The Substitute Bride Chapter 180


The Substitute Bride

The Substitute Bride Chapter 180

Chapter 180
Chapter 180
Sweet Gentleness

Standing in the middle of yard, the sun is shinning warmly on Long Mo Er’s face, let her delicate face finally feeling little bit of happiness and making her smile.

It was not easy for her to secretly getting down from bed when taking an opportunity while Ye Che wasn’t at home, walking to the yard in order to breathe fresh air. Finally she could move her muscles, if she kept lying on bed, she could go insane.

All were blaming Ye Che, he has clearly known that she has been recovering much better, but every day he still not allowing her to do this and that, even to get down from bed and to have walked he does not allow her, she’s really going to be rusted in bed. She has said that she has much better, but he didn’t believe her that she has much better and able to walk by now? once the translation stolen then it will pa.s.sword

She complained to Father and Mother, complained to Big Brother and Big Sister in Law, complained to Big Brother Bai…. But, all of them only said exactly similar as what Ye Che said, really not helping her not a bit.

She even didn’t do anything, only lying on the bed obediently, but, these few days she was so happy, Ye Che patiently accompanying beside her, even though he didn’t say much words, but that att.i.tude of carefully protecting her was already giving her slight of warmness. Everyday Father and Mother would come to see her, even Big Sister in law will broth soup for her to drink every day, uneventful Brother Na Yan and Ye Ding would also come to her side, teasing her to be happy, Big Brother Bai would also periodically come to check her body.

The happiest thing that she felt was, after all Ye Che looked for Big Brother Bai, she could see him every day. That day after he left, she even thought that she would never meet him anymore. While he would be loner by himself, she really felt worry, but now everything looked so good, she has met him again, she could show her concern to him and wouldn’t let him to be alone anymore.

Moreover when she knew that Big Brother Bai didn’t tell Ye Che what she ever told him, she even happier, Big Brother Bai is so good helped her to keep this secret, she could tell him anything without feeling worries, let him to share her happiness too, her sadness. prepare for the pa.s.sword chapter once it stolen

 “How can you are not obedient? I just leave for moment, you already have gut to come out?” suddenly Ye Che’s voice flown from Long Mo Er back.

“Argh!” gotten scared by the sudden voice that flown behind her, Long Mo Er almost felt down.

Ye Che’s hand immediately supported her. “Why are you falling?” This gesture, this place suddenly reminded her there was one night she also looked like this, that day she also almost fell down, and he also held her like this too.

“I…” Long Mo Er awkwardly laughed in Ye Che’s embrace. “Aren’t you going out? Why are you coming back so fast?”

“No big matter happened, so that I came back faster.” Embracing her body, Ye Che gave her an answer. “Didn’t I tell you to stay quietly inside room? Why are you going out? Why didn’t Lu Qun watch you?”

Facing with Ye Che stern face, Long Mo Er only could stare him with her pitiful eyes, a kind of expression as if she has done a mistake. “It’s because I feel so bad only lying on bed! I only want to go out and take a look for while, moving. Big Brother Bai also said that exercise can help the body to recover faster, but I just don’t understand why you not let me to go out.”

“Your Big Brother Bai said that must do exercise, but I really worry about you, when you are walking, I afraid you will fall down, so that, you better peacefully staying on bed then it must be safer much.”

“Impossible, how can I fall down.” Long Mo Er not even realized the way she spoke was sounded coquetry.”

Ye Che smiled, staring at her bright eyes, gently spoke: “If you are not falling down, then how you can in my embrace now?”

 “I….” realized as what Ye Che said, Long Mo Er’s face redden, speechless for while. “It was because you are suddenly appeared, then I was shocked. But, I didn’t fall down, am I still standing right now?”

“You are still daring to speak.” Ye Che took out his hand, flicked her forehead for moment. But, Ye Che gently asked: “Do you really want to go out? Is it really boring to stay inside room?”

“En.” Long Mo Er nodding her head.

“Alright, tomorrow night, I will bring you out from mansion.” Carefully seeing her condition for moment, Ye Che also felt she has already looked much better, recently he has forced her to tight, hence he said so.

“Really?” Long Mo Er’s face showed happy expression, she surprised and looked happily.

“En, really. But, you must obediently stay by my side.”

“Alright, I promise you.” Long Mo Er excitedly stretched out her hand and hugged Ye Che’s neck, buried her face to his chest. “Ye Che, you are really good.” This is her first time to take an initiative hugging him, the strong satisfaction feeling filled his heart, he also happily hugging on her.   

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