The Requiem Of An Empress 28 1St Tuor: Lachesis


The Requiem Of An Empress

The Requiem Of An Empress 28 1St Tuor: Lachesis

"I beg your pardon, Your Majesty?"Mikhail's exasperation was evident in his utterance. All the memories of their encounter with the Demon n.o.bles back in Ikdes suddenly came crashing into his mind upon the bare mention of the race. He merely reminisced about it, yet he felt the fatigue in his body starting to build up."Are you saying that there are six Demon n.o.bles currently wreaking havoc inside the Empire?" - Percival asked another question, and this time he was hoping to be answered with a no.Lamentably, the veritable intent of the Emperor in obtruding the quarterly conference was to inform the Rounds of the Empire's dilemma that abruptly emerged."Why would I even exert any effort in visiting the Nachezen Palace to simply spout some falsehoods afore the lot of you?", the Emperor riposted with an unwavering sangfroid in his voice. He cast a glare on Mikhail, making the knight further realize the graveness of the situation they were in."I departed my palace the instant that the connections with the gates have desisted. Along the way, I communicated with the agents planted in the areas bordering the three fiefs in question. They confirmed sighting six Demon Sigils, already fully drawn on the terrains which are within the vicinity of Suma, Oleves, and Ester fiefs.", he related his findings to the Rounds, all the while tapping the wooden table with his left index finger.Regardless of the imminent threat, seven of the knights weren't as worried as they were in the past when they learned of Malphas and Ronove's appearance. It was a great contrast to the perturbed expressions of the other five.The sole factor dividing these two groups was being cognizant of the scrolls containing the Invocatory Verses for the summoning of high-ranking Angels. This knowledge gave them a big leap from their half-witted summoning of lower-ranking Angels in their first three encounters with the Demon n.o.bles.Nevertheless, d.u.c.h.ess Tristan's was more apprehensive of her knights' safety rather than the Demon n.o.bles' presence. For the reason that Atlas, her knight order, was currently dwelling in an encampment located in the Suma fief."Your Majesty, Atlas was a.s.signed to fend off the Rebel Army loitering around the north-eastern border. Do you have any news regarding their state?", the woman asked, anxiousness apparent in her locution."Sadly, there are none. The agents aren't capable enough to penetrate the mana dome surrounding the aforementioned fiefs. We cannot even a.s.sure the welfare of the citizens."Haniel bowed her head out of distress. The d.u.c.h.ess is full of affection for Atlas, as if the knights belonging in the order were her family. Withal, she's aware that their duty is to protect the citizens. Hence, the people's well-being should be the order's priority. She could only hope that her subordinates are still alive, vigorously fulfilling their jobs.In the interval, the Emperor went on to elucidate the means that they're going to utilize.
"Fortunately, the holy grail's mana solution that we've been cultivating for the war with the Estrama Empire has now materialized. With that in mind, we're going to force the Demons out of the Empire before this dier ends. In this expedition, I will be accompanied by the seven upper seats.", he said in the act of standing since the monarch priorly arranged his exit once he's done notifying the Rounds.It was by chance when they happened upon the holy grail, an empty crystalline chalice, during an exploration at the bottom of the deepest gorge in the continent, Glather Gorge. However, their uncovering of its functions coincided with the pa.s.sing of Evgenei Helra; she was the second Knight of the Round Table to perish.The Angel who descended in their second confrontation with a Demon n.o.ble was an unserviceable weakling, harnessing the power of the Holy Grail to dispatch the Demon n.o.ble and its sigil. Their discovery of the Holy Grail was a blessing in itself, yet a painful remembrance at the same time.One detail in the Emperor's speech caught the unease of everyone in the hall, especially a certain Countess."Accompanied by? Are you partic.i.p.ating, Your Majesty?" - Lauviah inquired, wanting to make sure that her hearing was not malfunctioning.Withal, as usual, her query fell on deaf ears. The Emperor did not pay her any attention and simply engaged in a conversation with the commander.'What is with this treatment?! ', Lauviah could not help but be enraged of continuously suffering from humiliation by the manner that her comrades' were treating her. Nevertheless, she ceaselessly endured their degrading remarks just to retain her position in the pinnacle knight order where she could stand at the monarch's side.Perchance, she cannot see what was intolerable of herself that she always felt wronged of their blatant criticisms. It's perpetual that the lack of self-awareness and hubris drives a malefactor to victimize themself."I will join this expedition.", she spoke of her true desire, much to Mikhail's irritation.Percival looked at her with a rabid gaze to relay his displeasure. Along with the departure of their audience, Mikhail let go of the shackles hindering his desire to chastise a meddlesome creature such as the Countess."You dare question His Majesty's commands?", he begrudgingly said as he slowly nighed the Countess. Every step that he took "Can't you understand? I'm volunteering myself! I can protect His Majesty!" - Lauviah retorted, losing control of her emotions yet afresh.Her statement made Mikhail scoff, sneering in his little walk. As he arrived at an inch away from the woman, he lowered his mouth to her right ear."You weren't blessed with a Holy sword, and here you are brazenly claiming that you can protect the most powerful being in the Empire? What kind of drug are you in to be that delusional?" - The insults that he whispered had become accusative. In the first place, he didn't concern himself with Lauviah's feelings, which incited the woman's fury and abashment. She quickly faced Mikhail with her widened eyes and reddened countenance. "Drug? What drug?! Do you think I'm intoxicated?! How d-""Countess Lukan, heed this warning. There is no room for discussions apropos this matter. If you say another word, I'll terminate your indefinite contract as the 11th seated knight in my order.", the man didn't want to allow her deliria to be displayed any further, so he interfered with a caution. Although they were both illiberal in their arguments, mutually blinded by their hatred for each other, the majority of the Rounds sided with their commander.Lauviah could only hold her tongue once she harkened Mikhail's open threat. In that instant, a silence welcomed itself in the hall. It was blaring, creating a cacophonous melody with the beating of their hearts.On the other hand, the Emperor, who shut his eyes when the two started to fight, sat down again. "If someone was being obstructive, tell them to leave. I did not come here to listen to petty squabble.", he broke the quietude with a simple proposal as he lifted the stack of parchments placed in front of him. As soon as they heard him, Mikhail and Lauviah hurriedly bowed their heads to show repentance. Still and all, the Emperor just continued with his talk in lieu of forgiving the two. "The Empress will be staying in the castle, so I cannot leave this place unguarded."Infuriated of ascertaining the Empress' emergence in the discourse, Lauviah saw this as the perfect time to escape the demoralizing situation. She didn't wish to be burdened with the ch.o.r.e of a.s.suring the security of the woman she desperately detested. Ergo, the Countess swiftly stormed out of the great hall, glaring at Mikhail one last instance.n.o.body went after the Countess. They didn't desire to risk offending the Emperor and the Knight Commander in exchange of consoling the woman who was clearly mistaken of the boundaries she could cross. Like this, the Rounds won't even be taken aback if the incident with Lauviah would be dismissed as if they just swatted a fly. The commander duly returned to his spot beside the Emperor, and without any more delays, Mikhail subbed in as the speaker for the Emperor who seemed finished with his briefing. "Your Majesty, I will entrust the duty of guarding the Soltis Palace to Dame Geraint, Sir Lanval, and Sir Lamorak. Now, I want to ask you this. Why did you not sense the ingress of such robust magical signatures in your domain? It will take a Demon n.o.ble some hours to integrate their Sigil. We would've been able to prevent that have you noticed their entrance."Percival's query was not meant to put any blame on the Emperor. He was purely curious that the monarch missed an utterly significant event which happened inside the Seraphiel Empire. The Emperor met the knight's gaze, but his eyes didn't have the same serenity as earlier; his...o...b.. have turned into an animate pool of rage. The parchments he was holding crumpled in his tightening grip."There are two possible reasons. First, the Demon n.o.bles have an artefact that could steal a sovereign's domain. Conversely, they might've been inhabiting that area long before I ascended to the throne."

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