This World Has Gone Crazy Chapter 8.2 Part2


This World Has Gone Crazy

This World Has Gone Crazy Chapter 8.2 Part2

As they walked towards the gates, Qi Le kept trying to look for conversation topics but he ended up doing ing, let's go……. Eh, you are?” she looked at Qi Le and suddenly clapped her hands. “You're Zheng Xiaoyuan, right?”  

Qi Le, “……”  

Qi Le had learned froforted hie straight?”  

Qi Le's spirit was instantly revived. Although he wasn't gay, he didn't need to think before immediately nodding, “Yes!”  

“Really?” Xiao Ying smiled at him; her mood had obviously improved.  

Qi Le froze, did he have a chance? He was just about to make further attempts when he heard the other woman suddenly ask, “Have you gone to see Gu Bai? How is he?”  

“He's still the same.” Xiao Ying sighed.  

“Give him more time. And don't feel too sad. Qi Le certainly wouldn't want to see you grieving for him.” She paused before asking, “Have you decided…… what to do about Gu Bai?"  

Qi Le froze for a moment only to hear Xiao Ying answer, “Mmm, all this time, he was the one that I liked. He also knew that a long time ago. If it weren't because Xiao Le had that operation…….” She suddenly stopped speaking, pointed to the shop next to the gate and said to Qi Le, “They sell water there.”  

Qi Le nodded halfheartedly. Right now, his heart was in a mess. So this was what Erquan had wanted to tell him……. It turned out that he and Xiao Ying were a couple.  

The other woman saw that they were about to part ways and patted him on the shoulder before leaving, “Don't give up! You'll find happiness.”  

Xiao Ying smiled at him again, “Don't give up!” 

Qi Le, “……”  

Qi Le stiffly watched them walk away, strode into the shop and asked impa.s.sively, “A bottle of Erguotou please.”  

His cellphone didn't have any power so he couldn't contact Ye Shuichuan. The only thing that he knew was where the university Zheng Xiaoyuan was studying at. He simply looked for a place to sit down and thought that since he was already dead, Erquan and Xiao Ying might as well live together happily ever after. He sighed as he looked up into the sky and began to drink. Halfway through, he went and got some more beer. His head grew more and more fuzzy. It wasn't until he felt someone lift him up that he forced himself to stay awake.  

“Xiaochuan is so worried. What are you doing here?”  

Qi Le looked up with misty eyes and found that it was Tranny. He scowled, "Leave me alone."  

“Do you think I give a s.h.i.t?!” Tranny threw him to the ground, pulled out his cellphone and made a call. Then, he hung up quickly and dragged him away. Qi Le only felt that everything around him was constantly moving. Then, he seemed to have entered an apartment. He looked carefully and found Ye Shuichuan, Ning Xiao and Baby Face in front of him. Ye Shuichuan strode forwards, “What's wrong? Why did you drink so much?"  

Qi Le cried out, “Gē……”  

“Mmm, have you remembered everything?”  

“Gē--“Qi Le pounced on Ye Shuichuan, grabbed his collar and yelled, “I'm a fool! I'm a f.u.c.king fool! Did you know that?!"  

Ye Shuichuan nodded patiently, “It's alright. There will be times in our lives that we behave like total fools."  

Qi Le had finally found someone to talk to and looked even sadder. “Screw this! The person I like doesn't like me ah. That person likes my friend. And they had a f.u.c.king affair behind my back.”  

Before Ye Shuichuan could speak, Ning Xiao's cold and disdainful voice sounded from the other side, “Have you recovered your memory?”  

Qi Le looked up in displeasure, “……..Huh?!"

P.S. Heh, sorry this part is shorter than usual….

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