Welcome To Freak Class! Volume 5 Chapter 221


Welcome To Freak Class!

Welcome To Freak Class! Volume 5 Chapter 221

Deep in the forests of Ayden Plains, members of the Order of The Rose were busy dealing with the bodies of the demonic forest bears. It had been some time since they fled Ancient Ayr City, and it all seemed like a dream.


Bella didn't think it was a dream, and she guessed that the “Knight a.s.sembly” activity might end early. Because of Bella and her teammates, Ancient Ayr City, which was initially sealed into the Ayden Plains s.p.a.ce, appeared in this world.


The ancient city had too many hidden secrets to be known. Once it appeared, the Imperial Union would certainly seal off the Ayden Plains for a long time to deal with all the shady things going on in Ancient Ayr City.

Bella didn't have the time to bother about these things now. The Rose Knights were staying by a stream. Before they were stationed there, the demon army had sent a large number of skeleton soldiers to help Bella set up camp, which also saved them some efforts.

Now, Bella and Lisha were bathing in an artificially dug pool. The bas.e.m.e.nt of Ancient Ayr City was too dirty. When they came out, they were covered in dust and felt uncomfortable.

Bathing with Bella was Ingrid, Stacey, Elise, and Knight King Liath. Bella's previous worries were a bit redundant. Ingrid and the others had never seen the real appearance of Knight King Liath. Naturally, they wouldn't have thought that this beautiful young girl would be the legendary Knight King.

“Bella… thank you for your help.”

“Bella, I owe you one. Tell me, what do you want as a reward?”


Stacey and Elise hesitated for a moment but ended up thanking Bella. It was really shameful for them. The hero who rescued the three Dragon Knights was actually a knight with a questionable Holy Knight status.


Although Bella had groped them before, Stacey and Elise didn't take it to heart. Ingrid lowered her head shyly and didn't dare to look at her students. She wanted to remind Stacey and Elise to stay away from Bella, this problematic girl.


However, Stacey and Elise's attention was on Knight King Liath. Although this beautiful girl looked weak now, her accomplishments weren't lower than a Dragon Knight.

“It's okay. By the way, the guy who captured you may reappear. In case anything happens, I'm giving you the necklace you're wearing now!”


Bella gave the “Tears of the G.o.ddess,” already worn around Stacey and Elise's neck, as gifts to them, and she didn't intend to take it back. Stacey and Elise expressed their thanks and accepted without much thought.

The “Tears of the G.o.ddess” that Bella had given them had a mini tracking array underneath the vial. Bella had “booked” the presidents of the two knight academies in advance.

“Liath, you have to come to Olsylvia! Everything there is the best. If you come…”

“Don't listen to her nonsense. They can't even touch the Earth Knights; they're not real knights. It's better if you come to Ogleria Academy!”

With their safety restored, Stacey and Elise began to s.n.a.t.c.h her away. One more Dragon Knight was always better. Because Miss Ingrid, a teacher of Olsylvia Academy, was present, they couldn't try to s.n.a.t.c.h her in front of a school teacher, so they had to target Liath, whose status as a student was still uncertain!


These la.s.ses actually dared to entertain thoughts about Liath. Based on strength alone, Stacey and Elise together weren't Knight King Liath's match.

While the others weren't paying attention, Bella swam behind Ingrid and hugged the beautiful Dragon Knight from the back.

“What are you… what are you doing? Stop, they're still there!”


Ingrid's chest was suddenly molested, causing her to almost cry out. There were still outsiders around. She didn't expect Bella, this naughty student, to be so impatient. To prevent Stacey and Elise from noticing anything unusual, Ingrid didn't dare to remove the hand on her chest and could only allow Bella to continue her a.s.sault.


“Older sister Ingrid, go over there with me. Or else, I'll…”

“Let me go… Don't! Isn't it good enough for me to go with you?!”


“Hmph, that's the way, Miss… no, older sister Ingrid.”

After Bella succeeded, she gave Lisha a look that said not to worry and quietly pulled Ingrid behind a rock in the pool. Lisha smiled knowingly and didn't disturb the special “field training” between Bella and Ingrid.

Stacey and Elise eventually failed to persuade Knight King Liath to transfer to their academy. This beautiful blonde knight proclaimed herself as Bella's a.s.sistant knight and refused to transfer to other academies.


Stacey and Elise couldn't do anything. They didn't get it. Why was such a strong dragon knight like Liath level of the strong willing to recognize Bella as her Knight Lord when she had such a questionable Holy Knight status?

The knight's a.s.sistant was similar to a knight's attendant. The difference was that an attendant was mainly engaged in work relating to leading the horses, while an a.s.sistant was a servant knight who a.s.sisted a knight on the battlefield. The two could be combined, but if one had the money and could afford it, it wasn't a problem to hire them separately. Bella obviously belonged to the latter.

Some attributes of Knight King Liath were similar to a certain “Idiot Hair King” character in an anime from Bella's previous world. They both loved food, so Bella had managed to buy her off with a little food. However, there was still some difference between the two. Liath didn't have “idiot hair,” and she wasn't flat. She was pretty busty.

The other members of the Rose Knights were a little puzzled about Bella bringing other girls to their camp, but they weren't surprised. After that night, Bella's interests were basically known to them all. They were just a little curious about how Bella had brought Ingrid.

Ingrid was a teacher. Bella wouldn't do that to a teacher, would she… Although Ingrid was only about five years older than them, the taboo relationship between a teacher and a student had never existed in the history of Olsylvia Academy.


Ingrid was currently kissing Bella behind the rock in the pool. She had repeatedly been reminding herself that Bella was her student. But Bella's teasing techniques were so skilled that Ingrid almost moaned out loud.

Ingrid didn't dare to make any sounds. Stacey and Elise were still there. These two were the presidents of the Student Union from other schools. They were from the same empire as her and were Dragon Knights.


Ingrid was afraid of facing the eyes of the world after such a thing was discovered. Bella looked at Ingrid, who was struggling between morality and instinct. She grew more excited. The feeling of being burdened by morality made her move her hands even faster.


When the white fog cleared the next day, the “Knight's a.s.sembly” held by Ogleria Academy and Ophelias Academy was canceled due to unknown reasons.

Some students had suddenly discovered the ruins of Ancient Ayr City in the Ayden Plains. To conceal this shameful history, the organizer, Prince Hilton, a representative of the Octavia Empire, unilaterally announced the cancellation of the event until next time.

As for the mysterious white fog and the strange events that followed, the others had forgotten what happened during the period when they disappeared except for Bella and her people. Thus, they didn't mention this matter.

Bella and her team returned to Olsylvia Academy contentedly. This time, she had gained a lot; she managed to corrupt the Knight's Studies teacher, the beautiful Dragon Knight Ingrid and picked up Knight King Liath as her a.s.sistant for nothing. She successfully sold her lingerie products to Crimson Knight Elise and Styx Knight Stacey and had persuaded more than twenty beautiful girls from the Knight Department into her organization.


The biggest harvest which Bella hadn't told anyone was the bone chains she found on Knight King Liath. It was the strongest dragon binding chain in history. With this treasure, Silver Dragon Princess Isabel and the other dragon princesses had no way out of being her mounts.

There were still a few more days to go before Olsylvia Academy resumed cla.s.ses. Bella and her team came back through the teleportation array just in time for the academy's lunch break. During the lunch break, there weren't a lot of students walking around in Olsylvia Academy, so it was tranquil.

Lisha volunteered to a.s.sume the task of taking Knight King Liath through the transfer procedures before reporting to Bella's dormitory in “Pure White Heaven.” n.o.ble knights received one or two knight attendants, and Olsylvia Academy allowed them to bring their attendants to the dormitory after registering.


Bella said goodbye to the girls from the Knight's Department for the time being. The members of the Rose Knights had already changed out of the s.e.xy armor that was designed by Bella when they came back. After having an intimate relationship with Bella, they felt that only Bella had the right to see them in such equipment.

Bella walked through the quiet campus of Olsylvia Academy and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Indeed, there was no place like the academy, and she truly felt this upon returning.

At the gates of the Filomena n.o.bility Academy, Bella saw Kriss dressed as a silver swordswoman. She seemed to be waiting for someone. The beautiful young swordswoman with silver hair, carried a sword for training behind her as she looked around with those purple eyes.


As the only girl Bella has ever professed to, Kriss' status as her “formal girlfriend” was approved by Ariel and her other roommates. The task to welcome Bella was naturally given to Kriss.

Bella was greeted not only by Kriss but also by her sister, Princess Khalifa. This beauty with long moon-white hair could be said to be rare beauty if she wasn't compared to Kriss.

Khalifa looked a little nervous. During Bella's time battling the Beastmen, she had asked Bella to bring her army with her. Bella had bullied her all the way, leaving Khalifa rather speechless. She actually liked the feeling of being bullied by Bella.


Princess Khalifa was also wearing swordswomen's equipment. She had now chosen to “band together” with Kriss to secretly oppose the forced political marriage arranged by Gabriel Empire's Emperor Alfred the Third. Under the interference of Bella's political ally, Prince Frauer, their plan to carry out political marriages was postponed indefinitely.

Perhaps influenced by Princess Kriss, Princess Khalifa was also dressed very modestly. She had applied to move to Bella's dormitory building, “Pure White Heaven,” for her accommodation. She came out with Kriss to meet Bella and also to greet her dormitory owner.

Bella was about to walk over to greet Kriss when she was pulled behind a big tree by a really strong girl.


Bella was unable to respond at the time. Since arriving at Olsylvia Academy, no girl had dared to take the initiative to tease Bella except for Black Dragon Princess Clariss. Bella had always been the only one to pull other girls. Today, “revenge” had been taken out on her, and she was surprised.


The person who pulled Bella surprised her even more. It was President Isaman who wasn't really close to her. President Isaman was the Student Union President of the Euphemia Imperial Academy in the western part of the campus and was among the top three of Olsylvia Academy's top ten campus beauties.

Isaman's long violet hair fluttered gently in the wind, her blue eyes staring at Bella. When Bella saw the mysterious purple priest outfit that Isaman was wearing, she remembered that this beautiful girl, whom she hadn't hooked up with yet, was merely a special sacrifice.


For a priest to be able to pull a knight away meant her strength was too unfair. Bella returned to school wearing heavy knight armor, which weighed a lot. Yet Isaman was able to pull her. Her strength really made Bella wonder if she was in the wrong profession.

“President Isaman, please don't do this. I'm an honorable person. I already have a girlfriend. It's not good if others see…”


“You… Who's not honorable? You being an honorable person would be such a joke. Besides Kriss, you still have…”

“Wait … President Isaman, when did you take on a part-time job with the Disciplinary Committee of the academy? Isn't that Natasha's job? Don't overstep your authority…”

“Also, school regulations do not stipulate that intimacy among girls is a violation!”

Isaman stepped away from Bella. The problematic student was like the plague. The girls she was in contact with had all changed. Even Natasha, the President of the Disciplinary Committee, had a secret affair with her. Isaman was afraid that she would be possessed and quickly stepped backward away from her.

Because of the secret obstruction by the First a.s.sociation, the Fraternity, the school regulations of Olsylvia Academy didn't stipulate any restrictions between same-s.e.x interactions. According to school regulations, Isaman really couldn't do anything about Bella's discipline violation. She was neither a member of the Disciplinary Committee nor the Student Union president of Bella's branch.


“Stop it. I've come to talk to you about business. The Alexandra Academy for Foreign Races next door has resumed cla.s.ses, and the exchange match with them isn't far off. This is a warm-up before the big compet.i.tion between the twelve academies. I look forward to your performance.”


“That's right; please continue observing Elaine like I mentioned last time. Recently, I feel that she's a little strange!”

Bella could only nod and acquiesce to Isaman's request. Both Isaman and Elaine were both “problematic.” If Bella weren't into them, she wouldn't have accepted this sort of task.

Isaman told Bella about the upcoming activities of Olsylvia Academy. The most important one is the academy's freshman qualification compet.i.tion, which was about to start. The qualifying matches were divided into individual and team matches. Bella wasn't very interested in the matches, but this was a necessary part of the academies of the Other World, so she couldn't avoid it.


“Mmm, that's all then. Go and meet up with them! I won't disturb you from meeting your girlfriend.”


“President Isaman, you're also my girlfriend, I…”




Isaman turned around and left after explaining everything. When she heard the sentence, “You're my girlfriend,” Isaman paused as if she were stunned. However, she soon recovered.

Isaman left quickly. For the first time, she didn't deny Bella's words, which gave Bella some hope. She now had one more goal, which was to strive to make President Isaman switch from “default girlfriend” to “real girlfriend.”

“Bella, you're back. The a.s.sembly was temporarily canceled. Did something unexpected happen?”

“Of course not. What could happen there? I'm guessing they must've found antiques and wanted to clean up the scene!”

Bella didn't tell Kriss about the brief interlude with President Isaman. After meeting at the entrance of the Filomena n.o.bility Academy, Bella took the two princesses, Kriss and Khalifa, to look for a breezy cafe to rest.


G.o.d knows what was up with this year's weather. It wasn't even summer, but the afternoon sun was scorching hot. Although the Sun G.o.d of the G.o.d World was most likely dead, the sun was still full of vitality.

Naturally, Bella and Kriss held hands, making Princess Khalifa, who was restless on the side, unsure of what to do. Bella directly held her with her other hand. Anyway, both sisters were hers, so holding their hands wasn't a problem.

“Bella, what are you…”


“Be quiet, or I'll kiss you now.”

“No, not now. You can't do this sort of thing during the day…”


“I see, so it's alright at night?”


Khalifa simply shut up and stopped talking. Bella was too bossy, so she couldn't compete with her. To avoid being bullied at night, Khalifa chose to remain silent.


There were many shops in the Olsylvia Academy. Even at noon, many shops opened their doors to welcome students. The shops here were also graded. Some of them were aimed at civilians, some served aristocrats, and some served royalty.

Bella had a little trouble choosing a store. She was a grand d.u.c.h.ess with two princesses. Right then, she didn't know whether to go to the royalty or the aristocrat store.


While Bella had difficulty choosing, a new shop on the side of the street attracted their attention. The architectural style of this shop was obviously not of the Human Race. Human buildings were built with brick. This store was built entirely out of wood, which looked foreign.

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