The Night Rose 40 Chapter 40


The Night Rose

The Night Rose 40 Chapter 40

Arwin already looked at the pile of money she had literally made in less than thirty minutes.The people were willing to gamble all of their money away just to show that they are lucky and better, but in the end, most of them had gambled all of their money away."You on the red shirt, yes, you there." Suddenly a person who was wearing black leather armor that was holding the black markets emblem on it."We received complains about illegal gambling and scamming action from a few people, so what is the matter here?" The guard asked from Arwin while clearing the people away from the stall."I just did set up a small gambling stall to this with the permission of the owner.But yes I admit it's a gambling, but it just depends on your luck do you win or lose something.The players should have known the risks of this, and some people who were lucky and tactical won more money back than they lost, right?" Arwin asked the question from the crowd, and some of the lucky ones smiled and shouted yes back to her."Hmm, I see that is true enough, and there is nothing against our rules, but I have to collect ten gold coins from you as a fee for this stall and to give you the permission to do it under our protection then." The guard said, and Arwin knew that he was asking to get bribed."I was going to call the day anyways, but for all of your trouble even personally to come here, I will give you twenty gold coins for the permit if I come back later," Arwin said while giving exactly twenty gold coins to the guard who was smiling right now."Thank you for your cooperation, young master, and I wish you a good rest of the day.Here is your permit personally signed but the black market." The guard said while pocketing the money away and giving Arwin a scroll that made his gambling stall legal."You too, mister guard," Arwin said while watching the guard going back to his patrol before shouting."The stall is closed now, so don't complain if you didn't win anything and congratulations for those who won something." Before quickly cleaning the table and getting inside the building where the shop keeper was waiting for her."So young master, I'm glad that I met you as I made more profit in years now with you." The shopkeeper was saying while counting his share of the money."Yes, we made about two hundred gold coins where twenty went to the bribe so hundred and eighty so ninety for each of us when split it half," Arwin said while counting her share of the money."Young master, if you ever feel that you need to make more money, my stall will always be open for you and your gambling activities." The shopkeeper smiled while taking his half of the money after confirming the exact amount."Yes, I will definitely remember you, and I will gladly do business with you in the future if I need money once again," Arwin said while smiling at the shopkeeper.
"Yes, it's definitely better male escort and let people use your back door, right?" The shopkeeper asked, thinking that Arwin was cut sleeve by the way he dressed elegantly to bright colors but still didn't look like a n.o.ble or influential person as why would those people even step to this continent?So his first idea was that Arwin had went to that business as her small frame and how she looked like a girl with her slender skin.So the shopkeeper thought that she hadn't had that many customers lately and that's why she had come with another way to make money."But sir, some people might like that profession and swing that way." Arwin didn't even try to correct the shopkeeper and just started to flirt with the man for fun before saying."But, I should leave now as there are still things I have to do." Before waving to the silent shopkeeper and exiting the store."That dwarf should be ready soon, or so I do hope," Arwin muttered to herself while walking back to the smithery.She still didn't have any idea where Mark had went, and she just hoped that he would come back before tomorrow.When she finally got back to the smithery, she saw Gloin outside smiling brightly, and when he saw Arwin, his mood suddenly got brighter."Welcome boss, you came just exactly at the right time as I just finished with the items you asked." He wanted to show to Arwin that he was useful and knew what he was doing that he could get off from this continent.That is why he was behaving like a nervous kid now that would have to explain what he had done for his parents.

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