Vimsha 16 Liam



Vimsha 16 Liam

At the same night Vimsha had nice sleep at her friends house.At Luke's houseWhen Luke came inside the house he saw all the things scatters on the floor. The house is upwards down. And a soft cry is also came into his ears.He went inside the room where the sound comes its Liam." Liam!! What are you doing? Why are you sitting on a floor" Luke asks in his low voice." I hate you" said this and he starts to cry in a loud voice." master!!! young master did not eat his food and broke all the things in the house" Said one of the maid." Is it your thats my my money " Luke said in a different voice." Sorry master i am not saying that i am telling that call miss Rita she will coax young master. That she is good and well mannered women." said the maid.Luke is really angry" Who is the madam of this house. Where is she"" That master i don't know"maid said.He take his phone and call his secretary" Send new maids to my house" said this and he cuts the call.His secretary understand that this word means all the maids in the house are fired.Within a minute to securities came and take all the maids outside.Luke came near his son and said " you can hate me as much as you want. But know eat your dinner"There is no response from the kid.He take his son forcefully from the ground. Liam bite his Father's shoulder. But Luke did not respond and take his son to the bed. Make him sit on the bed and kept his hand tightly and he said "Tomorrow I will take your mom home . Now eat your food and sleep like a good boy."Promise?" Liam asks."yes, Promise " Luke said.Now Liam eat obediently and sleep on his bed.The new maids cleans the house.Luke inform the head maid that he is leaving the house now and tomorrow morning he will take their young miss and madam.Luke is now sitting in his office.' where in the world this women go?'

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" Sir we found madam's whereabouts" his secretary said.

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