Triplets: Lucky Mommy Is A Beautiful Badass Chapter 123 – Master Of Architecture 3


Triplets: Lucky Mommy Is A Beautiful Badass

Triplets: Lucky Mommy Is A Beautiful Badass Chapter 123 – Master Of Architecture 3

Chapter 123: Master of Architecture 3
Qi Qingyao took one look at the land after receiving the approval and she was as happy as a lark. As soon as she returned to the inn, she entered the shop immediately. After buying ink, an inkstone, some paper, and a brush, she began sketching.

The three children were seated at the small round table as they ate their meals obediently. When they realized that their mother was at the table sketching so much that she was forgoing sleeping and eating, and even making a mess with the ink, Xiaobao walked over in little steps and began helping his mother clear the table. After he was done, Xiaobao looked at Qi Qingyao's dazed appearance, puzzled.

“Mother, what are you doing?” He looked troubled.


Qi Qingyao looked at the tabletop that had been neatly cleaned, then looked at Xiaobao. She reached a hand out to rub his head gently. Xiaobao noticed that Qi Qingyao's fingers were stained with ink and bemoaned internally, 'Mother is dirtying my hair… Ack!'

Qi Qingyao retracted her hand. She looked at the messy table and had a jolt of inspiration.

'I've got it.'

Qi Qingyao called for the innkeeper.

“Is something the matter, madam?”

“Help me get a few goose feathers! The tougher kind, please.”

“What does Madam need the feathers for?”

The waiter looked at Qi Qingyao blankly.

Qi Qingyao gave the innkeeper a few coppers. “Just get me some feathers, no need to worry too much about it.”

Taking the small fee, the innkeeper immediately went to the inn's kitchen excitedly. Some guests had ordered a roast goose, so they had plenty of goose feathers back there. He immediately grabbed a handful of white goose feathers and brought them to Qi Qingyao.

Qi Qingyao took the feathers, picked out two, and used a small knife to sharpen them. A brand new goose feather brush had now taken shape.

It was much easier to draw using a goose feather pen than a brush.

Thinking for a bit, she quickly put the pen to paper once she had formed her ideas.

She took a ruler, placed it on the paper, and began sketching…

Xiaobao watched this in deep awe.

Qi Qingyao quickly entered a state of deep focus and Xiaobao did not dare interrupt her. He finished his meal with Dabao and Erniu and requested for the innkeeper to come in and clean the table. The three of them even put the latch back on the door.

Following her plan, Jiang Yeqian and Si Jin had already appointed someone to buy wood. Then, they had gone to Baishui Town to find a more professional worker who specialized in constructing houses. After they were done arranging for the workers, they had intended to inform Qi Qingpao of their progress, but after knocking on the door they were met with Xiaobao instead. He was looking at them cautiously.

“Is something wrong?”

“Where's your mother?”

“Mother is… busy.

Jiang Yeqian wanted to continue questioning the boy, but seeing how Xiaobao had no intention of telling the truth, he turned to Si Jin and made a gesture. The both of them then returned to their place next door.

That night, Qi Qingyao had worked until midnight before letting out a cry of excitement which woke up the three children who were already dozing off on the bed.

They all sat up, looking at the excited woman with sleepy eyes.

Dabao and Erniu yawned before falling back asleep again. Xiaobao rubbed his eyes, put on his shoes, and donned his clothes before walking over and climbing onto a chair by the table. He looked at the large pile of miscellaneous drawings on the table.

Xiaobao was stunned.

Qi Qingyao had not realized at all that it was already midnight at the time. She presented her treasure to Xiaobao excitedly and pushed the drawing in front of him before declaring animatedly, “This is our house.”

Xiaobao's big eyes were full of worship when he looked at his mother's drawing of an intricate framework and an architectural design that he did not understand at all.

“Mother is so awesome, you can even draw.”

The little boy's praise calmed Qi Qingyao down instantly. She carried the little boy up by the collar and hoisted him into her arms. She hugged Xiaobao and yawned, “You have to keep this a secret from the others, understand?”

“Why?” Xiaobao thought that his mother was a genius and that she had no reason to hide it.

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