Tomodachi No Imouto Ga Ore Ni Dake Uzai Volume 1 Chapter 8


Tomodachi No Imouto Ga Ore Ni Dake Uzai

Tomodachi No Imouto Ga Ore Ni Dake Uzai Volume 1 Chapter 8

If you like our work, please follow us on our social ing party.

First period, second period, third period, fourth period, lunch break—At each critical point, I once e of your own volition. I'e in order to convince , things like this should clear up on their own, right?

…Nah, that's not happening. Unlike Ozu, I don't have that kind of ability at all. All the girls around e a friend of ours, where exactly are you planning to fit in?"


"Have you talked to anyone other than ing towards us was barely able to stop. He honked his horn at us while yelling soe.

"Puwaaaa! S-s.h.i.t, this better not be any industrial wastewater!" Spitting out the water inside pletely wrong about that, but… Hey, why are you so stubborn?"

Nore out of her sh.e.l.l.

"Uing party, but did I ever tell her that naing?"

We ing coe with you."


In order to protect e to the 5th floor!!!"

'ing party'—

Read the horizontal banner hanging on the wall in the far back of the living rooing party, right?"

"That's… not what e friends with thepletely soaked?!"

Iroha capletely self-ing party for pet.i.tion instead. That being said, we used rather loose plete victory! As a reward, can I do perverted things with Senpai? —Ahahaha! I'ing party had finished, and the various guests had returned to their rooplete e for the e to accept it as truth. But it doesn't plain about the results, I guess."

"Since you're so tired, I ing to cheer you up, you know."

"As if I could trust you. I won't be fooled."

"Well, whatever floats your boat~"

Pouting, she poked at the back of rades. So, of course if would rades, all the while hiding the fact that I contribute plaints. Work harder. Really."

After all, this talent she has was sopletely against jobs in the show biz. We don't even own a TV, so the only way to watch anipared to es for everyone. Since I'e a story's protagonist, a super-prograing party for e her fake boyfriend, and the plan to save this shut-in girl. Every single thing required so e one, and for sofortable distance. But wouldn't it be even ing friends with Ozu was so ie was only possible by becoe fake lovers, and though it was purely fake, e closer in relationships with other people. That thin connection of hers with Iroha and Su event! Another s written for boys really is deep.

[parable to a high-perfore really good at acting, which pletely platonic invitation, e tomorrow. I just know that Mashiro-senpai likes Senpai! And the most frustrating thing is that she's so unreasonably cute!

I polish my body after the bath, style my hair, put on some fragrance, but I still don't have the confidence that I can beat her. I cannot lose or let my guard down. Though we're both residents of the fifth floor, this is this, and that is that.

Me vs. Senpai… ah, that's on hold right now.

Today, it's Me vs. Mashiro-senpai!

"Uuuuuuuuuu— I won't lose———!"

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