The Ocean In The Sky 1


The Ocean In The Sky

The Ocean In The Sky 1

Somebody once asked me, "What would you choose between the ocean and the sky?"That question left me confused and wondering. It was a simple question and yet, I felt that it was complicated. I had no idea how to answer that question. Perhaps, it was because I have a tendency to overthink. What would I choose?When I was a kid, I always admired the sky.Endless and full of the stars, the sky has the moon and the sun. I wanted to be the sun. I wanted to fly among the stars and the galaxies. I wanted to float beyond the milky way and lose myself in the infinity.Then, one day, I saw the ocean. The sky was dark. The moon was reflected in the ocean's surface.It was a love story.Because that night, I might have fallen in love with the ocean. The ocean was, tragically, the sky's mirror. I realized that I wanted to capture the illusion of the moon.Despite knowing the truth, I went to see the ocean again the next morning. The waves welcomed me with enthusiasm and the cool breezes caressed me with intimacy. I wanted to drown in the world hidden inside the ocean.It was a tragedy indeed. I was in love with both the ocean and the sky. The question was bugging and making me restless. What would it be? The ocean or the sky?The ocean was a mystery. It wasn't infinite like the sky, but it held similar deepness, beauty, and freedom. I wanted to swim in the depth that the ocean guaranteed me. I wanted to see the life that the ocean held.I wanted to fly and be lost in the limitless sky as much as I wanted to swim with the waves and touch the bottom of the ocean.But then, I realized my wings were twisted and my feet were gone. I wasn't the same child. I had grown up and my world was limited. I was a prisoner inside the cages of my ideals and norms of the world. I lost my chance. I took too long to decide.

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It's a tragedy. I wanted them both and yet, I was restricted by my own mind. I could only watch as the cage started to suffocate me a little every day.

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