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The World Of Deities Chapter 71 – The Springs Of Mana Source

Chapter 71: The Springs of Mana Source
In the past, Huo Te's grades were basically maintained at a little over ten points.

Huo Te hurriedly stood up, like a small mountain suddenly rising from the ground, ready to break through the roof any time.

He excitedly bowed to Nierden and said, “Thank you, teacher. Thank you, everyone. I will definitely work hard.”

Su Ye also clapped slowly, his face expressionless and uninteresting.

He was criticized for misspelling one word and the other guy was praised for misspelling five words. What kind of teacher was this? Did he not know how to even compare?

He would go to any means to oppress me! Hehe, Nierden was not human.

Nierden waved his hand above the magic book and said, “I will give out everyone's test papers and the cla.s.s report card. You have five minutes. After five minutes, I will continue my lecture.”

Huo Te sat down in a daze. After a while, he let out a soft sigh and said to Su Ye in a low voice, “Just now I should have mainly thanked you. When I was doing the test papers yesterday, I don't know why but whatever I can remember, it was either because you have asked them before, or I have asked them before, or I have remembered them using your memorising method. It's very strange.”

“It doesn't matter. Whether I'm there or not, your grades will still slowly improve,” Su Ye said.

“No, I still have to rely on you,” Huo Te smiled happily.

Beside him, Palos opened a notebook with dense markings. It recorded some of the conversations between Su Ye and Huo Te, mainly some methods and key points.

Palos tilted her head slightly and thought for a while. Then, she drew a thick line under the image map memory method. Then, she added what Su Ye had said before: it was suitable for memorising all the knowledge related to a specific geographical location. She drew a circle at the end to mark it as a key point and started studying immediately.

Once the first cla.s.s was over, Jimmy circled behind Su Ye and Huo Te and said with a smile, “Congratulations to the two of you! Actually, I've said before that the two of you will definitely do very well this year. See, I'm right.”

“There's also the semester exam. This is just a small monthly test. It's nothing,” Su Ye said.

Jimmy grinned, “Su Ye, I still think that your studying method is very impressive. I previously guessed that you might need a few years to obtain the Mana Source Badge, but now, I think that you already have a chance to obtain the Mana Source.”

Hearing the phrase “Mana Source” once, Su Ye was stunned, and his eyes shone with a shocking brightness.

Ebert, who was beside him, sneered. “A second-year senator? That's crazy! Even Aristotle, who is known as the number one magic genius in all of the countries, only got his first Mana Source badge after he advanced to a gold mage in his fifth year.”

“It's difficult to obtain a Mana Source, but it's not impossible,” Lake said.

Huo Te fell silent. It was not that he did not want to defend Su Ye, but the Mana Source was a goal that was just too distant. In his mind, there was no difference between obtaining a Mana Source and climbing the Olympus Mountains.

The full name of the Mana Source was the Springs of Mana Source.

A long time ago, humans had discovered the existence of such a treasure. It was a special type of crystal mineral. Its shape, color, size, and other visible attributes were variable. The only similarity was that within the crystal sh.e.l.l was a light blue liquid mana.

When it was shaken, it would emit a charming starlight.

Before that discovery, because the Springs of Mana Source was very beautiful, it had always been regarded as an expensive collector's item.

That was until Socrates discovered the secret of this mineral and named it the Springs of Mana Source.

The function of the Springs of Mana Source was very simple. If the magic tower absorbed it the Springs of Mana Source could turn into a Mana Well under the magic tree. The Mana Well could draw power from unknown places and convert it into mana that could be used directly by mages.

With every additional Mana Well, a mage's mana would increase by 10%. Thus, ten Mana Wells could double a mage's mana.

Moreover, the Mana Well could also strengthen the mana tree in all aspects.

Generally speaking, the number of Mana Wells that could be placed was limited by the number of walls in the magic tower. However, if the magic tower was exceptionally st.u.r.dy or the mage was exceptionally strong mentally, in theory a mage could place an unlimited number of Mana Wells.

Legend had it that the reason why Socrates could become a demiG.o.d was because there were more than a hundred Mana Wells in his magic tower, completely exceeding the limit of a mage.

Later, Socrates joined hands with many great mages to form a mage organization, the “Dawn Magic Crown” which was later renamed to the “Magic Council”.

When the Magic Council was still known as the Dawn Magic Crown, in order to encourage mages to share the results of their magic research, Socrates used the source of magic as a reward to incentivise those who made substantial contributions to the magic world.

After the Dawn Magic Crown was converted to the Magic Council, the number of mages suddenly increased, and very soon there was a shortage of the Springs of Mana Source.

It was then that everyone realized that the Springs of Mana Source was so scarce.

In the end, the Magic Council had no choice but to give up using the actual Springs of Mana Source as a reward. Instead, they changed it to the “Honorary Springs of Mana Source” and made it into the shape of a magic badge, which was called the Mana Source for short.

Although the Magic Council no longer rewarded with the Springs of Mana Source, the masters were still very willing to reward their juniors. They donated many treasures and placed them in the Magic Council, which could be exchanged with Mana Source.

Gradually, Mana Source became a type of highly valued magic currency, which was used to exchange for treasures in the Magic Council. Mages could also trade with it among themselves.

Only those who had the Mana Source badge were qualified to become members of the Magic Council, but they were only honorary members.

Only a very small number of mages could become official members of the Council.

Only those who had made outstanding contributions to the Magic World could become senior members of the Congress.

Only a small number of senior members were qualified to enter the great cabinet and become members of the cabinet. They had a lot of power.

Masters like Thucydides were one of the few vice-chairmen.

Master Plato was one of the ten most powerful chairmen in the Greek Magic World, and he was the top chairman.

What made the mages despair was that the value of the Mana Source badge did not drop, but the price of the Springs of Mana Source rose continuously.

Now, a piece of the Springs of Mana Source could be exchanged only with a total of 15 Mana Source badges.

Su Ye was tempted.

If Jimmy had not mentioned the Mana Source badge, Su Ye would not even have this concept in his mind, because this thing was far too unachievable for the Su Ye of the past.

At least the sun could still be seen, but for the Su Ye of the past, the Mana Source badge was not even worth thinking about.

Any high hopes for the Springs of Mana Source was like tarnishing this honor.

Obtaining the Mana Source Badge, one would become an honorary Member of Parliament.

Generally speaking, most honorary members obtained their first Mana Source badge when they were a gold mage. There were also silver mages who became honorary members. However, they either traded their lives for it, or they were extremely long-lived and relied on time to acc.u.mulate their achievements.

No one had ever thought that a magic apprentice could become an honorary member, let alone there having one.

Even among the world-famous geniuses, no one had ever obtained a Mana Source badge when they were magic apprentices. The four heroes of the Academy could not do it, and neither could Plato.

Su Ye felt that he had a small chance.

There were many ways to obtain a Mana Source, such as huge contributions, creating new spells, or especially excellent theories.

For example, Feynman's technique, although it was only a learning method and not a magic technique, if it was submitted to the Magic Council, there was a high chance that he could obtain the Mana Source badge.

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