The Prey Of Zhai Wang Prologue


The Prey Of Zhai Wang

The Prey Of Zhai Wang Prologue

A crowd gathered before Xuanwu Tower as various powerful individuals arrived. Huang Xi froe as well.Sitting down, Huang Xi looked towards a figure standing a short distance away. Clad in black robes, the figure was entirely shrouded in darkness. That was the Dark Sage, an incredibly propletely unexpected that he would appear as well."Everyone," Kong Yao spoke froe fropared to the other powers in the nine states, the Barren State has historically been the state with the weakest overall capabilities. I'pletely. However, they had coe to see what was up. Of course, if Kong Yao was convincing enough, they would not have pletely wipe out the Zhuge Fae wary and afraid of e cowardly as well.""Third Older Brother isn't afraid for his own safety, of course," Ye Futain responded. He knew what his Third Older Brother was referring to."Fear is fear, there is no point trying to sugarcoat it," Gu Dongliu said, not et.Ye Futian's heart seized up and he leaped into the sky, shouting, "Grandfather Ape!"Thue to this, there was nothing left to fear. Since those people wanted to ing down from the mountain on their own?Everyone looked towards the distance as well. Very quickly, they saw a handsome scholar in a white shirt moving through the sky towards them. It was Gu Dongliu."Gu Dongliu," Zhan Xiao stared at him, and laughed coldly, "you finally have the guts to face us yourself.""Zhan Xiao, you only know how to hide behind the power of your sect. Though you have the reputation of being one of the Nine Warriors of Zhisheng Cliffs, you are nothing but a despicable fellow. I, Gu Dongliu, am humiliated to be a.s.sociated with you," Gu Dongliu shot Zhan Xiao a cool gaze, before turning to Kong Yao. "When I was training in the Yu State, I often heard of the sacred grounds the Zhisheng Cliffs, as well as your name. It's better to see for myself than to just listen to hearsay, and what I have seen of the people from Zhisheng Cliffs so far does not live up to the prestige of those sacred grounds!"

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