War Of The Realms 14 Tears On The Blade Of A Sword


War Of The Realms

War Of The Realms 14 Tears On The Blade Of A Sword

I wandered the eerie, stone corridors, searching for my next battle. The others had most likely defeated their monsters by now. Could they be in danger? Has the Maze split us apart so none of us can save eachother? My thoughts swiveled round in my mind, like a tornado, ripping apart any logical ideas that came it's way.No, I must stay calm. Panicking never solves anything.As I turned another corridor, I stumbled into a large opening. I had found it! My final boss room. The centre slab gave off a terrifying aura. This is the room I was afraid of. Who knows how it will chose to torture me.I took a deep breath and placed my palm on the slab. The black sparks swirled around, as if they were part of a dance routine. Two shadows formed in front of me, their molten eyes staring into my corrupted soul. No one moved. The silence suffocated me. Were they going to attack? I inched forward. Nothing- no reaction at all from my enemies. Weird. I guess the first moves mine then!I created a long icy blade and charged towards the shadows. Just as I was about to plunge my sword straight into the beast's head, a familiar face appeared. I immediately lost my balance and stubbled backwards, falling onto my a.s.s and losing my weapon in the process. I starred up at the people before me- no not people, monsters imitating a once living soul. But they looked so real. I closed my eyes like a child, wishing they would go away. They didn't. The faces still peered down at me, as if they were looking at a helpless animal."No..." I whispered, "No I won't do this. I won't play your corrupted game anymore Shad! I won't do it, I won't hurt them!" Whether I actually thought Shad could hear me or my emotions were taking control, was unclear. What was clear though, was that I didn't have a choice in the matter. I had started Shad's twisted game and I had to finish it.Staring down at me, were my parents faces. So real and alive, as if it was actually them. It wasn't. Before me, stood monsters. Beings whose purpose is to kill me. My purpose here isn't much different- I had to kill them.I knew it wasn't them. I knew they weren't here. I had seen them.... I had seen them pa.s.s right in front of me. This knowledge didn't stop my tears from flowing. It didn't stop me searching for empathy in those crimson eyes; there was none. Empathy didn't exist for them.I slowly got to my feet. A dagger formed in my hand. I looked down at the blade, which would kill.... Which would kill monsters, not my family. Tears fell onto the sharp edge. This is torture, this is what happens to those who appose The Devil king. I must end his reign of terror!

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As I shifted to my battle stance, a voice pierced my ears."Surina," It was my dad's voice. One I had not heard for so many years. I glarred at the shadow, it gave me a twisted smile in return. "Surina what are you doing honey?" My mom's sweet voice echoed through the room. "You don't intend to hurt us do you sweetheart?" Both shadows took a step towards me. "Its ok Surina," my Dad's shadow said "Just drop your weapon and come give us a hug." They opned their arms in sync."Mom....Dad...." I whispered. It was so beliveable. Everything about them was a replica of my parents, everything apart from... Their eyes. I forced myself to stare into their cardinal eyes. There was no empathy, only determination to complete their horrific task."Your not real." I whispered, to both myself and my enemies. "Of course, we're real darling, just come give us a hug and you'll see." I clutched my dagger tightly and started moving towards them."You need to drop the dagger sweetie." they said as they started moving backwards.They don't have any real attacks. If I hugged them, they would strip me of my magic and slowly suffocate me. They're meant to torture their victims, not actually fight them.I created another dagger and quickend my pace, backening them against a wall. They did the only thing they could do; go in for the hug. I let them. As soon as i felt their embrace, I began to feel drowsey. They were slowly draining my magic. I didn't have much time.I inhaled sharply and closed my eyes. I didn't have a choice."I love you." I whispered before stabbing them in the back with my daggers. I kept hugging them, as the shadowy sparks slowly dispersed. I fell to my knees, my tears flowing like an endless river. "I'm sorry."After a while, I looked up. A corridor had opened and the top piece of a large key was floating before me. I grasped it and felt its weight in my hands. I slowly rose up and walked to the corridor's entrance. I peered into the darkness. This could lead anywhere. To death, to victory. I didn't care anymore. I didn't care how much danger i would face- Shad was going down! With that, I entered the pa.s.sageway, determined to have my revenge.

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