Welcome To Freak Class! Chapter 17 Part2


Welcome To Freak Class!

Welcome To Freak Class! Chapter 17 Part2

*After cla.s.s*

Takamaru went to the cafeteria to have her meal. She found a nice place to sit down, but was soon surrounded by her fans.

Everyone had a pleasant chat and Takamaru even laughed.

“Ah, it's Yuu.” For a moment, she noticed Yuu who was sitting in front. When she saw him, she turned away at a 45 degree angle immediately, trying to avoid him seeing her.

Two seconds later, Takamaru turned around again. Seeing that Yuu wanted to leave, she said, “Dear students, please lower your voice. You'll disturb others.” At the end of her speech, the people around her began to lower their voices. Seeing this, Yuu sat down again to eat his lunch. 

'Why should I speak for him?' thought Takamaru.

After eating, Yuu left his seat. Takamaru ignored him.

*During Cla.s.s*

“Hmm? Where is Yuu? ” Mr. Kawamata didn't see Yuu upon entering the cla.s.sroom. “Takamaru, can you please go look for him?” Takamaru stood up and walked out of the cla.s.sroom.

She didn't know where Yuu was, but she had an intuition that led her in her search. At last, she found Yuu asleep on the bench.

“Yuu? Yuu!” Takamaru called him up.

“Yes, Takamaru?” Yuu sat up and rubbed his eyes.

“The bell rang a while ago.” Our teacher told me to look for you when he saw that you weren't there.” Takamaru was standing beside him.

“What?! ? The bell has already rung?! How could I sleep so soundly?” Yuu glanced at his watch.

“Let's go back to cla.s.s then,” said Takamaru.

'After that incident, I feel as if I'm constantly staring at Yuu's back. Why is that? I feel as if he's different from everyone else. It's like he has a different vibe that makes me want to explore just what it is….'

*Fast forward to the school holiday*

Today was a day off for students because they had just finished their quiz. All the students in Cla.s.s X were staying in the dormitory.

“…" Takamaru sat at her desk, reading and doing some exercises. “I'm a little bored,” she said.

She stood up and walked to the small bookcase and picked up a book, leaning against the wall beside her bed to read.


“What sound is that?” Takamaru heard a loud noise outside. She leaned against the door to hear what was happening.

“Hey!” She heard Yuu call out.

“Moris.h.i.ta, don't think I don't know," said Onoe.

'Onoe?' thought Takamaru as she continued to listen.

“What do you mean?” Yuu wanted to get rid of her.

“Didn't you just eavesdrop outside the restroom?” 

“How do you know?” 

“Idiot! The corridor lights were on!” She sneered. Only then did Yuu realize that she hadn't turned on the lights just to find out if anyone was pa.s.sing by.

Takamaru sat up and wondered, 'Could Onoe be…'

She heard Onoe drag Yuu into her room. She sat on her bed and leaned against the wall to eavesdrop again.

“Hehehe, let's start then," said Onoe.

“Start what? What do you want?!” Yuu was trembling. Next door, Takamaru's heart started to pound.

“Wow! Moris.h.i.ta, you've got abs," praised Onoe as she continued touching him. Takamaru's face flushed at that.

She couldn't keep listening, so she opened the door, walked to Onoe's room, took a deep breath and opened the door.

The door was opened with a loud bang.

“Who is it?!” Onoe looked up, while Yuu's eyes were still shut tight. Seeing that Onoe didn't continue to lift his T-shirt, he opened his eyes and saw Takamaru dressed in a white dress and standing at the door.

“Onoe, what are you doing?” Takamaru asked coldly.

“I…” Before Onoe could finish speaking, Takamaru immediately grabbed the rope on Yuu's hands to drag him out when she noticed the situation. Takamaru closed Onoe's door and dragged Yuu away.

“Can you untie me, Takamaru?” Takamaru kept quiet as she dragged Yuu to his room. He thought that she was going to open the door for him, but Takamaru continued dragging him to her room and locked the door.

She dragged Yuu to the bed and squatted beside him.

“Um, what are you doing, Takamaru?” Yuu started sweating. Takamaru didn't say a word but traced Yuu's abdomen with her fingers.

“Wow, you do have abs.” Takamaru murmured.

“Takamaru, you eavesdropped on us, didn't you?” 

“Is there a problem with that?”

“Of course there is! Since you heard us, why didn't you come and save me?”

“Because it's fun.”

After a while, Takamaru stood up and went to get a pair of scissors from her desk to cut the rope.

“Go back to your room,” she said.

After Yuu went back, Takamaru sat in a daze.

'Why do I care so much about him?' Takamaru blinked as she pondered deep down.

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