This Curse Is Just Awesome Chapter 63 – One Strike, Shocking The Entire Audience! (2)


This Curse Is Just Awesome

This Curse Is Just Awesome Chapter 63 – One Strike, Shocking The Entire Audience! (2)

Chapter 63: One Strike, Shocking the Entire Audience! (2)
“I don't know what 2077 is.”

The of No. 7 High School had a serious expression. “I just want to know where you came from.”

Chen Yu: “I came from No. 2 High School.”

The “Then why don't you scram back to No. 2 High School? Why did you come to our No. 7 High School's waiting area?”

“” Chen Kaizi moved to the side of the of No. 7 High School and said, “He's a transfer student from No. 2 High School. He's in the same cla.s.s as me.”

“Transfer student?” The was stunned. “He advanced?”

Chen Kaizi couldn't help but laugh. “How can a transfer student who was eliminated by No. 2 High School advance…”

Chen Yu: “I advanced.”

Chen Kaizi: “…”

Chen Yu pointed at the rostrum not far away. “If you don't believe me, ask the examiner.”

“Uh…” The lowered his head and looked at the list in his hand. “But why isn't your name on it? Didn't you tell your form teacher?”

“I did. Not only did I tell her, I even wished her a long life.”

“Then why didn't she mention your name?”

“I don't know about that.” Chen Yu spread his hands. “I'm just a transfer student. My form teacher never liked me very much. When I was on the bus, she even made me sit on the roof of the bus. From time to time, she would use words to attack me, often making me unable to say a word.”

Chen Kaizi: “…”

“Nonsense!” The flew into a rage. “Nonsense! What's wrong with transferring students? Transfer students should be discriminated against? This is too outrageous!”

“, please don't be like this,” Chen Yu advised. “Other than not liking me, criticizing me, and discriminating against me, my form teacher is still pretty good to me.”

Chen Kaizi: “…”

The dean: “…”

Suppressing his anger, the of No. 7 High School said irritably, “Old Liu, after the College Entrance Examination, have his form teacher come to my office.”

“O-okay.” The dean of students nodded repeatedly.

“Since you are also an advanced student, sit down. I'll stand.” Patting Chen Yu's shoulder, the waved his hand. “All of you sit down and continue to rest. Conserve your energy.”

Time slowly pa.s.sed.

Under the antic.i.p.ation of the 60,000 plus spectators present, the group arena finally began.

On the hanging large screen, the first batch of battle names was displayed.

Chen Yu, who was sitting in his seat, opened his spectacles slightly. Seeing that his name was not on the screen, he closed them again and enjoyed the ma.s.sage from a professional.

Then, after a few minutes, the atmosphere in the stadium suddenly became lively.

The five teams had already started fighting.

As each ring was equipped with a loudspeaker, the sound of the examinees punching each other was not drowned out by the cheers of the audience.

Chen Yu stood up straight and opened his eyes to observe for a while.

He found that every move of the examinees in the ring was all-out and aimed at the opponent's vital points. The intensity of the confrontation was many levels higher than the preliminaries.

This was the College Entrance Examination in his memory…

“Come on!”

Dong! Dong! Dong!

“Come on!”

Dong! Dong! Dong…

In the audience stands, the sound of a mighty drum rang out once again.

The examinees' adrenaline surged, once again speeding up the pace of the battle.

Before long, the outcome of the five arenas was determined.

One of the losers in Arena 3 was seriously injured. He was lifted up by the medical staff and sent away for emergency treatment.


The crowd immediately erupted into thunderous applause. It went on for a long time…

When the four medical staff carried the injured person and pa.s.sed by the waiting area of No. 7 High School, the head instructor could not help but feel his blood boiling. He said sentimentally, “The best scar for a man is the one left behind after he is seriously injured.”

Chen Yu was suspicious. “Shouldn't the best scar for a man be the one left behind after he is circ.u.mcised?”

A medical staff stumbled and fell to the ground. He threw the injured examinee two meters away.

The dean: “…”

The “…”

Everyone present: “…”

“Pfft.” The injured person spat out a mouthful of blood…

“You… Don't spout nonsense!” The doctor who fell quickly got up and glared at Chen Yu. Then, he carried the injured examinee back to the stretcher. “How is it? Are you alright?”

The injured examinee clutched his chest and struggled. “It hurts… It hurts…”

“I'll give you an anesthetic right away and immediately operate on you.”

“Then… Then…” The examinee stretched out his hand. “Then, cut off my foreskin as well…”

Everyone: “…”

The first batch of matches ended.

The staff went up to clean up the traces.

On the big screen, the names of the second batch of examinees were displayed.

[The second batch of the first round of the group arena:]

[Ring 1: 3 (* * *) vs 3 (* *)]

[Ring 2: 9 (* *) vs 9 (* *)]

[Ring 3: 1 (* * *) vs 6 (* * *)]

[Ring 4: 7 (Chen Kaizi) vs 7 (Chen Yu)]

[Ring 5: 1 (* *) vs 1 (* * *)]

“It's our turn.”

Seeing the name on the giant screen, the's spirit shivered. He turned to look at Chen Yu and Chen Kaizi. “Both of you, get up.”

The two of them got up and subconsciously looked at each other.

Chen Kaizi frowned slightly.

With his position in No. 7 High School, he had never looked Chen Yu in the eye before.

In his heart, he was a low-level person. It was forever a different world from him.

But he didn't expect that this 'low-level person' had actually advanced and had the qualifications to fight with him..

“This world is getting more and more magical.” Chen Kaizi curled his lips, took off his coat, and revealed his tendons and muscles.

As the descendant of a martial arts aristocratic family, he wasn't an ordinary student.

If the literature test wasn't arranged according to the strength level, he was confident that he could fight to the top 20 in Qingcheng City and become a seeded player.

'Let's show that stupid how I got into the official compet.i.tion…'

With this thought in mind, Chen Kaizi took a step forward and was about to walk to the arena.

“Wait!” The of No. 7 High School stopped him. “I haven't arranged any tactics.”

“What tactics?” Chen Kaizi stopped and turned around to look at Chen Yu. “Use tactics to fight him?”

Chen Yu: “…”

“Have you forgotten what I said?” The gestured with his hands. “If the difference in strength between the two sides is too big, you have to admit defeat. You can prevent one side from getting injured, but you can also prevent the other side from losing physical strength.”

As he spoke, the asked Chen Kaizi, “What is your strength level?”

Chen Kaizi replied, “0.9.”

“What about you?” The turned his head and asked again.

Chen Yu replied, “0.7.”

“The weak side concedes. Do you understand?” The patted Chen Yu's shoulder again.

“I understand. The weak side concedes. It's very reasonable. It's a very good tactical arrangement.” Chen Yu nodded and smiled at Chen Kaizi.

“Whatever.” Chen Kaizi continued to walk, leaving the waiting area and walking up to Ring 4.

“Then I'll go up too.” After stretching his joints, Chen Yu also walked up to the ring.

“Also! Don't admit defeat right from the start!” The shouted, “Drag it out for a while and wait for the others to fight halfway before admitting defeat when there isn't much attention from the audience.”

“Got it.” Chen Yu waved his hand. “You can completely trust me, Chen Yu.”

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