Welcome To Freak Class! Chapter 7


Welcome To Freak Class!

Welcome To Freak Class! Chapter 7

The next day…

Yuu yawned while walking. After all, he took a very late shower last night. When he got to the school gate, he saw another group of people, but there was 1% fewer people this time. Yuu ignored them and walked past them like he did last time and glanced over. He was suddenly shocked. Takamaru, who stood there refined and elegant, had turned into a haughty princess with her hands crossed.

"Um, Takamaru, please go out with me," said a boy. Everyone around him was watching them.

“What did you say?” Takamaru asked.

The boy repeated again, “Oh, I said, please go-“

“I refuse.” Before he could finish speaking, Takamaru interrupted.

“Um, why?” 

“Because you're not my type.” She showed a big "X" with both her arms, then turned and left, leaving the group behind.

“Um, what type do you think Takamaru likes?” A girl asked.

“Could it be tall, rich and handsome?” Girl B speculated and the others started to guess as well. Yuu watched the whole thing and walked to his cla.s.sroom.

“Ah, Yuu. You're late. You're usually earlier than me." Yuu turned in the direction of the voice and saw that Takamaru was already inside. He froze, the bag in his hand falling to the ground. The girl before him seemed completely different to the one he had just seen outside.

“Takamaru, you walk really fast. You were just outside and now you're here.” Yuu picked up his bag and walked to his seat.

“Oh, do I?” Takamaru asked with a smile.

“Um, Takamaru. Are you the haughty princess type?” Sweat poured down as he asked. Takamaru bowed her head.

“Haha, you've discovered it.” Takamaru said in her other tone, “Can't you tell I'm the haughty type?” Yuu shook his head.

“Well, I'm not just a haughty princess after all.” 

“Oh… But why does it seem like you're a … tsundere?”

“Do you know that Cla.s.s X has many nicknames?” Takamaru asked. Yuu shook his head in silence.

“Cla.s.s X is called the 'Isolated Cla.s.s', 'Last Cla.s.s' and so on," explained Takamaru. “But do you know what our other nickname is?” Takamaru leaned in and asked. Yuu shook his head again.

Takamaru stood up, walked up to him and said, “Welcome to the 'Freak Cla.s.s'." Yuu gulped.

“Are you kidding?” He asked.


“But, the other students…”

“You just haven't seen it yet, Yuu. You'll find out later.”

Just then, the bell rang and the students sat in their places and waited for cla.s.s to begin.

Takamaru stood up, walked up to him and said, “Welcome to the 'Freak Cla.s.s'." Yuu gulped.

“Are you kidding?” He asked.


Yuu, “But, the other students…”

Takamaru, “You just haven't seen it yet, Yuu. You'll find out later.”

Just then, the bell rang and the students sat in their places and waited for cla.s.s to begin.

*After cla.s.s*

'Is what Takamaru said true?' Yuu thought as he sat in the perfect spot he had previously found. Right then, someone walked up to Yuu.

“Um, can I sit here?” Yuu looked up and saw Haruyama.


Haruyama pulled a chair and sat down for lunch. The two didn't have anything to talk about.

“Um, Haruyama.”

“What is it?” Haruyama asked politely.

“Is Year 3 Cla.s.s X the 'Freak Cla.s.s'?” Yuu whispered. Haruyama nodded.

“But some of the students are pretty normal," argued Yuu. Haruyama nodded, then paused and shook his head.

“Yuu, although they are normal students, it doesn't mean that they are normal.” 

“Haruyama!” All of a sudden, someone pounced on Haruyama from the side. Yuu didn't have the time to respond yet. (⊚ _ ⊙).

“Where did you go?” It was Chiya.

“Chiya, don't hit me out of nowhere.” Haruyama stood up and grabbed the corner of the table. “I'm just here to chat with Yuu.”

“Oh.” Chiya nodded and turned to Yuu. “h.e.l.lo! I'm Chiya, Haruyama's childhood friend!”

“h.e.l.lo…” Yuu said. “Are you alright, Haruyama?”

"Yes, thank you for your concern.” Haruyama sat down again.

“I think I understand what you mean.” Yuu spoke into Haruyama's ear. The two looked at each other and sighed.

“Hey, Yuu.” Haruyama called him.

“What is it?” Yuu saw Haruyama's finger pointing gently at his back. He roughly understood.

“Don't worry about it, Haruyama.” He knew Haruyama wanted to tell him that Takamaru was staring at him, so he patted him on the shoulder. Chiya saw Takamaru sitting behind and ran to greet her. Takamaru responded politely.

“Haruyama, do you think Takamaru is a haughty princess?” Yuu quietly asked.

“Haven't you heard, Yuu?” Haruyama was surprised to see that Yuu had no idea.

“Takamaru is the daughter of Gao Huang Group.” Yuu looked at Haruyama in surprise (⊙△⊙). “She's called the 'Haughty Princess' and 'Ice Princess' because she's rather arrogant and not very nice to people, but she knows how to be polite. She's nice to whoever's pleasing to the eye.” Haruyama explained Takamaru's origins.

“Besides, all the rich students here have stewards or maids of the same age to follow them. Only she doesn't. This is also one of the reasons she's famous in the academy.” Haruyama finished his last bite.

“However, she seems to have few friends and a large number of fans. She can sure endure the loneliness.” Yuu listened and seemed lost in his story.

“Yuu, let's go back to cla.s.s!” Haruyama stood up to leave. Yuu nodded. Seeing that they were about to leave, Chiya said goodbye to Takamaru. She watched Chiya leave and glanced back at Yuu's silhouette.

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