Where Winter Is Warm Where Summer Is Cool (Season) Chapter 1 Part1


Where Winter Is Warm Where Summer Is Cool (Season)

Where Winter Is Warm Where Summer Is Cool (Season) Chapter 1 Part1

The plane slowly glided on the runway, and the Eiffel Tower in the distance was as bright as ever. I leaned back on the back of the seat and looked at the name on the ticket. In the past few years, I almost forgot the Chinese name - Jian An Jie. This is the name my parents had originally prepared for their son, but they did not expect it to be a daughter who was born at last.

  The plane finally took off. I closed my eyes and breathed slowly. I always had to endure things like the plane taking off, such as going back to China.

  After a long time, I vaguely heard someone calling me.

  "Hey?" Cheng Jing slammed the door in. "An Jie, are you at home?"


  "Have you stayed in the study room? Have you eaten lunch?"

  "Ate a bit." I snorted and hesitated whether to go back to the room first, or wait, she might leave immediately.

  Cheng Jing took a file from the drawer of the bookcase. "Auntie is going out now, and dad may not come to eat home tonight." She glanced. "Then read the book, remember to eat dinner."

  I nodded and she opened the door.

  "Oh, how come you are at home... you are not saying that you are going today..."

  The corridor outside the study room was filled with noise, far and near, I didn't listen carefully, but I couldn't read the book for a while, and simply closed my eyes.

  I don't know what Ye Lin is doing at this time? He said that he was going to play with his friends, and he is always too busy to meet every weekend.

  Turning from squatting, I saw Cheng Jing standing in front of me.

  "Sorry, I woke you up. Aunt wants to ask you, have you ever had a doc.u.ment? Like this one, it's all yellow cover, it was put there." She pointed to the drawer that was previously taken.


  "It's weird. I saw it there just yesterday."

  I leaned over and picked up the book that slipped on the floor, and was going back to my room.

  "An Jie, you think about it again, perhaps you moved it, and then you forgot about it?"

  I shook my head. "I haven't moved."

  "It doesn't make sense. You are alone in the study today."

  When I opened the door, she dragged along. "Wait, hey, aunt is really in a hurry, if you haven't seen it, shouldn't you help find it?"

  Her grasp was hurting me. "You don't want to pull me."

  "I said you - I am talking to you, how do you always be in this att.i.tude?"

  "You let go first..."

  "Are you deliberately hiding my files?"

  Because I don't like physical contact with people who are too close, especially those who I don't like, so I don't care if I am rude or not.

  "Wait, don't leave!"

  I don't know why she always came to me for trouble. It is obvious that she let my father abandon my mother and destroyed my family.

  "You give me a stop!"

  She caught up to catch me and used a lot of effort. I am afraid of such sudden big movements from an early age, and pushed her open with the following conscious force. Things happened to be caught off guard, Cheng Jing fell backwards, followed by stairs. I was surprised, "Be careful!" I wanted to grab her hand, but it was too late!

  I watched her fall, my footsteps were fixed on the ground, I only felt a shiver all over my body.

  I heard someone running over.

  I looked at the blurred figure in front of me. I can't see who he is, but no matter who you are, can you pull me? I didn't mean it, I didn't want to hurt her...


  "Miss, Miss." Someone whispered to me in the ear, and I opened my eyes a little hard.

  The flight attendant leaned towards me, "Miss, are you not feeling well? Your face is pale."

  "I am fine."

  Is this the first time I had this dream? Tenth, fifteenth, or more?

  I raised my hand to look at my palm, braved in cold sweat, it was trembling a little.

  Harmful to others, is it that I am such a person?

  I let her child die in the womb, I killed a sister or brother who is half-blood related to me. I was also punished, and her excellent and capable nephew slapped me. That was the first time I had been slapped. I only felt very painful and painful. Finally, my father gave me a card and I went to France for six years.

  Six years later, I am still back.

  I took a deep breath and looked at the cold winter scene outside the taxi window. This is my hometown.

  I thought that I would never set foot here again, but my mother's request still made me come back.

  She wants me to go back to the Jian house.

  I got off the bus in front of an old villa. I looked at the house in front of me. When my father bought it, it was a good view, good water, good air, and a long, narrow image. Therefore, the appearance of the stucco wall was only slightly repaired, completely retaining the quaint and solemn sense of history. The red tile was also according to the old system, and the layout was neatly arranged, making the whole house look like an unidentified one. A woman who is a year old is not so young but still beautiful. The spring in the garden when the spring blossoms can't be closed is even more confusing. I used to love it, but now it is strange to me.

  I pushed the iron door and went inside. Going under the eaves, I pressed the doorbell because I didn't have the key.

  Opening the door was a little old lady, she looked at me and looked up and down. "Who are you looking for?"

  "I am… looking for Mr. Jian."

  "Mr. Jian is not here." The old lady was about to close the door.

  "Lin Ma, who is there?" A low voice came from the back room.

  I found that my hand was a little trembling, but I laughed involuntarily.

  The slender figure stepped to the door, his expression was a little unexpected, but not too surprised.

  I walked straight with the luggage.

  "Mr. Xi?" Lin Ma asked with a doubtful voice.

  "She is the daughter of Mr. Jian."

  Daughter... I blinked and I couldn't help but laugh at myself.

  Feeling a light hand, Xi Xi Chen came over and picked up my luggage. I looked down at the hand that was a little too white for a man. "Your hand is beautiful," I said.

  Xi Xi Chen looked at me thoughtfully, I turned to the beginning and stepped upstairs.

  I opened the room I used to have on the second floor. I saw a lot of things in the middle of the familiar display, toy cars, building blocks... on the floor, on the bed, on the table.

  "Yu Lin seems to like your room very much."

  I turned back and looked at the person behind me. "Yu Lin?"

  "Your brother."

  My chest suddenly became a little suffocating, I think I can actually go to Xiaoxiao to have Christmas together.

  "Do you want to sleep in the guest room?" he asked quietly.

  "Guest room?" I smiled, took the luggage from his hand and walked downstairs.

  Xi Xi Chen took my hand from behind, and this move made me tremble, "Let go!"

  "Where are you going, going back to France?" His words were a little urgent.

  I pulled down his hand. "Rea.s.sure, I will go back to France. Although it is not now, but it will be soon."

  He looked at me and his eyes became cold.

  I don't start, "I will come to see him tomorrow."

  "Your father should be back soon." His voice was not shocked. "You can wait."

  "No." This dialogue made me realize that even though I have lived in this family for 17 years, now it is just a pa.s.sing pa.s.senger. "Not to mention that it is so late, I have to go to a place to live, isn't it?" ?"

  He stopped for three seconds and said, "If you mean that you only want to live in your own bedroom, then I will let people clean up."

  "What? What I said earlier, made you think like this?" I scorned, "Put away your self-righteousness."

  Suddenly, he took a step closer to me, and I subconsciously stepped back a big step!

  "You...fear me." This was indeed true.

  I glanced at him. "You are really humorous, Mr. Xi." After I finished, I walked towards the entrance.

  "Yes, Xi Xi Chen," I walked back to the door and smiled. "Do you have to pose such a high posture?"

  Going out the door, there was a little snow outside.

  I went to the bus stop where I used to go to high school and waited for a while, I got the first bus, no matter where it went. There were not many pa.s.sengers in the bus, and it continued on its journey, making a special sound. Near dusk, the street lights on both sides of the street were already lit, and the light of the road was folded over the window. The snow flew in from the window and fell on my cheek, some cold.

  I have a younger brother, but no one has ever told me that. Does it feel that it was unnecessary, or have you avoided me like a snake?

  "Miss, the terminal is here." The driver's voice pulled me back from the snow-like thoughts.

  I got out of the car and looked up at the wilderness. I didn't expect the city to have such a desolate place. Finally, I dialled Pu Zheng's phone. When the phone rang, the person on the other side spoke with a sigh: "Why didn't you call me earlier?"

  "I lost my way, Pu Zheng."

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