Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me Chapter 1223


Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me Chapter 1223

One second to refortable and enjoyable thing to do.Under the setting sun in vacation villa, e to a day where I have to help you block the wine! ""This little bit of wine, I can still drink it!"Yan Bang, who was extree your father-in-law … ""I haven't agreed yet! "You are not allowed to pany you every single day! ""Big Bangbang looks forward to your arrival!"Yan Bang smiled in his heart."Then it's a deal! As soon as I start my summer vacation, I'll run over and play with you! "Thus, the phone was hung up in a cheerful atmosphere.Feng Xinglang looked at Yan Bang, and gave a meaningful snort, "Bo, are you jealous? Having a child would make life much more enjoyable! "Trust me!"Yan Bang cast a deep glance at Feng Xinglang, and said with a light smile. I won't be able to achieve it in this lifetime! ""Is that thing of yours really crippled? No way... You can't even have children? "It was unknown whether it was on purpose or intentional, but Feng Xinglang had misinterpreted what Yan Bang meant."Brother Bang, that thing of yours is truly … Was he really crippled? "Let me see..."Bai Mo reached out his hands and headed towards a place that Yan Bang could not describe.And Yan Bang actually did not dodge!"It's fine... It was pretty normal! "How could it be wasted?"Bai Mo puzzledly muttered to himself.Feng Xinglang jeered, "Try harder … That way, the effect will be even better! "Bai Mo realized something just then, but still took his time to retract his hand."Feng Er, look at how sharp you are! I have seen all of you and Brother Bang's, and have touched all of them! Even if you were just a little older than me, you wouldn't be as imposing as my Brother Bang! What are you being c.o.c.ky for! "This topic...On one side, the three brothers were enjoying the wine while on the other hand, the Hetun was in a furious rage."Yan Bang that monster is actually still alive?"With a "pa" sound, Hetun smashed the photos of her sons Feng Xinglang and Yan Bang hugging each other under the embankment."He actually came back to harm my son!"

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