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Who Moved My Ashes

Who Moved My Ashes Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

 Jiang Xichu looked at Chen Man. She opened her mouth and said after a long time, "Can you…"

  Chen Man moved gently. She stared at Jiang Xichu's eyes and didn't let go of any of her emotional changes. After a long time, Jiang Xichu finally said, "Can you please not ask me?"

  Chen Man's face immediately became stiff, and she dazedly looked at Jiang Xichu, her face was still a little confused and helpless.  

  Jiang Xichu struggled, and Chen Man let go of her. Jiang Xichu sat on the ground, rubbed her aching temples and whispered, "I'm fine. Really, it takes a while to slowly…"

  As she said this, she looked up and begged Chen Man, "Don't ask, okay? If I could tell you, I would tell you, but…I can't tell you."

  Chen Man looked at her for a long time before she nodded silently.

  In the past, Jiang Xichu never discovered that Chen Man was actually obedient to her. Even though they had their differences at work, in most situations, she still listened to her. Very rarely, does Jiang Xichu discovers her proposal has issues, then runs to Chen Man to apologize. Usually, Chen Man will use her original proposals.

  After knowing Chen Man's thoughts towards her, she naturally knew how worried Chen Man would be if she accidentally encountered this scene. She was worried that she would be afraid to death, but as long as it was Jiang Xichu's request, she wouldn't refuse.

  Jiang Xichu's eyes were red and she didn't want Chen Man to worry anymore. So, she restrained her impulse to cry, placed her chin in Chen Man's shoulder, then turned her head to the other side so that Chen Man couldn't see her expression.

  After a long time, Chen Man said: "Don't tell me, but tomorrow I will take you to see a psychiatrist."

  Jiang Xichu opened her eyes slightly, nodded, and her chin rubbed Chen Man's skin. Chen Man couldn't help but tightly hold her. Jiang Xichu didn't get up and Chen Man didn't move, time didn't move fast or slow. She didn't know what time it was, but Jiang Xichu almost fell asleep when Chen Man whispered, "Xichu, let's go to bed to sleep."  

  Jiang Xichu opened her eyes, her eyes were still a little hazy. At this time, she discovered that she had changed from her original posture to lying within Chen Man's arms.

  Jiang Xichu slowly stood up, after a while, Chen Man moved her numb legs then stood up. Jiang Xichu turned around and wanted to leave, but Chen Man caught her.  

  She looked back and Chen Man seriously said, "Just sleep here, your state, I really don't trust."

  Chen Man said it very sincerely. At this moment, she really didn't have any other thoughts. Even if she didn't know about it before, now she knew that Jiang Xichu's mental state was unstable. She really can't arrange Jiang Xichu to stay in a separate place from her.

  Jiang Xichu was stunned. She walked back obediently, sat on the bed, lifted the quilt and then laid under it.

  Chen Man pursed her lips, followed, then turned off the lights in the room.

  Chen Man's bed was very big, two people lying down had more than enough s.p.a.ce. She was afraid that Jiang Xichu wouldn't be able to adapt, so Chen Man laid on the right side, but, after a while, Jiang Xichu came over to her.  

  In the dark environment, the sounds were infinitely magnified. The sheets and quilt rubbed together and rustled. Chen Man was inevitably nervous. Soon, a soft hand climbed onto her arm, then she felt that her arm was held in someone's arms and placed on their chest.

  Chen Man: "…" Oh my G.o.d.

  "I'm still scared."

  A whisper full of dependency dispelled all the beautiful thoughts from Chen Man's mind. Chen Man turned her head, she saw Jiang Xichu within the darkness who didn't look real. She could only see that she was lying beside her, almost close to her.

  Chen Man was soft-hearted and distressed. She turned around and hugged Jiang Xichu. She wanted to transfer her body temperature to Jiang Xichu, she gently coaxed her, "Don't be afraid, I'm here."

  Jiang Xichu slightly hooked her lips, but soon, this smile disappeared in a flash. After a while, Jiang Xichu asked, "Are you going to leave me?"  

  Chen Man was stunned, there was no reason for this question to be asked. She thought for a moment and felt as if she had found out the truth. Jiang Xichu's relative or friend left her, so she was greatly stimulated, which explained why she was so abnormal.

  Chen Man's heart was worried and replied: "No."

  Soon, Jiang Xichu's voice sounded again and the other side seemed as if she wanted to confirm something, "Never?"

  Chen Man confidently promised, "En, never."

  Jiang Xichu was very warm in her heart. She shrank into the quilt and stared at Chen Man's side profile. "If…there was an accident?"

  "There won't be." Chen Man closed her eyes. "I will overcome all accidents and the accidents won't dare to approach me."

  This sentence was used to coax children, but Jiang Xichu still couldn't help but smile, she asked: "Then, what if I had an accident?"  

  Chen Man opened her eyes without warning. She turned her head and their eyes met. Jiang Xichu was stunned, Chen Man's eyes were strange at this time. Soon, Chen Man turned her head back again. She closed her eyes calmly and spoke lightly, but her words. .h.i.t Jiang Xichu's heart like a thousand pounds.

  "Then I will follow you."

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