The Lie Of Reality 19 Chapter 19


The Lie Of Reality

The Lie Of Reality 19 Chapter 19

" What do we do?" Said Alice." I don't know" said queen white." We cant leave, if her sits on the chair or G.o.ds, he'll be able to control the angles, and thats a big no no to all of us" said James.I look outside trying to think of a way to stop all this, you know why? Cause I'm the only f.u.c.ker who's able to beat the f.u.c.k out of him." Damon? Damon are you even listening" said queen white." Sorry I was just thinking of something"" Well we need to know what to do, hades is the G.o.d now and he has control over all angles, what do we do?" Said queen white.For the first time, I had no idea what to actually do, what to say and what to think off, for a reason in my head, I actually do wanna be the ruler with hades and just stop all the death happening. But I do know all he wants is my power, so that I don't destroy the G.o.ds he creates." I talked to hades when I was dead" I said, everyone looked at me In confusion." What did he say?" Asked Alice."he said he'll give mercy to everyone if I go with him"" And you're telling us about this now?" Said James." I seriously wanted to tell you guys, but I just didn't know when"" Did you get anything from him?" Asked James." Yes, while he was talking to me I was able to get into his head. He killed nature, immediately after she realized him from prison. The worst part is he now has control not only to the angles, but also controls the crawl brothers"" You're kidding right?" Asked Anna." No"" Wait who are the crawl brothers?" Asked Alice." Their ancient beings, older than human, older than the living G.o.ds, they were all around the universe. Powerful, fast and strong, they were kept hostage by Athena, she found their weaknesses and put them to prison that had no time or escape. She was able to do so by using her babies blood" said queen white." Wait she killed her kids" asked James.

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" Yes, she even killed Zeus and Poseidon to use their blood so she can take over the throne" said Anna." I thought Athena took the throne after Zeus and Poseidon had a fight" said James." She made them fight, she was an evil person. Sometimes not all said by the G.o.ds are true and right. Some are wrong and some are not to be known by anyone" said queen white.
" How do you know all of this?" I asked." because.........i was an angel, I saw everything and when Athena knew about me knowing all this, she took my powers and throw me here, she threw me and told me I was garbage. Thats when Hera the G.o.ddess of marriage gave me the power and name to become queen white of far north and the first born of the knight of the day, and the first ever to take a castle for the G.o.ds" said queen white." Queen white our sensors are picking up some heat our way" said one of the guards." Who?" Asked Anna." I cant seem to know, but it does look very very big, maybe an army" said the guard." That cant be" said Alice." It's okay they wont be able to come anywhere inside or close us by 20 meters, their is a vert powerful shield around made by the blood of a unicorn" said queen white." Will it be able to hold for long?" I asked as the ground started shaking from the attacks." I don't know " said queen white.I look out and see angry angles attacking and trying to break through the shield. I then see James running and freaking out sayin that we're all gonna f.u.c.king die. But I knew one thing, Im not gonna win without my team, yes my mother f.u.c.king team. Me, Alice, James, Anna and queen mother f.u.c.king white." You ready?" Said Alice." I was born to f.u.c.k around, so yes Im ready".

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