Vimsha 15 My Wife



Vimsha 15 My Wife

At the birthday party luke's grandfather left the place with anger. He is totally disappointed with his grand son behaviour.After grandfather left everyone in the party leaves the party with in sometime.Luke is in total confused state why she signed the divorce papers and how come it is in Rita 's hands.At that time" I don't want to take the divorce matters in front of your grandpa. But, sorry it happened by mistake"

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" I am sorry i ruined my daughter's birthday party" Rita said." Lina!!! "shouted Luke." Who said she is your mom. She don't have the rights to be your mom. Do you understand?" said Luke.Lina don't know this angry face of Luke." dad!!! that..." Lina's words cut by someone." That wrenched women already signed the divorce papers. Why are you shouting at our daughter" Rita said." Do you dare call her as your daughter"Luke said in a warning tone." Mom you don't like Vimsha. So, you made Lina also hate her. But you forgot the fact that she is Lina's mother" said Luke." So for this fact you sacrifice your love and my sweet Rita"Luke's mom said."Mom i did not sacrifice anything don't overthink .Take Lina with you now" said Luke.After his mom left the place with his daughter" Luke, listen she is out of your life. Let's get married and i will take care of the children"said Rita." How come you have this divorce papers"Luke asked." Lina gave it to me "" Lina gave this to you . What do you mean?"Luke asked with doubt." I prepared this with my lawyer and gave it to Lina" said Rita.Luke take those papers from Rita and tore it in to pieces." Luke what are you doing" Rita take the pieces from the ground."I know you are the one who make my daughter to hate my wife" said Luke.'My wife'" And we are finished eight years ago. Now in my eyes you are invisible "" I am warning you don't interfere in my family matters" said this and Luke leaves the place.

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