The Reader (Me), The Protagonist (Her) And Their After. Chapter 6


The Reader (Me), The Protagonist (Her) And Their After.

The Reader (Me), The Protagonist (Her) And Their After. Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Being With You in This Irritating Place Heat haze was swaying above the polyurethane floor tiles.

July. The air was so hot and hue anye to the cla.s.srooe, like now.

At first they sent e back?

Based on these e back, huh…" I unintentionally let out those words as I ree back?

How could I speak with Hiiragi again after hurting her like that?

In the end, everything went back to how it should be.

Living quietly without being involved with anyone. What i hoped when I entered high school. After going through soe. I'll treat you for tonight's dinner."

We were now in a cosy Italian restaurant in the residential area.

There weren't even ten seats, and the interior was illues to posure, but I can't show it on plicated. Well, I guess it's understandable… But you know," Hiiragi Tokoro put down her gla.s.s and ses like her… If she becoplish its role as a parting letter. So please──"

I raised pletely different. In the story, Tokiko isn't the heroine of a book, instead she lost the diary where she wrote about her everyday, and a certain boy find it and read it.

What will happen after I read that.

The heavy bundle of paper in e a little posure went away.

I was shocked. They a.s.sertively talked to hie.

What's left is to e hopeless.

I becae your girlfriend."

The instant I resolutely said that, plex swirl of ee back, Hosono… All that because I poke plaints about "15 Years Old". I wanted to explain e a good talker.

That's why I should just expose all ing half running.



It was plain to see that Hiiragi, who appeared at the entrance of the park, caplete."

Hiiragi slowly raised her face.

She e, Hiiragi. You might change and not be Tokiko anymore, but I want to be with you."

I couldn't keep it anymore.

I took Hiiragi's hands in mine, startling her.

She looked at me, her face bright red.

Looking at her, I──

"I like you," I said, unable to restrain my feelings. "Not Tokiko, the one I like is you, Hiiragi, the one in front of me. So let be stay by your side. Let me see you change."

A tear fell from Hiiragi's eyes.

Then as if a dam broke, her eyes overflowed with tears

Something that Tokiko would never show, Hiiragi Tokiko's raw emotions.

Hiiragi took a short breath and wiped her tears with the cuff of her T-shirt.

Then, looking straight at me,

"… Then me too," she started, smiling. "… I relied on the story again. Moreover I used it to express the things I should have said directly with my own mouth… But with this, it's time to stop being sly. So please, listen to me."

Hiiragi straightened herself and cleared her throat.

"… I like you, Hosono-kun," she said with a clear voice. "I don't want to just like you, I want you to like me too, Hosono-kun. Not Tokiko, but the me before your eyes."

"… Yeah."

"So… Please, look more at me. Next to me, and forever."


I nodded, firmly grasping her hands.

"Yeah, I will."

I could feel the warmth of her body through her hands.

It wasn't like the pages of a book, it was Hiiragi Tokiko's warmth.

I didn't want to let her go. I wanted to hold her hands forever.

Just when I thought that,

"… Aaaaaah…"

Hiiragi suddenly crouched down, as if her knee grew weak.

"H-hey! What's up, are you okay!?"

"Y-yes… Sorry, I'm fine. My legs trembled and I couldn't stand anymore…"

Hearing her I finally noticed.

Hiiragi entire body was trembling a little.

"Haa… I wondered what would happen. I was so nervous thinking about why you called me here. I thought I might die…"

"… You were worrying about it that much?"

"… It's your fault, you know, Hosono-kun."

Hiiragi looked up at me resentfully.

However, maybe because she was relieved now, her expression was far more relaxed than earlier.

"If you weren't so kind and a more disagreeable person, I wouldn't feel like that, Hosono-kun…"

"… Yeah, my bad."

Hiiragi used my hand and unsteadily stood up.

Then looking at the clock in the park,

"Aaah… It's already this late. I rushed out of the house so Mom must be worried…"

"Must be, yeah, sorry… For now I'll take you home."

"Thank you."

Still holding hands, we started to walk.

Her moist, sweaty hand was firmly grasping mine.

Looking at the pale moon shining in the night sky, I thought:

I guess that right now, this is the prologue of my story with Hiiragi.

──That's why, my first love starts after the epilogue.

(15 Years Old/Hiiragi Tokoro - Machida Edition)

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