The Life Of One 1 Chapter 1


The Life Of One

The Life Of One 1 Chapter 1

"Now what do you think of this""I don't know! Why on earth would I know!""Well if you don't then what am I supposed to do!""Who knows! it's your body! You choose what you want to wear."-As the two friends tries to pick a costume for Halloween."You know what. I'll just blind pick one then.""OK! Guess that settles this."-The friend actually wanting to wear something the other liked, couldn't."Well hurry up! It 9 now. The good candy will run out.""Shut up! It's your fault for not picking one!""What! How was this my fault. Why couldn't you wear something you wanted.""Shut Up!""Whatever."-As the two friends spend their childhood arguing with each other. But besides all the arguing they never left each other. They surely loved each other. But they were too young to know what love was. Had they been together till now, they surely would have been married by now. Now the two friends separated: Different school, different friends, and different places. They had moved away from each other. And it had been 10 years now."Big brother! Wake up" As a 7 year old female said while opening the door to her brothers room."Ahh~~~""Wake up, Now!! Or I'll jump on you""..."-The little sister not liking being Ignored. Got up on the bed and did her best to kick him on the side. And definitely it did hurt."Ahhh. That Hurts you know!""I don't care. I told you to wake up.""...""... Are you sleeping again!" Puffing her cheeks in an angry way."NO!" I immediately said, not wanting my sister to kick me again."You're gonna miss your car.""I don't care." I said while yawning-The little sister not liking the answer got up and kicked him once again. This time the brother got up and chased the sister. But his newly awakened body hadn't responded to the order of moving the legs and he fell right on his head."Nyahaha.. you're too slow, you'll never catch me.""..." Uh, this is a way to wake up.-The little sister, knowing that her brother had full awaken, left."... Guess I'll get up."-He was indeed fully packed for college and was nearly ready. And went downstairs for breakfast."Ah, seems you're awake. Looks like Hana gave you a hard time." My mother said where placing what I think is my favorite food."No I did not.." My little said while stuffing her face with food."Now apologize to your brother""No, I did nothing wrong" She said while giving me a smirk."You know your brother is going to be leaving us now.""I don't care""You won't be able to see him anymore, are you sure you want him to leave without making up
with each other." Mom pressured her knowing how much Hana loves me."NO! I don't want that" She said, with a bit of emotion."Ha.. guess that settles that." Mom said-I took a chair waiting for my breakfast"Look at you. Going off to your own world. I'm going to miss you, you know.""Sure you will, but Hana will keep you occupied.""Well here is your favorite meal.""Ah.. you shouldn't have""No way, this is the last time I'll cook for you""No really, i'm driving for hours and stopping to pee is hard enough, let alone stopping to takewaste out my body.""Well... I don't care. This is the last time I'll cook for my sweet little child, and i will spoil you."-His mother was persistent so he just let it be"So... Where's dad""Oh.. He said he's really sorry for not being able to see you off.""Really? I'm sure he's ~really~ sorry..""Now, now. You know your father loves you very much.""Yea I know."- Time flies fast and it was time for his depart from his life with his family"Are you sure you want to go?""Yes""You could stay for a couple more hours.""Mom""...""I have to go now, but i'll will definitely visit when I have more than 5 days off school.""Well i guess this is goodbye.""Yep, i'll be living my own life. Bye."-The drive took hours. In his new destination, it seemed vacant. The apartment he found seemed empty."Well, this looks horrible. but i guess it will do for now.""Hey"-He heard a person on top of his room"You the new guy?""Uhh... Yea""Guess I show you the ropes.""What ropes, it's only one room.""I'm just gonna tell you the rules.""Oh.. there are rules huh.."- She jumped down"You sure that's safe""Sure it is. I'm a strong girl.""So who are you.""Oh yea, still haven't introduce myself. My name is Kylia. You can call me Lisa.""OK.."-She opens the door"This is your key. Don't lose it because this is the only one you get. Unless you duplicate it.""So are you the landlord's daughter or what.""Of course I am. Do I look old enough to be a landlord?""N-no you don't. I'm sorry.""You sure must be. So this is a normal room: You got a bathroom with toilet, a kitchen if you cook or anything, and a living room for you. Sorry to say but our rooms doesn't have a bedroom. You go to make do with the living room.""Ok, I got no problem with that.""Well that's all. You a college student?""Yea, i'll be going Harken Collage next week.""Oh. well guess I'm you senior.""So you go there to huh.""Well, there are others living here so make sure you don't bother them and we won't have a problem.""Sure, I'll make sure not to be too loud or anything.""...""Do you want anything?""Don't you want to know who is living next to you?""No. not really.""So you're that type of person huh.""Guess I am. ""Ok then, bye.""Bye. ""Oh and don't ever say this is a terrible place, because this is the best place you will ever find inyour life."- She runs off towards a car that had seemed to be expensive."O k, well that car looks... special."-The door next to him opens up."It sure is. That's the landlords husbands family car."- He turns to the direction of the sound and sees another girl."And who are you?""That's none of you business ""Well, you're right. So who are the landlords.""You sure you want to know? I'm sure I heard you say you don't really care about stuff like this.""You heard that?""Of course I did. Here's an advice. We have thin walls, so please don't be a bother""I will try my best."- She left and went somewhere"Huh. Did she forget to lock her door?"-I then went into my room to unpack."Seems to be getting dark. Guess I'll go check my tomorrow.""Yawn... Ok I really need to buy a bed. There is no way I am going to sleep on the floor again"As he woke up there was a knock."Now who would be here at this time of day.""Oiii! You awake in there"He reluctantly walked to the door."What do you want?" In a soft yet irritated voice"Ha, looks like your not a morning person.""Cut to the chase, I have things to do""And that would be?"Kylia teased him but he wasn't liking it and tried to close the door. But Kylia quickly held the door open with her right leg."OK OK, i'm sorry. I just need you to tell me your name."-He looked at her with annoyed eyes."Really?! You woke me up to ask for my name?!""Yea, You didn't seem to tell me your name yesterday.""Now why couldn't you have waited until later.""Well I was about to jog, and well your door was right next to me."He took a deep breath. In fact two deep breath."Just call me whatever you want"-So he closed the door and went back to sleep. Now it's 7 in the morning ."Wow, Ok I over slept. I better get my schedule and head for work"-Now he was struggling to find his way to the office but he eventually did."d.a.m.n, why are colleges so big. I could barely find my way."-He went to the counter and waited until someone said-"How may I help you?""Um... I'm here to get my schedule.""OK, just give me a minute""..."

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"And what's you ID number.""Ah.. It's 3-8-6-2-5-6-8-2-6-4-5-9""Ok, give me a second""...""Ok this is your schedule, your should begin in 5 days. Make sure you're not late.""Thanks"-He then went to his part time job."Um.. I'm here for my job""Boss!! He's here!!"- A guy walked towards him"You, come follow me""..."- He was dragged by the boss"Now you should have memorized the recipes right.""Y-Yes I did""Good, we are busy so no slacking off on your first day""Yes sir""Good"- Everything went smoothly for his first day"Hey, you're pretty good at cooking""Um... Thanks?""Days are always like this,but you seemed to be able to handle it.""Sure can, I have done worse""Ha, it's good to have employees like you""Ah... Thanks, guess i'm going now""Well work hard tomorrow again"-With collage on his way, things are going to get a little hectic. Now on his way home he saw yet the same car."Must be visiting someone," I thought.-As he tried to ignore the car, and head for his room."Hey! You!"-Thinking it wasn't targeted towards him, he moved on"I'm talking to you, you know!"-He reluctantly turns around to the sound"And, what do you want" I said."You're new here right?""What if I am?" Tilting my head 30 degrees to the left"Oh, just wanted to tell you something"-The conversation was hopeless so he left, probably some salesman. With a rich car?"Wait!""Now what""Mind if I come in""What?""Mind if I come in?""I- I don't know what that means"-Then Kylia rushed over the moment she saw him"Hey, mind if you come follow me""Uh... sure"-Kylia led me to my room, but I kept hearing that man call out to me saying wait, its important"Here's another advise, don't talk to that man""Why?""Why do you care.." She said signifying our conversation when we first met."Guess you're right"-He went in his room, forcing himself to forget this even happened"That sure was weird"-He had wanted to look out the window to see what was going on but he hadn't had enough care to do so...Now what am I to do? I gave my schedule to my Boss and now we can work, my work schedule with either than that, it now 7 pm."I guess I'll go shopping"When I was looking for an apartment to live in, I found this nice place. When looking at the price I honestly thought it was too good to be true. But it is.As I was changing my work clothes I hear a knock on my door."Yes, what can I do for you this time, me laday" I said in a sarcastic"Well, I was going to give you the WiFi pa.s.sword pa.s.sword, but I guess I'll just go?" She smiles"Wow, sorry sorry, I deeply regret my toine, please find it in yourself to forgive this foolish mouth of mine" I sad in a somewhat convincing tone"Haha, yeah I was joking. Here" she said while handing me a piece of paper.Thanks I said and look at her, waiting for her to leave. But she kept staring."...""Um.. can I close the door now?""Uh, yeah, I just wanted to say again that never a.s.sociate with that man.""... sure I can do that, no problem"She still stared at me, but eventually she left. I can say for a fact that this was a weird conversation. But I did not really mind.After a while of being on my phone, I decided to sleep. These few days were exhausting.As I set up my futon I noticed a spider in the corner of my room."Ok,a spider in my room. No wonder this place is cheap." I went into the kitchen to find something to hit the spider with.Hen returned the spider was still there, so I quietly sneaks onto it, and hit it with my rolled up newspaper.Slap!When i checked it was gone, I looked everywhere but I did not find it again.For a second there, I thought of going somewhere else to sleep, but I don't have Fthe money. So I deeply curled up my blanket and slept.[ b.l.o.o.d.y piece of flesh, tried to kill me! How it even see me! No one should be able to see me! It matters not ]Bite[ What is this?! What is this taste!? Oh how splendid, oh how wonderful, what kind of human is this!]…[ My oh my, this is the best human I have ever had, It is shameful that I could not hold back. He is nothing but fried up flesh now. Cure my hunger, I should have let him live and feed off him for years ][hm.. What is this? Why does this human look so small? Huh, why does this room look small? Wait why have I become enormous? Just what was this human? ]End

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