Why Not Soar Your Majesty Chapter 44.2


Why Not Soar Your Majesty

Why Not Soar Your Majesty Chapter 44.2

Chapter 44.2 - The Tang poem draped in Muzhe

Today, Tang Xiao found 5 people and …..

Was destroyed for an afternoon.


The snow wolves had a curse and now she definitely believed in it.

The five people had gone through to the seventh level of the snow wolves but once Tang Xiao was added in, the six people died on the second level tragically.

After a bunch of times after being completely annihilated, Tang Xiao’s face was full of tears, This emperor’s face was even more full of tears.

“Little Tang poem, don’t torment us anymore. If you have any grudges against us, just tell us. I’ll definitely change.” He’d died so much that he’d started questioning life.

He started questioning if he really couldn’t beat the second level of the snow wolves’ quest.

[Party] Su Muzhe: Drink strong alcohol, kill the ugliest monsters! Raise me up, I can still kill them.

“You can slowly kill them yourself, okay? We’re not fighting with you for them, can you just let us go? You originally played an enchantress and still get destroyed. Not to mention now that you’ve gotten on boss Su’s big account, you’re not even familiar with its controls and you’re already rushing forward? You haven’t even gotten the chance to cast a spell before getting killed.”

This emperor had just finished screaming and pouring his heart out, telling her to not rush forward and just follow behind them.

But Tang Xiao didn’t listen at all, played an alchemist like an enchantress and wanted to mount a sneak attack.

Without waiting for her to play, she’d already gotten killed.

[Party] Su Muzhe: F****, are you looking down on me?

[Party] This emperor account #3: People can be categorised into two types, one that really wants face, one that doesn’t want face. You’re right in the middle.

[Party] This emperor account #3: Really doesn’t want face.

[Party]  Su Muzhe: …..

Tang Xiao opened up ma.s.sacre mode and wanted to beat him up, but she really wasn’t familiar with Su Muzhe’s account at all.

She didn’t know anything about the cool down periods for the spells or the area of attack at all so she couldn’t calculate how to best do her attacks, she was just randomly hitting keys at this point.

But who knew, somehow, she was the one who ended up dying.

When she hit the ground, they were both a bit stunned.

Tang Xiao suddenly felt like, it was worth dying all those times today.

This emperor felt like, he’d somehow managed to kill Su Muzhe and Tang poem? F****!

[Party] This emperor account #3: Come up! Let’s battle! My blood’s boiling! I can feel like my soul’s just gained a level!

[Party] Su Muzhe: …. Are you going crazy?

[Party] This emperor account #3: To be able to kill of Su Muzhe, I can feel my masculinity levels rising rapidly! Get up! Let me raise my levels again!

Tang Xiao: …..

She suddenly started to reminisce about her own account.

If she was on her own account, she could completely destroy his masculinity.

Even if she couldn’t beat him, she couldn’t let him get away just like that.

She suddenly remembered something and ran to find a GM>

GM: h.e.l.lo, Maomao GM is here for your service.

Su Muzhe: It’s like this, I heard that the accounts that encouraged demonstrations are to have their accounts blocked for two days?

GM: Yes.

Su Muzhe: I’ve discovered an alt account for This emperor! Quickly go block it! He’s currently on the world chat encouraging people to come gather around at Hangzhou so you gotta be quick. Otherwise, the server rooms are going to explode again. Oh, right, you should also see if there’s similar accounts like This emperor account #4, account #5, etc, you have to block them all.  

GM: Thank you for your report, we’ve decided to gift you a red envelope. Thank you for supporting our work.

Su Muzhe: No problem, no problem, it’s my civic duty, I’m proud to work for the people~

The GM’s movements were swift.

This emperor had just sent out a chat before being kicked offline.

He received the same reason as before but what made him go crazy was that all of his other alt accounts were freaking blocked too!

From #2 to #10, the GM didn’t even let go of the tenth small alt account!

He silently put up his middle finger against his screen, his face full of tears.

[Party] Olden day dawn: What happened to This emperor?

[Party] Su Muzhe: …. En? I don’t know, maybe his electricity stopped.

Not too long later, the Mu Cheng who had been looking at his script to the side, received a text message filled with complaints.

-- Boss Su! Little Tang poem’s using your account to streak naked in Hangzhou!

Mu Cheng rubbed his forehead and turned to look at Tang Xiao.

The face behind the screen was grinning mischievously, the laughter in her eyes about to spill out.

He couldn’t help but say, “Tang Xiao.”

Tang Xiao heard this and her expression immediately became guilty. “What?”

“I heard, you’re using my account to streak naked in Hangzhou?”

Tang Xiao’s expression became like a lackey, currying favour as she smiled anxiously, “What? Who did you hear that from? I was just fighting a monster. I just died a bit quickly. Even if you gave me nine lives, I wouldn’t dare to.”

Mu Cheng couldn’t help but pinch her cheeks, “Really?”

Tang Xiao widened her eyes, looking at him sincerely as she nodded her head hard.

“Are you going to continue to look at your script?”

“If you’re like this, I can’t.”

Tang Xiao’s expression became serious, copying Chief Ning’s tone when he lectured her. “There are five reasons if you can’t concentrate. 1) You have a phone in your hand. 2) Your heart has a clown. 3) There’s a clown by your side. 4) Your IQ isn’t in service. 5) There’s an excavator outside your window. If we exclude the phone and the excavator, what reason do you think applies here?”

Mu Cheng slightly laughed, “What do you think?”

It was clearly a gentle question but Tang Xiao felt like he was threatening her so she could only answer truthfully, her heart dripping blood, “There’s a clown by your side, I will reflect.”

Mu Cheng happily tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear, “If you know, that’s good.” Tang Xiao: QAQ


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