The Little Prince Of The Earth 1 The Little Prince Of Earth


The Little Prince Of The Earth

The Little Prince Of The Earth 1 The Little Prince Of Earth

Pain ....It was all he could feel at that moment.d.a.m.n the moment. Everything was in chaos and he was there, lying on the ground, unable to get up, watching one by one his companions fall b.l.o.o.d.y and lifeless before him.Despair ....Oh d.a.m.n, the desperation that was consuming him at that moment.Another d.a.m.n moment. If before he had no strength to move now, he was completely petrified, after all he never imagined that he would see the day when the most persevering of his companions would finally be on his knees, admitting a bitter and cold defeat before being his own. biggest enemy.Regret ....That was all that remained at that moment.Of all the bad times in his life, the very moment for himself was the moment to repent, for it proved that he was still alive.He heard from someone once that repentance was the torment of the living, for only the living were aware of suffering such a feeling ... so .............I think the word I'm looking for is torturous....Whether this is right or not doesn't matter anymore.When you contemplate emptiness and realize that you are alone, when the wind suffers and brings nothing but silence, when your mind is so broken you can no longer distinguish what is real from what is imaginary. ..... At this point, when life becomes too heavy a burden to carry on your shoulders, you realize how warm and gentle the embrace of death is.However, you cannot die.

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Those happy days won't come back ...But you cannot die.Are you alone....But you cannot die.If you die, everything will be in vainIf you die, it will all be over.Therefore, even if in this miserable and eternal life, as a wandering being, there is no hope that you should continue living.Simply because the fact that you are still alive, even if you are walking on endless mounds of corpses, is the greatest proof you have won, that we have.Your life, Shun, is proof that against all that was believed, Hades lost and you won....Tears .....In all of existence this child was really the most pitiful.Something no G.o.d can disagree with, but the punishment still lingered until the human was willing to acknowledge the guilt.
The fault of having fought for those he loved and believed.....However, in the midst of the silent wind, the suffocating loneliness that kept him on that planet, Shun found a friend who, despite living as far away as asteroid B-612, understood him in a unique way, but Shun's difference to the Little The prince is that for the brave knight who many battles bravely fought in the name of a G.o.ddess who abandoned him, Shun could not simply abandon the earth....."I once heard that there is nothing sadder than death, but loneliness is quite terrifying."

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