Good job. Continue on to the north...that way... once you're finished with the walls here." Aerwyn was forced to point once again and make a mental note to teach this hobgoblin the cardinal directions soon.Kabba happily accepted and Aerwyn continued to watch his undead work. After an hour or so he decided to head back to the city square and practice controlling his flames along with what Master Ferlin had taught him about melee combat.Two weeks went by in a flash and the walls were nearly finished. The perks of having a undead workforce was that they didn't grow tired and could work through the night. The only section left was the long southwestern section that would probably take another week.The biggest hangup was the time it required to make the rope so once Velk and the other goblins chopped down enough trees for the project he had them join Bon.Two goblins died a few days ago when a wall section collapsed and crushed them. Kabba kowtowed and begged for Aerwyn's forgiveness but he didn't blame the poor hobgoblin. Accidents happen and the collapsed wall would have killed many more had the goblins actually been alive.
Rorik and his group provided Aerwyn with his meals and kept a steady stream of souls coming in day and night. It was greatly needed as Aerwyn had been planning on raiding the goblin settlements nearby once he got back from Setrhyn. He wanted to turn as many goblins into undead as possible and grow his forces so that he could get more work done around the city.Practicing the past two weeks had paid off and he now had much better control over his flames. He was able to fire flame lances much faster now which made him feel like a real mage. His spearmanship had improved as well and he felt more confident in defending himself against an attacker, at least until his undead could come and save him.Last night Aerwyn entered the darkness and called Rorik's group back. They would be his escort during the trip to Setrhyn. All of their souls seemed to have taken minimal damage over the past two weeks and Aerwyn had to give the overgrown dog some credit, his ability to lead a pack was decent. Unfortunately any mana cores worth harvesting were left to be reclaimed by nature as none of the beasts in the pack could properly harvest them without hands.When the morning came Aerwyn left the city with Velk, Rorik, Rin, Ren, the direwolves, and the tenri. He left the rest of the undead to continue working and put Bon in charge just in case anything happened while he was away. The goblins treasure was neatly placed in a pack on Velk's back so he could place another order for weapons with Marik the blacksmith.Travel was uneventful as usual with most creatures doing their best to avoid the rag tag band of undead. They arrived in Setrhyn in the mid afternoon and Aerwyn decided to bring all of the undead in with him. He needed them to carry the spears since his scrawny body could barely lift his own. Marik was working on some steel when they arrived."I'm here to pickup my weapons and put another order in." Marik stopped hammering before turning slowly like he couldn't be bothered. Aerwyn watched how the mans face went from a rough frown to a dazzling merchant smile in an instant, It was quite the feat."Ai, good lad! ...Boy! Go get the fine lads spears! Don't forget the sword and axe too!" Marik called out to the young elf who was working at the back of the shop."Yes father." The boy replied respectfully however it was clear on his face he was annoyed about being interrupted."Now lad, what are you looking to trade this time?"Aerwyn grabbed the pack from Velk and poured its contents along an empty table."An orc mana core along with some goblin, vosk, direwolf, and tenri mana cores... That's a tenri, i'm not sure if that's what elves call them." Aerwyn pointed to the tenri behind him before continuing."There's also some coins, ores, and gemstones.""...Ai, quite the pile of loot lad. Even got a little piece of revarium here.""Revarium?""It's a metal far stronger than steel and far more rare. Your ugly spear is made out of the stuff don't tell me you didn't know lad?" Aerwyn's mind began to race, this was a clue! However small it may be, it was still something."Are you sure? How do you know?" Aerwyn shot out questions immediately."Ai lad calm down. I've been a blacksmith all my life, of course i can spot revarium. Look at the glint the metal makes in the sunlight, it's a silvery blue. Steel don't reflect light like that lad.""If it's rare wouldn't it be expensive to have something like this made?""It'd cost less in the forsaken lands as it can only be found here but i'm a.s.suming that wasn't your question. To have it made in the capital would cost you... A hundred twenty gold, give or take. I don't know what they'd pay out in the human kingdoms but i'd be willing to bet it's far more. I'd keep it to yourself though lad, folks are kind in Setrhyn but if you go around telling people you're walking around with a fortune, they'd likely have a few choice words for ya... and by words i mean they'd kill ya dead and take it from ya."Aerwyn took a deep breath when he heard the price. He didn't know much about the currency used in the world but he knew Tylin was making a fuss about eighty silver so that was enough for him to take Marik's words to heart. The elf boy appeared with a trolley stacked with spears."You're lucky lad, the merchant from the capital arrives tomorrow. If you had shown up later you would've had to wait until next month for me to fill your order. I can do ninety spears for what you got here.""Ah, i need a few wood saws made as well. I plan to do some rebuilding.""I can throw the saws on for free, in the name of future business." Marik wore a devilish smile."...Y-you're not scamming me are you?" Aerwyn questioned suspiciously."You wound this poor old blacksmith. I have served this great village of Setrhyn honestly and with great dignity for-" The same devilish smile stayed on the blacksmith face as if frozen in glee as he paraded on about his dignity."It's fine. If you did scam me, it's because of my own ignorance. I planned to only get around the same amount of spears as last time, so this works either way.""Ai, i knew you were a good lad since i first laid eyes on ya. It's a pleasure doing business. I'll have your order ready in two to three weeks."Aerwyn handed Velk his new battle axe, Velk only grunted and dipped his head for a moment in what Aerwyn a.s.sumed was a bow. Marik tied the spears and saws into a bundle before Aerwyn secured it to Rorik's back against his many protests. He strapped Kabba's new short sword to his waist before taking it out and admiring the craftsmanship.Aerwyn said his goodbyes to Marik before heading to Tylin and Sera's home. He planned to stay the night and head off in the morning since all his business was done here.

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