Welcome To Freak Class! Chapter 10


Welcome To Freak Class!

Welcome To Freak Class! Chapter 10

The next day, Yuu went to school with his head bandaged. Everything was as usual, but…

“Morning.” Yuu opened the door and saw everyone looking at the blackboard.

“What's going on?” Yuu walked to his seat and put down his bag. The moment he looked in the direction everyone was staring at, he couldn't keep looking.

[To all students, today the academy will hold an activity, namely, a servant election, which was proposed by Takamaru Chiko. The venue is the auditorium. Each cla.s.s will need to send two representatives.]

“What is that?” Yuu looked with a frown.

“It seems that… they want the cla.s.s to send representatives,” said Nishihara.

“Then, who should we send?” asked Tomoe.

“If this election is for Takamaru, then they must be boys,” answered Nagano. 

“Mmm, that makes sense. Then let's vote!" cried Tomoe. Yuu had a vague premonition.

“Why…” Yuu thought as he gathered in the auditorium with Akamatsu. There were many people here for the election.

“Ah, don't worry, Yuu!” Akamatsu patted him on the back.

“Oh…” Yuu looked at him with this expression ?.

*Before the election*

“Let's vote!” said Tomoe.

“How should we vote?” Ushi looked at Tomoe with his arms folded.

“We'll nominate someone and then vote.” Tomoe suggested with her hands on her hips. “Then let's start!”

“Does anyone want to nominate someone?” Tomoe looked at the others who were thinking.

“Me! I nominate Ushi!” shouted Akamatsu.

“I nominate him.” Ushi meant Akamatsu.

“Then, who votes for Akamatsu? Please raise your hand.” All thirteen people voted for him.

“Alright then, Mr. Akamatsu. Do your best!” 

“Leave it to me!” Akamatsu clapped his chest.

“Who's next?” asked Nagano.

“I nominate Yuu.” Haruyama raised his hand.

“What?!” Yuu was surprised. “I-I don't want to!!”

“Then let's look at the number of votes,” said Ushi.

“Those who vote for Yuu, please raise your hand!” Thirteen of them voted for him as well.

“My G.o.d…” Just like that, Yuu and Akamatsu ended up representing Cla.s.s X in the election.

*Back at the auditorium*

Soon, the election was about to begin. Director Yosuke Hisa was standing on the stage, in front of Takamaru.

“Dear students, our election campaign has officially begun!” At the end of his speech, the crowd began to cheer.

“First of all, we'll test your balance. Each student must stand on the tightrope and maintain your balance. Don't worry about falling, there will be a net underneath.” As the director spoke, Takamaru watched from the sidelines.

'Is there such a thing in an election?' ?Yuu thought. He and Akamatsu kept their balance on the tightrope. From time to time, some people would fall down. Their shouts sounded as if they were falling off a cliff, which frightened Yuu.

In about an hour, the test of balance was completed. Both Yuu and Akamatsu pa.s.sed.

“Well, it seems that fifty out of one thousand and fifty two of the students are still standing. The next test is physical strength. We have prepared some articles. Students, please open your hands and let us place some articles on your hands. You have to hold on.”

When Yuu and Akamatsu got into position, they opened your hands and started carrying those items with their legs opened in a horse stance. Items slowly stacked up, including books, bricks, stationery, etc.

'I'm speechless.' ?Yuu thought to himself. Some people began to fall over. Right when Yuu was about to fail, the test ended. Yuu breathed a sigh of relief.

“Please rest for a while now. The next test will start in ten minutes," said the director. Everyone sat together; some were chatting, some were quiet, while others were sleeping.

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