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Urban Immortal Doctor Chapter 992

At this point, Lin Zichen did not say anything else. Although the current situation could be considered very dangerous, it was understandable that Huo Qing, as a member of the Special Forces, would stand up to this.Putting aside the special forces and the fact that the two of them were master and disciple, when Master fought enemies, his disciple would naturally not stand idly by and watch.The reason why he used Breaking Qi was because his martial arts Breaking Qi was intended to cut through his opponent's protective qi barrier. Although Long Yun was a Gu, the black qi emitted by his body was like protective qi barrier, and if he were to try to fight it, he would not be able to harm Long Yun.

The white sword beam turned into blue lightning, converging into a powerful force that struck towards the dragon cloud. The surrounding wind rose up, causing all the trees to sway. Seeing that, Long Yun suddenly leaped up, but although he dodged the Qi Breaking attack, he could not dodge the powerful Qi's ripples, the Qi Breaking Martial Technique was aimed at the Qi Protecting Body, so the moment it came into contact with the Qi, a visible crack appeared on the black Qi around Long Yun's body, and very quickly, the crack appeared …It was completely shattered, and the black aura protecting its body also disappeared.Lin Zi Chen slightly squinted his eyes: "Hmph, that's all you're worth!"At the same time, Long Ao Xue also rushed towards the white clothed man, she could see that the current Long Yun was very strange, his strength was strong to the point where she couldn't even imagine it, and the moment Lin Zi Chen fought Long Yun, the white clothed man would undoubtedly be obstructing him, thus she immediately locked onto her opponent to clear Lin Zi Chen's mind.

Huo Qing was also aware of this fact. Thus, the two of them instantly formed a pincer attack. Even though they were on the same level, there was still a good chance that two Natal Stage pinnacle martial artists could defeat a Transcending Mortality Stage expert!Facing the sudden attack from the two, the man in white was obviously caught off guard. He quickly retreated, unable to find an opportunity to counterattack.After all, Huo Qing and Long Ao Xue were definitely not weak. Huo Qing's movement techniques were considered outstanding amongst the martial artists. When training in movement techniques, even a Falling Mortal Realm martial artist might not be stronger than him in terms of movement techniques.

As for Long Ao Xue, she had a very solid foundation, and could be considered a balanced martial artist. Furthermore, she had been at the peak of the Na Yuan Realm for a few years, and her power was very stable.Helplessly, the man in white took out another purple jade, about the size of a palm, from the green pouch on his waist.The surface of the jade was incomparably warm, and as soon as it left the green bag, it began to emit a white mist that lingered over the surface of the jade, appearing incomparably mystical.Suddenly, the man in white furrowed his brows and threw the jade in his hand into the air. Several purple streaks shot out into the dark night. They were extremely bright and even somewhat dazzling.

As he rapidly shuttled back and forth, the violet light transformed into arrows that were sharp and powerful. Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! It shot towards Huo Qing and Long Ao Xue."Huo Qing, be careful!"Long Ao Xue shouted loudly, and at the same time released her defensive qi barrier. Long Ao Xue's qi was pure white, just like her long skirt, and underneath Yue Ye's sparkling and translucent body, she looked extremely beautiful.Huo Qing took a few steps and directly flew up into the night sky. When he reached the late stage of the Na Yuan Stage, Huo Qing was already able to fly for a short period of time.The purple sword light shot towards the ground. Huo Qing was already in the air. He stretched out his hand and shot out a stream of Zhen Qi towards the purple jade stone.However, what surprised Huo Qing the most was that the purple jade didn't seem to have changed at all in the face of his Zhen Qi attack, and didn't even get knocked down.

Huo Qing didn't know how to explain the fact that the jade was still emitting the purple light. Once, he was adept at speed, so it was possible for his attacks to be weak.

"Hmph, what a little trick, you think you can destroy my purple l.u.s.ter Gu with just that? "Wishful thinking!"As he said this, the white clothed man soared into the sky and arrived in front of Huo Qing in an instant. A Transcending Mortality Stage martial artist's control in the air was definitely not something a Yuan Dan Stage martial artist could compare with.

It seemed like they were fighting two against one, but in reality, it was two against two. Furthermore, the strength of the purple l.u.s.ter Gu was definitely not weaker than a Natal Stage martial artist, so Long Ao Xue and Huo Qing did not have the advantage in the end.But at this time, a strong light shot towards the purple l.u.s.ter Gu, with a loud bang, the purple jade stone immediately burst apart, the originally l.u.s.trous jade stone exploded into pieces, and the stone powder floated in the air.

Seeing that, the man in white was startled. He frowned: "This … It can actually destroy my purple l.u.s.ter Gu! "

As he spoke, he noticed that the one who destroyed the purple l.u.s.ter Gu was not a bystander, but Lin Zichen!Even though he was fighting with Long Yun, Lin Zichen had also separated his attention from Huo Qing and Long Ao Xue. Until the man in white started to use the Gu, Lin Zi Chen was already prepared to act.

However, Long Yun's attack and defense was extremely powerful, causing Lin Zi Chen to be unable to expend any energy. Seeing that Huo Qing was unable to break through the purple l.u.s.ter Gu, and the white clothed man was directly facing Huo Qing, Lin Zi Chen completely ignored him. He quickly dashed dozens of meters away from Long Yun, and destroyed the purple l.u.s.ter Gu with a surge of his zhenqi.

At this time, Long Ao Xue and Huo Qing were once again in a 2v1 situation. The man in white was clenching his teeth, clearly his strategy had been messed up.On the other side, Long Yun had also once again entangled Lin Zi Chen. Under the powerful attack, Lin Zi Chen had no time to split up. Although Long Yun was unarmed, his strength was not inferior to a weapon's attack at all.

In fact, Lin Zi Chen really wanted to fight with Long Yun in the sky, that way he could use the [Divine Condensation] martial skill, but he couldn't do it now. Huo Qing and Long Ao Xue were not completely safe, and he couldn't leave without worry.Whether it was a melee attack or true energy attack, or even the use of a giant zhen qi sword, Lin Zi Chen had not been able to injure him at all. Even if he had been hit occasionally, Long Yun would at most only be able to shake himself, not showing any expression on his face.

After all, he had already been refined into a Gu and became a puppet. He would not feel any pain, nor would he feel any changes to his techniques because of being struck.

Therefore, Long Yun was basically indestructible. If he wanted to kill Long Yun, it would be as difficult as ascending to the sky.I didn't expect that after just a few years, the original trash of the Long family would have been refined into such a powerful Gu. It looks like I really should have killed him that day!Lin Zi Chen's eyes revealed a vicious light as he directly took out the Free and Unrestrained Compa.s.s. The golden light enveloped the mountain, and it immediately became as bright as day.Lin Zi Chen frowned slightly when he saw Long Yun's expression change. Indeed, the compa.s.s was still the best tool for dealing with Gu!However, at this time, Long Yun suddenly raised his arms and gave a loud shout. The shout was low and m.u.f.fled, causing the entire mountain to shake.Shortly after, several beams of light appeared from the left and right of Long Yun. These flames weren't ordinary flames; they weren't red and hot. They were a bit grey, giving off a pressuring feeling.Lin Zichen's eyes suddenly opened wide, and at the same time, he released fire from his Flaming Lion. The two flames faced each other at a distance of tens of meters, and golden light constantly shone in the air.What surprised Lin Zi Chen was that the flames surrounding Long Yun were actually able to block the compa.s.s's attack. This was something that he had never encountered before, and he could tell that this flame … Not simple.On the ground, Huo Qing and Long Ao Xue had already demonstrated their advantages. When experts joined hands, they could cultivate a tacit understanding in a short period of time, and this tacit understanding could undoubtedly cause their strength to skyrocket. The strength of two as one wasn't one plus one equals two, but one greater than two!Two cl.u.s.ters of flame suddenly exploded in the night sky. However, this was not the end. The flames appeared to have a life of their own as they began fighting with each other in the s.p.a.ce.

Suddenly, Long Yun's eyes widened as he charged towards Lin Zichen. His body turned into a ball of flames as he charged forward.

The flames were also grey. Lin Zi Chen's eyebrows were tightly knitted. He didn't know what kind of method Long Yun was using to turn his entire body into a flame. This was … Fight to the death?

Lin Zichen swung his sword and released a zhen qi attack, but his zhen qi was absorbed as soon as it came into contact with the flame. Lin Zichen couldn't help but take a deep breath. Indeed, what was ultimately difficult to break down was the Gu!He couldn't help but think back to the fight with Situ Zhentian that day, it was also because of the Gu that he had to back off, and today was like this as well. As the battle progressed, he no longer doubted the result, perhaps Long Yun wouldn't be able to take his life, but he would also be unable to kill Long Yun!

As the flames approached, Lin Zi Chen formed a seal with his hands and a layer of ice frost covered his body. This layer of ice frost came from the ice energy that he had cultivated in the Dragon Snow Mountain. When the fire met the ice energy, it immediately weakened a little, but even though it was still a dozen meters away from Lin Zi Chen, Lin Zi Chen felt a kind of burning pain …"This... Why is it that even though the flames did not reach me, they were actually so painful? ""Master, this … This fire is poisonous, be careful! "The moment Xiao Feng's voice was heard, Lin Zichen also suddenly realized this. Right, this was a Gu!

Inadvertently, he had already been infected by the parasite. Lin Zi Chen looked towards the ground. Even if he could not kill Long Yun today, he could not let Huo Qing and Long Ao Xue be implicated.

Suddenly, he rushed down, instantly throwing off Long Yun's sword and pointing it at the white-clothed man.

All of a sudden, a strong wind arose from the ground, causing the gra.s.s on the ground to fall in all directions like a green ocean wave.The man in white suddenly raised his head and saw Lin Zichen rushing down. After all, he had the strength of a Transcending Mortality Stage cultivator. This reaction speed would at least allow him to avoid being killed by sneak attacks.However, as he jumped up and dodged, he discovered that Lin Zi Chen's power was not something he could withstand. Just the impact from the power in the surroundings caused him to flip over and spit out a mouthful of blood.

The man clutched his chest, looking at Lin Zichen with hatred. It was obvious that there was an extremely strong unwillingness in his eyes, but he soon shouted, "Poison boy, kill them!"

With that, the man turned around and flew into the darkness. Lin Zi Chen wanted to chase him, but Long Yun had already landed on the ground.

Dong! The moment his feet touched the ground, he felt a strong vibration!

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