Top Strong Cultivator As A Teacher Chapter 1


Top Strong Cultivator As A Teacher

Top Strong Cultivator As A Teacher Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Hotel Bullying"I, Xiang Yang, am back!"At the exit of Yan Jing airport, a young man, carrying a tattered sack and dressed plainly in clothes that had become a little old due to washing, laughed while ignoring the peculiar gazes from the crowd around him.The young man was called Xiang Yang, he was tall and slender, had a handsome and resolute face, his appearance could definitely be compared to most handsome men. However, his clothes were not suitable for others to compliment, his hair was a mess, his clothes were not tattered at all, but they were washed white, and with the old gunny sack, he looked completely out of place with the people around him."The air of the motherland is still the best."Xiang Yang greedily breathed in the air of the country. The air of Beijing was not good, and there was even a haze, however, to him, this was the air that he was familiar with. The air here was better than anywhere else for him who had not come back for many years.Just as Xiang Yang was sighing emotionally, not too far away from him, a family conversation caught his attention."Look at him, he's so pitiful. He doesn't even have any good clothes, and the sack he's carrying is almost pierced. He probably came back from overseas and no one came to pick him up. Why don't we send him out of the airport?" A young lady looked at Xiang Yang with sympathy.Besides the lady was a young man dressed neatly. He looked at Xiang Yang with hesitation in his eyes as he said, "But, this time you've finally returned from the outside world with great difficulty, our engagement banquet has already been prepared. The elders of both sides are already waiting for us, we would be too late …"Before he could finish speaking, the young woman had already arrived by Xiang Yang's side, and softly asked, "Sir, do you have family members to pick you up? If not, why don't you come with us out of the airport? We have a car so we can send you off.""Ahhhh!" Xiang Yang was startled and turned to look at the young lady, only to see that she had a serious expression on her face. She truly wanted to send him away, he was once again moved."Sir, let's go then. My husband will help you get these things."As she said that, the woman reached out her hand to help Xiang Yang take the gunny sack and pa.s.s it to the young man beside her."Ya, it's so heavy. What's this for?"The lady quickly took the gunny sack from Xiang Yang's hands. However, she did not expect the sack to be so heavy, and due to being caught off guard, the sack fell to the ground, she hurriedly picked it up, but when she opened the sack, she discovered that other than some clothes underneath, the surface of the sack was actually filled with glittering stones."Hiss …" "This … this is …"With a brief look, both the woman and the young man beside her sucked in a breath of cold air. This … how was this a normal stone? It was clearly a highly pure diamond that glittered with light!Although clothes were underneath the sack, the diamonds on it were still extremely dazzling and priceless!"I'm sorry, I didn't know …" The woman stammered as she wanted to apologize.Xiang Yang smiled gently and softly said, "It's alright, thank you for your good intentions.""But, but, I, I …" The woman remembered that she had thought that he had come back from abroad and that his financial situation was mediocre. Looking at the sparkling diamonds in his bad, she was at a loss for words.Xiang Yang was embarra.s.sed, but just as he was about to say something, a tall and st.u.r.dy looking bodyguard wearing came up to him and bowed, "Young Master, the Madam has asked us to come and fetch you."Xiang Yang was even more helpless now. What he had done did not seem good, he looked at the woman and realized that she was looking more embarra.s.sed. He could not just stand there and quietly leave.Xiang Yang had no choice but to reveal a friendly smile towards the young lady. "I heard that you two are engaged right now, I wish you two a long and happy life."As he said that, he picked up the sack and with a flick of his right hand, a subtle ray of light entered the woman's bag. It was a diamond.Other people did not see, but Xiang Yang's bodyguard was carefully trained by the clan, his sight was obviously extraordinary, upon seeing this, his pupils constricted, but he did not dare say anything more."Let's go."Xiang Yang and the bodyguard turned around and left."Rong'er, let's go."Watching Xiang Yang leave, the young man who was similarly shocked softly pulled the young woman's hand and said in a warm tone, "He might just have just returned from a trip to a special place, or has encountered some accidents.""Yes."The young woman nodded and placed her hand into her bag. Just as she was about to take out her phone, she noticed that something was wrong and her expression immediately changed."What's wrong?" The young man revealed a worried expression.The woman stretched out her hand and slowly opened it. In the center of her palm was a sparkling diamond."This is …"The young man was stunned, he looked at Xiang Yang who had just entered the car and muttered: "He, he actually gave us a diamond."The young girl looked at the diamond in her hand in a daze. The words that Xiang Yang wished them a happy engagement were still running through her mind. She could not help but mutter under her breath, "A good person will be rewarded …"Xiang Yang casually threw the broken cloth bag onto the big sized man's body, and then entered the carriage first."Bang …" He was puzzled in his heart and looked towards the mouth of the cloth bag. The bright light caused him to close his eyes, and he could not help but be shocked. He quickly hugged the cloth bag, and after looking left and right for a moment, he caught up with Xiang Yang.Inside the car, Xiang Yang was drinking a cup of top-quality wine, his face had a carefree smile on it, he turned and looked at the st.u.r.dy man, "Have you been doing well at home these past few years?""Don't worry young master, everything is fine." The big man quickly said."En, that's good. I'm sleepy. I'll rest for a while. Call me when we get home." Xiang Yang yawned, and closed his eyes, about to sleep."Yes.""Wait, this isn't a way home. Where are you taking me?" Just when the big sized man thought Xiang Yang had fallen asleep, Xiang Yang suddenly opened his eyes."Young … Young Master, I just followed Madam's instructions and brought … I brought you to the Wan Xing Tea House … " Feeling the sharp killing intent that Xiang Yang's eyes brought, the big sized man felt his scalp go numb and did not dare to move an inch. In his heart, he was overwhelmed with shock, after all, he was still a proud son of the commandos, a character that belonged to the rank of a weapons specialist, but in front of this young master, he actually did not have any thoughts of resisting."Why are we going to the Wan Xing Tea House?" Xiang Yang asked coldly."Yes …" Go... Go. to go on a blind date! " After he finished speaking, the big man wanted nothing more than to slap himself in the face, but how could he just say it out loud like that? Madam instructed to not say anything before reaching the destination. "A blind date?""Ding! Ding! Dong!" Xiang Yang's eyes turned, he habitually looked at the side and saw that his phone was ringing. Looking at the caller, it was his mother, so Xiang Yang happily picked up the call."Mom, I'm back …"Let me tell you, this isn't a blind date. I just want you, two youngsters, to meet each other first, but in a month's time, it will be the day of your engagement. However, I'm warning you, if you mess up this matter, you can't decide for yourself."..."From start to finish, Xiang Yang did not have time to say a single word. After his mother finished speaking, she directly hung up the phone, not giving him any chance to differentiate between the two of them."F * ck, actually asked me to go on a blind date. This is definitely an arranged marriage!""I don't even have the chance to resist?""Young Master, I, have worked so hard to stay outside, and I feel oppressed the moment I return. Where is the logic in this?""F * ck off! I'm not going to join your mother's marriage!""..."Hearing that, the big sized man's face turned white and started perspiring in cold sweat. Oh my G.o.d, this young master did not seem to plan to go on the blind date, then, his mission would not be completed."Young … Young Master, Madam has said that you must go to Wan Xing Tea House. " The big man said while trembling."Don't worry, I won't make things difficult for you. Go ahead." The big sized man never expected that Xiang Yang's expression would change so quickly, and actually patted his shoulder amiably, agreeing to go on a blind date."Yes, yes." The big sized man was immediately overjoyed, he really wanted to shout out loud to express his joy, he was afraid that young master would go back on his words, so he immediately gave the driver a look and sped towards Wan Xing Tea House.Not long after, the carriage stopped near the Wan Xing Tea House. Xiang Yang pointed at the torn cloth bag and said: "You guys can go back, there's no need to wait for me. Oh right, give the things in this bag to my mother, and tell her that it's a gift from me.""But … the Madam has instructed me to accompany you. " The big man braced himself and said. Xiang Yang turned around and looked at the big sized man with an ice-cold expression, "Remember, I am not a criminal, there is no need for you to supervise me. Go back and don't let me see you again, otherwise … "Take the consequences!""Yes sir!" Sensing the ice-cold killing intent coming from Xiang Yang's body, the big sized man's face paled, as if he was about to suffocate.Xiang Yang got off the carriage, and after searching on his body for a long time, he took out a cigar and placed it on his lips, then looked at the Wan Xing Tea House's signboard, his face revealing an unhappy expression, "I didn't know which restaurant would be used for a blind date, would tea be enough to fill the stomach? "Forget it, let this young master go fill his stomach first."Scratching his stomach, he walked past the Wan Xing Tea House's entrance and entered a restaurant that was richly decorated and grand to the sight."Waiter, order." Xiang Yang arrogantly sat at a seat next to a window, snapped his fingers and waited for the waiter to come over."h.e.l.lo, sir. This is the menu." The waiter came over. It was Fatty, whose round face looked a little cute, he reminded him in goodwill, "Sir, there are still a lot of dishes at the back, you can take a look before deciding, okay?"Xiang Yang shot a glance at the other party and then flipped to the back of the menu, only to discover that there were indeed various types of dishes behind them, only that their prices were many times cheaper than the previous dishes.Obviously, when the waiter saw what he was wearing, he felt that he might be more suitable for the dishes behind the menu.He could not help but laugh. He knew that the other party did not have any evil intentions, so he closed the menu and said with a smile, "Abalone porridge, steamed lobster, fried goose liver … And an aperitif, a bottle of eighty-two Lafite. ""Right, every dish has to be shared by two people."As he said that, Xiang Yang handed the menu over to the round-faced attendant.However, he said in a very obscure tone, "Sir, I'm actually a foodie too. I usually like these delicacies, but I'm quite embarra.s.sed about it, so I can only take a look. However, I feel that the real foodie is, as long as your mentality is good, you can eat delicious foods no matter how ordinary the delicacies are.""Great." Who would have thought that Xiang Yang would actually hit his thigh and say with a smile, "If you're a glutton, then that's great. Hurry two people to send the dishes I ordered over to you and then you can come back.""Ahhhh!"Fatty was startled."Hurry up and go."Xiang Yang urged from the side."Alright then …"What should be reminded had already been reminded, and Xiang Yang still wanted to order some dishes, and it was even for two people. The Fatty waiter was helpless, and could only take the menu and leave.Not long after, he came back once again and held the two bottles of appetizer that Xiang Yang had ordered. Opening it, he helped Xiang Yang pour a cup, "The dishes that you have ordered will be served shortly."As he said this, he prepared to leave."Wait a moment."But Xiang Yang stopped him.Xiang Yang smiled as he looked at him, "Today, your mission is to listen to my arrangements, and serve me well.""This …" Fatty looked at him in confusion."Sit down."Xiang Yang ordered.The latter sat down obediently. Although he was confused and a little scared, he still sat down obediently as per G.o.d's wishes.After that, Xiang Yang's actions caused him to be dumbstruck. Xiang Yang personally poured a cup of wine for him, then said with a smile, "Come, drink a cup. Didn't you say that you're a glutton as well? I felt that we were fated to meet, so I wanted to ask you about some food. ""This... "You are a customer and I am a waiter. According to the rules, I can't do this during work hours …""You are serving me."Xiang Yang interrupted fatty's words before he could finish, causing him to have a difficult expression as he sat there, feeling uneasy. Fortunately, the manager had arrived not long after."Dear customer, I'm the manager of this store. My surname is Lin, I wonder if I can help you …"Just as the manager opened his mouth, he was interrupted by Xiang Yang, "During this period of time, I hope that he can help me. What do you think?""Of course." The manager immediately replied, then turned to Fatty and said, "Remember, the customer is G.o.d, you must make this guest satisfied.""Ah, yes, manager."Fatty immediately nodded his head and agreed.The manager then smiled and looked at Xiang Yang, "If you have any requests, you can ask Little Fatty, or call me." As he said that, he looked deeply at Xiang Yang's clothes, feeling a little puzzled, he then continued, "How about this, I'll be waiting at the side, if you need anything, you can call me anytime.""Alright."Xiang Yang smiled and nodded, then turned to Fatty and said, "How is it, now you can sit down properly, right?""Yes..."Since he received his superior's order, Fatty could only sit across Xiang Yang. But because it was his first time doing this and the manager was watching from afar, he was a little uneasy.Not long after, both the dishes and the wine were served, Xiang Yang smiled and greeted Fatty the waiter as if he was greeting an old friend.Although he was a standard foodie and extremely picky with all kinds of delicacies, Xiang Yang's way of eating food was a little unsophisticated. He immediately picked up a piece of the hotel's signature dish, Fried Goose Liver, and swallowed it in two to three bites.After the manager at the side saw this, he could not help but raise his eyebrows and again look at Xiang Yang's clothes. After hesitating for a moment, he walked up to Xiang Yang and said, "Sir, the foie gras in our shop is our signature dish, and because of the high quality of the ingredients, although it will look original, it will taste better if it was smeared with some jam."Xiang Yang picked up a piece of goose liver, and after looking at it carefully, he smiled and said, "The goose liver's texture is fine and tender, and its flavor is very delicious, becoming the most delicious in the foreign world, not only does it taste good, it is also tender, and the best way to eat it is when it is cooked not over 35 degrees Celsius, if you exceed that, the water will be lost, and you see, this piece of goose liver, the temperature should be over 50 degrees Celsius, which makes it look relatively dry. Of course, if you add some sauce, the taste will be a little better, but I don't like the taste of the sauce very much."This... "I didn't expect you to be so familiar with the processing of goose liver ingredients …" The manager was a little confused. He really did not know how to process all sorts of dishes. All he knew was how to eat them.He originally thought that Xiang Yang had never eaten goose liver before, and wanted to introduce Xiang Yang to it. However, he never thought that Xiang Yang would actually eat like that, and his reminder instead felt a little pretentious."Please enjoy."The manager stepped back again, embarra.s.sed to speak.At this time, Fatty's attendant looked at Xiang Yang excitedly, "Sir, with your understanding of the cooking methods of the goose liver, you must have been to a country famed for the goose liver, right?""I've been there a few times. A few friends over there have pretty good culinary skills." Xiang Yang smiled.Fatty looked at Xiang Yang excitedly. "I really envy you being able to go to that country and come into close contact with a few gourmets, my goal is to become the greatest chef, and one who has a.s.similated all kinds of cooking methods from a famous country in the world. It's a pity that my family situation is not enough for me to study abroad …"Recalling that he was unable to learn culinary arts and could only become a waiter, the waiter became a little sad as his dream became more and more distant."If you have the ambition, you can achieve it. As long as you keep your heart, I believe that one day, you will definitely be able to achieve your dream." Xiang Yang comforted him as he continued to chat about the culture of the delicacies.After chatting for a while, he was immediately shocked. This Fatty server actually had a very deep understanding of the various delicacies here and even had knowledge of some delicacies that he himself had never tasted before. This Fatty waiter actually knew about them, as expected of a 'foodie'.In the process, Xiang Yang had completely forgotten that he still needed to go on a blind date. Until his phone rang, his mother asked him in a gentle tone, "Xiao Yang, how was it, did you go on a blind date?""I'm about to see her. I'll report the situation to mother after our blind date."Xiang Yang immediately hung up, rubbed his chin and looked at the Fatty waiter who was already very familiar with him, and laughed: "Little Fatty, we are already considered half friends, can you help me out with a little thing, I'll help you with a little, how about it?""Ah, it's my honor to be of service to you, sir. You don't have to help me with anything." Fatty stood up immediately and said excitedly."It's like this, brother, I was actually forced by my family to go on a blind date, but I didn't want to go, so I wanted to ask you to help me test the other person. When the time comes, you'll do it like this …"Xiang Yang went closer to Fatty and whispered, and after the latter finished listening, he packed his bag and said, "Rest a.s.sured, Sir, I will definitely complete the mission.""Thank you very much."Xiang Yang laughed wickedly as he retreated. Seeing the Fatty Attendant walk towards Wan Xing Tea House with large strides, he felt that he was really too smart."Manager Lin, can you do me a favor?"After a long time of waiting helplessly, he saw the manager of the hotel not far away looking at him curiously, so he called the manager over."Sir, please speak." No matter how ordinary the other party's clothes were, if he was willing to enter the catering industry, with his outstanding knowledge, he would definitely be someone extraordinary. Of course, he was also shocked by the fatty waiter, he never expected that his subordinates would actually be able to befriend such a person."Help me settle the bill and get some money. Then, um, you know Little Fatty's bank card number, right?" Xiang Yang asked."Sir, you want Little Fatty's bank card number to …."Although Manager Lin was not clear about Little Fatty's bank account number, he could easily get the information by asking out the finances. It was just that before he knew what Xiang Yang's goal was, he could not casually tell Xiang Yang."Could I trouble you to ask about Little Fatty's bank card number and lend me a computer? He did me a huge favor and I want to repay him with his dream."Xiang Yang said with a smile.As he spoke, Xiang Yang took out a piece of Black Gold Card. It was an internationally recognized Black Gold Card, a symbol of n.o.ble VIP. There weren't many people in this world that had this kind of Black Gold Card."Hiss …"Manager Lin took a deep breath, he looked at Xiang Yang in shock, but before he could say anything, Xiang Yang had already pa.s.sed the card to him, and said at the same time, "The amount of money is not more than 100,000, it's pa.s.sword-free, go ahead, remember to help me withdraw the money.""Yes, please wait a moment."Manager Lin turned around and left. The hand holding the card was trembling. The muscles all over his body were tense. He was afraid that the card would drop if he wasn't careful.

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