Weapon Master Chapter 2257


Weapon Master

Weapon Master Chapter 2257

At this parable to the strongest sect in the nine heavens, the "Clear Void Dao Pavilion". And the experts that appeared in this place were obviously not the entire Fairy Clan. If the Netherworld G.o.d Tribe left the s.p.a.ce between the cracks, they would probably sweep across the entire plane."Halt!"The three Sky Sovereigns cried out at the sae here to stop Tang Huan.To receive such an order froparably large pebble, rubined their tentacles and swept theparably violent Strength Qi was like a parably coe an independent region, as if all ties with the outside world had been severed."An insignificant skill!"Tang Huan shook her head and laughed sinisterly. The long sword in her hand parably swift and fierce Strength Qi panied by a pletely losing the courage to resist.As for those jellyfish that had just been sent flying, they had not even pletely ripped into pieces by the Strength Qi that cae paralyzed and could not move at all."You can finally bear it?" Tang Huan stood in the air with the Pure Yang Divine Sword in her hand and couldn't help but laugh. The "Primal Chaos Origin Crystal" and the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" that had just rotated back earlier were already lingering by her side. In front of Tang Huan, a figure of Pang Shuang appeared out of nowhere. It was a jellyfish life form that was hundreds of meters tall.

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