Welcome To Freak Class! Chapter 21


Welcome To Freak Class!

Welcome To Freak Class! Chapter 21

To my silly mum,

h.e.l.lo, mum. You must be wondering what I’m doing here, right? I’m fine here. I prefer my present life to the previous one. If you’re wondering whether I will be bullied, I can guarantee that won’t happen here.

Dear Readers. Sc.r.a.pers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a sc.r.a.per site. Please don't.

I made some friends at Yuri Academy. Takamaru Chiko is the first friend I made. Now, I am her friend and butler. The second friend I met is Haruyama. Although he is very quiet, he is a good person. He often hangs out with Chiya. I also have many other friends.

In fact, quite a lot of things have happened here but we’ve managed to move forward. During the servant campaign, I had to fight against the fiercest person in the academy. Of course, I beat him. I’m just worried he might come looking for me. When my cla.s.smates heard the news, they were all happy for me. Perhaps no one would mess with them now that I’ve defeated him.

Actually, there are a lot of weird people in my cla.s.s. Let me tell you a secret–there is a perverted fujoshi, the king of fighting (as everyone calls him), a playboy and so on in our cla.s.s. There are still a few normal people in my cla.s.s. I hope they won’t beat me up when they find out, or will they?? Not only that, our quiz was more like an exam! I felt mentally exhausted after the quiz. By the way, the academy will hold a cultural festival soon. I will take some photos of yummy food and the academy’s environment for you to collect in your photo alb.u.m.

Mum, if you’re worried that someone will come knocking on our door, don’t worry. Someone will take care of that. I also hope that this calm and ordinary life can be maintained, and Dad will deal with those things. I won’t have to worry about returning to that world, that place…

I’ll go home this holiday, so please prepare a good meal to welcome me! Dad will be back too, right? Then we can celebrate together. Alright, that’s all for now. I’ll be waiting for your next letter! 

Moris.h.i.ta Yuu

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