The Night Rose 37 Chapter 37


The Night Rose

The Night Rose 37 Chapter 37

"So Arwin, my name is Gloin. As you can see, I'm a dwarf that is trapped in this continent because of that wee lad next to you. But we have known each other for a long time already, and we worked together doing various jobs, among other money involving tasks. I don't know, had Mark told you yet?" Gloin said while sitting down to a table."No, but I guess it wouldn't be any harm to say. We were freelancer and not part of anything. So there was me who did the contracts. The doctor, you already know him, of course, was responsible for poisonings, etc. Then there was this rude Gloin, our smith that was responsible for our equipment. Our last target was an important person at the kingdom of Northguard precisely. It was the kingdom's main guild branch leader." Mark started to explain as if Gloin was not in front of him. "We were arrogant back then. We thought we could do it, but we did not. Our plan was already exposed.  The inn we were staying at was breached one morning by the soldiers, and the person who was supposed to be our target came in with a f.u.c.king smiled on his face. That's how we got to this beautiful continent." Mark continued mockingly as he sat down at a table as well. In his mind, though the situation that they were in could not be the best, as long as they were alive, there was always a chance for a better future. Arwin remembered the guild master at the main branch of Northguard as she had a chance to see him briefly. However, she couldn't remember much about him than that her master had warned never to offend that man, or she would regret it without good backing.It was her first trip out of the base in a while, and they were pretending to be merchants to buy some necessary items that their base needed.So her teacher had taken her with him to teach her how things worked in real situations. At that time, Arwin was responsible for the cargo. She was the one who mostly do the selling and then buying the items that her teacher wanted. In short, she does all the work, while the rest are there only, to watch entertainingly and at the same time, confirm that nothing would go wrong.At that time, she was doing well and felt that nothing could go wrong. However, suddenly, the soldiers appeared and cleared the people around the stand. Then they started to guard the sides as they gave a path to a lanky man with a trimmed mustache and black hair that was swept backward.When the man showed up, her teacher immediately came out and suddenly took her place at the stall before he bowed down and apologized for his apprentice's rude behavior. The man said it was fine as he only came when he heard that the teacher and his crew were selling the river oranges, a really common delicacy that was quite often sold out since it was famously delicious. That was Arwin's only time seeing this mysterious man, but she still remembered what her teacher had said to the man. She was still reminiscing when Gloin spoke. 
"Mark, you wee lad are really saying that you are doing that? And you never even considered me for this plan? How dare you! Do you know how sad and offended I am now that you didn't even tell me before today?" Gloin said as he looked at Mark in disdain, and crunching his fists, preparing for a good punch. Not waiting for Mark's explanation, "Arwin, I beg you to take me with you. I'm tired of this place and making items for people who don't appreciate them at all. I was born under a mountain, but I wanted to be free. I left my clam and traveled, breaking the long-lasting traditions. So I don't want to be trapped in this small shop of mine for my whole life." The dwarf said dejectedly. "I already want just to burn this shop down and head to the wilderness! But your idea is way better than mine, so please take me in. I promise that I will behave and do my best with fixing stuff and making spare parts for you if I have resources." The dwarf offered, sounding like he was pleading at Arwin."Mark, is this dwarf even useful? Will he just take resources without giving anything back?" Arwin asked, sounding suspicious. Suddenly, the dwarf kneeled on the ground and hugged Arwin's leg shamelessly. "I am useful! Are you blind? If you don't take me, you need to walk over my dead body before you can free your leg!" Gloin declared threatening. Arwin was speechless. Despite that, she still tried to shake off the dwarf that was hugging her leg. Mark laughed at this. He then coughs lightly when Arwin glared at him. So he has no choice but to speak,  "Yes, he is very useful. He's a little crazy, but manageable. As you can see, he is also rash with his movements, but I don't know a better blacksmith than him. In the end, it's your decision as you are the captain, and I will just accept the outcome. I will also greatly owe you if you accept him."  He said, after all, the dwarf saved his life before. Of course, Arwin was aware of this. But could she let this excellent chance to tease him go to waste? Not at all. "So if I order you to strip your clothes off and lay in the bed so that I can use you, you would listen and let me do so, obediently?"  She said with an evil smile on her face. When Mark heard this, he almost choked on the water that he was drinking at that time. His face turned red as he blushed. He opened his mouth but couldn't utter any word out."Are you two like you know together?" Gloin asked curiously when he heard what Arwin had said. Instead of answering, Mark suddenly ran out of the store while trying to hide his embarra.s.sment. "No, we aren't, but I just love to tease him. See? His reactions are so wonderful," Arwin said while laughing. She would never have believed that Mark would actually run away.

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