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Weapon Master Chapter 1178

Chapter 1178 - sucking Epletely disappeared, and Tang Huan's figure clearly entered everyone's line of sight."Why is plain in their hearts, not daring to show any dissatisfaction on their faces."Ruplicated expressions.If this guy did not suddenly appear and mess things up, when everyone's cultivation was cleansed by the sucking, their cultivation would have definitely risen by a lot.However, other than the few cultivators who had obtained the "Heaven and Earth Dao Bead", the rest of the people in the "Heaven and Earth Dao World" could be said to have obtained nothing at all. This opportunity had been taken away by that guy, causing everyone to feel aggrieved.But because of Hu Si's existence, they did not dare to say anything.Sensing that everyone's expression was strange, Tang Huan could not help but ask in surprise: "Master Hu Si, what's wrong with these people, as if I stole their billions of 'Initial Spirit Heavenly Crystal'?""You did not s.n.a.t.c.h their billions of Initial Spirit Heavenly Crystal s, but you absorbed all the energy that they deserved." Hu Si smiled."Huh?"Tang Huan was startled. He only reacted and discovered that the entire "Heaven and Earth dao world" was empty. He couldn't help but smile.Previously, he had always been focusing on the "Myriad Sword Heavenly Diagram". Although he knew that his sucking contained a huge amount of power and felt that during this process, there had been a person who had attacked him before, he did not take it to heart and also did not think that he would need to cleanse this place of all the energy. Even after he woke up, he did not immediately realize this point."Don't even think about it, you being able to obtain all the power here in the sucking is also your ability."Hu Si slightly smiled, and said while floating forward, "Little fellow, let's go out first." As she spoke, Duan Wuya had already rushed into the archway, followed by Nie Zhitong. The moment the two moved, the rest of the cultivators also explosively shot towards the high platform.Tang Huan took a light breath and quickly followed.

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