Why Not Soar Your Majesty Chapter 17.1


Why Not Soar Your Majesty

Why Not Soar Your Majesty Chapter 17.1

Chapter 17.1 - This is d.a.m.n fate 1

Tang Xiao felt like, because of the events at the training centre, the wild power in her body, was quickly becoming uncontrollable!

Chief Ning would come nearly every day, under the pretense of supervising her, but really, he was just there to roast her.

“When Mu Cheng wears the taekwondo robes, it’s flowing and graceful. Even for ordinary people, even at their worst, it can still be seen that they’re exercise clothes. But when you wear them, why does it look like you’re going for a sauna?”

“Tang Xiao, you’re only 23 years old. Why is it that when you kick your legs, it looks like you’re dancing like old people at the shopping centre?”

“My G.o.d, is all the excess fat on your waist blocking your leg again!”

Every time she heard this, Tang Xiao only wanted to kick him in the face.

In comparison, Mu Cheng was just like a little sun.

He wouldn’t organise activities too close together .

Every time, he’d gently and warmly say to Tang Xiao: “If you’re tired, let’s rest for a bit.”

The warmth in his eyes, were enough to drown a person to death.

The moment Tang Xiao meets this warmth, her brain just stops.

She blinks and blinks and stares relentlessly at him.

Even Chief Ning on the side was growing resentful and bitter.

“Cough, cough, cough!”

Tang Xiao then realised she’d lost her composure.

She quickly lowered her head, obediently looking at the floorboards.

But then she couldn’t take it anymore, and would sneak a peek at Mu Cheng again.

Mu Cheng was already used to her habits, after all, his Tang little poem, when she got hungry, was like that too.

“Let’s rest for a bit.” He said.

Tang Xiao obediently ran over to Chief Ning’s side.

“I say, can you be a bit more reserved.” Chief Ning lowered his voice.

Tang Xiao’s face said ‘I don’t care’. “Not drugging him is already reserved enough.”

Chief Ning’s mind went blank. “Drugging? Did Xiao Lin teach you that?”

“No, someone who plays games with me taught me that. Wait, what does that have to do with Xiao Lin?”

Tang Xiao felt like there was something fishy.

Chief Ning quickly regained his usual composure and changed the topic.

“That’s right, with your face, you can only rely on drugging him.”

He looked her up and down.

“Don’t be down, you still have a chance.”

Tang Xiao rolled her eyes.

The suffering that she’d gotten from Chief Ning, she threw it all out when she played games.

Spirit Road players found out that recently, little Tang poem had gotten even more and more ferocious.

Every time she captured someone, regardless of their gender, whether or not they were an emey, she’d lift up her weapon and fight.

Just the j.a.panese Rose guild, had already all been beaten up a few times.

A lot of players couldn’t understand the existence of the j.a.panese Rose guild.

Normally, the whole guild would kill each other, robbing each other blind.

But as soon as their own got bullied by someone else, their whole guild would gang up on them and chase the enemy to the end of the world.

Little Tang poem’s existence made the whole Buddhist temple server feel uneasy, but she had the backing of j.a.panese Rose as well as Ranzhi.

So the ordinary person could only hold it in, and run far away when she came.

Tang Xiao controlled her player and ran around in the wild, but she still couldn’t find a single person by themselves.

Extremely bored, she decided to play on her alt account.

Her alt account was a cute little support nurse with a short purple dress and a feather duster in hand.

It was as cute as cute could be.

This account was the one she’d created when she first joined Spirit Road.

But before she could grow up, she’d already been beaten up by Su Muzhe over 50 times.

Her level and equipment were too low, so she could only do a few daily quests.

She grouped up with a few other low levelled accounts and then went off to Leifeng PaG.o.da.

Leifeng PaG.o.da, strictly speaking, was like a book.

It was 150 levels high, each with their own levelled monsters that could satisfy the needs of players from all different levels.

Tang Xiao grouped up with a female enchantress as well as a female summoner and then ran in headfirst.

The three little characters all had bad levels and equipment, so it was just a road to death.

As a support nurse, Tang Xiao stood at the back and kept healing them.

[Now] King called me to patrol the mountains (Tang Xiao): Babe, can you two not be so far apart, I can’t heal you guys in time.

The female enchantress called Song phrase summoned up a big spell and suddenly, a large mob of monsters rushed towards her.

They hit her a few times, and she was already about to die.

She then dragged the monsters and ran towards Tang Xiao.

If it was on her main account, Tang Xiao wasn’t scared of any amount of monsters.

But this was on her alt account!

Alt account with a fragile skin!

Along with Tang Xiao, the two characters quickly died.

[Now] King called me (TX): F***! Can you guys play or not?!!! You’re so weak, and you still dared to drag so many monsters over?

[Now] King called me: Also! Yuan song, you’re a summoner, can you move a little!!!!! You’re our main attack!!!!

On this side, Tang Xiao was about to go crazy.

On the other side, the two people slowly and unhurriedly, started dying again.

Sometimes, they’d also harm Tang Xiao tooo.

It got to the point where she couldn’t take it anymore, before Tang Xiao threw out a few, “**** your old man’s.”

[Now] Yuan song: **** whose old man?

[Now] King called me: **** your old man! F***, I can’t take it any more, let’s fight 1v1!

Tang Xiao bunched up her sleeves and was ready to fight.

Normally, when she’d been bullied by bosses in game, that was already enough.

But now these little low levelled monsters bullied her to life and death and back again?

She’d already died so much that she’d lost her temper.

Tang Xiao’s explosive temper flared up and the three started fighting.

Or more accurately, it was her and that female summoner Yuan song.


TL note:

Anyone who lets me rest when I’m exercising is also my true love.

TX’s account name = Tang poem where Tang is a dynasty.

Female enchantress = Song phrase where Song is a dynasty.

Female summoner = Yuan song where Yuan is a dynasty.


Leave a comment and for TX to dig her own grave xx

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